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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

  • The 67 Steps
  • The Accelerator /Money, Entrepreneur, Persuasion)
  • Traveling CEO
  • The Real-Estate Program
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Mentorbox

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    who is Tai Lopez

    Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, author, and investor.

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    Step 51: Chatting With Wittgenstein’s Lion and who is Tai Lopez

    Ideas and language are very important.
    Wittgenstein was a great philosopher; “If a lion could speak, you wouldn’t understand him.”

    Some people think that words create actuality, take words very seriously (swear words) and people who just say whatever.
    If you go to China and start swearing with a smile on your face (and they can’t understand you), words have no meaning, they’ll take it as a compliment- words that you mean have no effect on them/opposite effect. If you would hear a lion speak, his mentality is not human, their sentences would be completely different.

    Actuality and reality are not created by only words (Michael Jordan and Warren Buffett didn’t get there by chatting about it). When lion would speak, he would do it in symbols- words should not be underestimated or overestimated, 80% of communication is non-verbal; swearing with a smile on your face.
    People communicated before the language.

    Seriously, who is Tai Lopez?

    The most important thing in communication is that you must be understood, the lion and you would not easily understand each other; animals are egocentric (not self-aware, not thinking long-term on what will be better in 50 years), his struggles are more with the ego (being trapped in his own head). An animal will care much less about being understood, but my focus should to not speak the language like the lion- that I understand, but using the symbols that are understood by the other party; “seek to understand to be understood.”

    Learn about who is Tai Lopez.

    There are tremendous rewards for not being like the lion because being understood is a foundation of persuasion!

    Even if you don’t care about other people, you would still like the rewards of being persuasive, obviously, you can’t persuade people in China if you don’t speak the language.
    What resonates with you and makes sense, doesn’t make sense with other people necessarily- you have to be persuasive, but in everybody’s best interest.
    The purpose is to be understood, not being egocentric and it’s the basis of persuasion.

    Read about who is Tai Lopez.

    Language is not natural for use; it’s very sophisticated, the ability for us to learn words, languages is difficult (not many people know every language), it’s not even natural to know every word in your language, but you have to speak other people’s language (also tonality, certain words).
    It is natural for us to move, to make noises, but not to learn languages. So every time something is not natural, humans struggle with it; we might be saying lot’s of stuff, but not making sense to them.
    We have three sources of pain; the ones we can’t control- nature (diseases, natural disasters…), decay of our body and not being able to regulate, relating to people around us (misunderstandings).
    Develop soft skills, intangibles; not talking monotone or people will tune you out.

    Listen to who is Tai Lopez.

    Make people excited; at work, in dating; sometimes you have to seduce- persuasion (words)

    When is a time when you have take words too seriously? Not being completely humble or thinking that just because someone says something, and he’s older than me, it must be true.
    What is an example of a time when you didn’t realize how important words are?
    Not realizing that not every person is an action type, so I offended emotional people.

    How can you use what you learned today to be more persuasive with words?
    By assuming they don’t really know anything and making my teachings clearer, I too often assume that we’re on the same page with a client.

    Step 52: Pareto Efficiencies & The Business Triple Entente

    If you don’t have the all 4, you’ll soon lose the ones you have.
    If you lose health, happiness will go down, remember that you’re mortal and your life is not very long.

    Pareto is known for 80/20 rule, but he also talked about Pareto efficiency; defined as a win-win (the more efficiencies you pull off, the less risky they become.
    The problem with win-lose (you trying to manipulate to get love, friends, money) is that you don’t fool all people all the time. If your model is win-lose it flips and you lose, or it’s lose-lose eventually. There’s no reason to go to war if you don’t have to.

    Even Philip (father of Alexander) went to war with gifts and as a friend at first. Everything is a social experience (even food, you don’t always eat alone). Mastering efficiencies and social interactions are what’s important, and business is nothing more than a formal approach to creating a customer (win-win social dynamic- making allies, friends).
    Money sometimes doesn’t make you happier if it increases your loneliness – who is Tai Lopez?

    The Business Triple Entente (France, Russia, and the UK- the mind remembers stories, that’s how to remember 67 steps)
    Level 1 inefficiency; one party wins on the expense of another party (eventually you will bump into the wrong person and you’ll leave limping). Fast food comes with an expense; society, soil, degradation…
    How do you reach people’s brain, so that they don’t do what every credible doctor in the world would agree harms your health?
    People want to sue, and get rid of these types of businesses- we have inherited sense of justice.
    Guess who wants to be your business partner, co-worker? Like attracts like- stupid, uneducated…

    Level 2 Business are neutral- hotel chain (you’re not harming the world, you’re not massively helping the world), for every thing that you argue how good it is, there’s something bad that goes along with that. Good business (enemy of great).

    Level 3 Business is win-win; people will give you money and they’re excited and happy when they give it to you. Oprah has millions of supporters and likes, has all sorts of presidents and people are happy to give her money, she lives the dream (has level 3 and all the money, billionaire). This brings a new sense of motivation.
    Money is not evil, it’s a tool- has the potential of damage, but that’s because of the person that’s using it. It’s hard to turn level 1 to 3 easily; bank robber helping the world – who is Tai Lopez?
    Competition is good because you push harder, but when competition is taking advantage and we’re using all the effort to battle against that it creates inefficiency.

    There’s a time when you have to plant your feet and punch the bully in the face; that’s what will happen to you with level 1, you’ll sleep much better at level 3.
    The level of forgiveness quadruples; in level 1 people already don’t like you, when you do something wrong they will destroy you when you’re at level 3 they’ll say “you invested so much in us and one so well, we will give you a pass.”
    When bad times come I’ll have a buffer, safety (like a good farm that has one bad year). Things go wrong and I need that buffer.
    There is no down side to level 3, I just need to be a little more creative.
    There are times when you have to to the win-lose deal; cut somebody off, protect yourself…
    Which of the three levels is your current career in?
    I help people, I’m in level 3.

    How do you feel about the level you are in now?
    I feel great about it, I’m just not happy yet about the money I’m making, I feel amazing because of the impact and results, however.

    What is a transition plan to move up to level 3?
    Provide even more value, expand in knowledge along with the question who is Tai Lopez.

    Besides your career what are things you can do to move into more of a win-win situation in health, wealth, love, and happiness?
    Help people around me more, use what I know to improve my relationships with my family, invite people to workout with me, do more social things.

    Step 53: The Second Rule is Never Forget the First Rule

    I’m surrounded by mixed messages- on one hand, the obvious is being pushed on me (I need money- we live in the world of specialization, people do what they’re good at and exchange that value for what they’re not good at, so other people do it for them).
    All wealthy people have a vehicle to capture value; people want to exchange money for screens from which they play games.
    “The first rule of business is to not lose money, and the second rule is to not forget the first rule.” – Warren Buffett
    I am part of the economy and the value is lifetime earnings that I created (business, career)- how much would the world be missing on without me?

    When it comes to money there are so many viewpoints and people get confused (political and economic- capitalism, communism…) But focus on the fundamentals on what everybody agrees on. All religions say you have to have faith, hope, optimism, but you also need action!

    I need a good vehicle that I can get paid, get money; I don’t need to over complicate things, business is not much different than life. In order to get capital, I need some value, people will not pay me for nothing, even if it’s perceived value (video games).
    Getting rich quick is a mirage, we only have capacity, we can’t get good at something in a day, so to have lasting results I need to be very good at something; I’ll get the money eventually – who is Tai Lopez.

    When you plug in your value into a business, it will give you value back; very simple. That’s always better than just saying just buy this (one asset class).

    You need to do something that will give you massive value in return, not just anything. It can’t just be perceived value, other people have to evaluate me as well and see I’m really good.
    The world will always be testing me for value.

    What’s our 3 feet world around me?
    If there’s not a lot of people like you, you’re worth more (Lakers players get more money than professors) and it’s in demand- rear and in demand.
    If you create a lot of value you’ll make it in any political system (probably).

    “The world doesn’t respond to need, it responds to seed (more insights).”
    Be so good they can’t ignore you.

    What’s your superpower value you can offer the world?
    Learning different areas of life and teaching it to other people. Standing on shoulders of the giants, connecting with like-minded people.

    How well are you capturing it profitably?
    Not that well yet, but I just started and need to build it up.

    What’s one way you can add more value to what to do?
    Put in more hours and more different subjects that are practical.

    Step 54: Chess-Like Assiduity & Armchair Meditation- real use for deep thinking and who is Tai Lopez

    Charlie; Assiduity- having your ass in the chair (original meaning is actually constant attention); thinking, reading; the mindset of not always being in the rat race.
    “You have to work on business, not just in business”- not being caught up in moment to moment action, that you don’t see the big picture anymore.

    Quiet the mind down and paying attention to moment to moment.
    Get in a chair or lay down- step away from everything.
    Then do whatever works for you best (the point is to fill your mind, you can still have ordinary meditation if you like, this is a different habit)
    Chess is a perfect game for that kind of thinking; you do something and then realize how many options you had and if you knew exactly what your opponent will do next it would be easy, but because they have 20 choices, you have to think for all of those options ahead.
    (Bounce)- a book that proves that you can learn anything (he learned daughters how to play chess).
    Pick one problem at the time and think about it for 15 minutes- find your spot (can be in nature if you want), then start day dreaming with a purpose (“Why am I not getting along with Bob?”) You need to step back from that and think from the bird point of view.

    This process has multiple steps; thinking like in chess, if this maybe happened then I would do this, this happened 2 years ago, did this triggered that…?
    It will be hard the first couple of times, and focus on one problem- don’t let your mind getting distracted, think through one, but go multi-layers, ask why many times to get why things happened.

    Sitting is not natural for you, but 15 minutes will not hurt.

    Follow the rabbit trail of your mind to get to the bottom of things.

    What is the number one reason you have never done this before?
    Not being consistent, getting caught up in the moment constantly.

    Where are you going to do this?
    In my living room.

    What is the 1 problem on the 4 pillars that you are going to confront?
    The fact that I don’t finish my courses quite often.

    Step 55: The 7 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People & The Tardy Tree Sloth and who is Tai Lopez

    (book) 7 habits of highly effective people
    Learning from everybody that you meet, mostly what not to do- principle of inversion (what not to do)
    Sherlock said that sometimes when you remove all that can’t be true, what you’re left with must be true even if it seems unlikely.
    People connect better if you don’t edit out everything, if it’s about content, not about the quality of the video- it’s not about filming Transformers.

    You have to discover things; it’s not that easy to figure out what you should be doing with your life- a lot of people pass time, but only a few people really live.
    Get better at reading signs, being aware- then you have get good at making hard choices (not having all the available information (optimum stopping- you can’t research for your whole life before you decide, you’ll spend your life in analysis being paralyzed).

    A tool to get answers quick is inversion; to get an answer about what to eat you can ask yourself; what do I have to do to become really unhealthy fast? How do you find a horrible relationship, how can you get yourself depressed very fast, get poor really fast?

    Eat a ton of processed food (Super size me)- an average person eats 3 times/week, cut down to 1/week. Do it for 67 days, then aim for 18 months to eliminate it completely – who is Tai Lopez.

    To not be successful in money you need to be lazy and unreliable- doing it for 2 weeks, then not doing it for the next 3 months; spending more than they earn, starting to save at 55.

    To break up a relationship steal a penny (just a penny, but it’s a seed of not being able to trust you), lack of communication, lack of trust.

    To not be happy just focus on yourself, to be happy you need to help others as well, or just hang out with them or you will be less happy; even introverts need friends, have extroverted friends!
    Another way to fail is to not know yourself.
    Freud’s essay about happiness; know what makes you happy.

    How do you not get investors? Not knowing anybody, not having a good idea, never launching it (just planning), investing all the money on something you know nothing about.
    This ties to rich friends, poor friends; paying attention to that. Figure out the ingredients you need.

    I completely forgot who is Tai Lopez.

    What will not get you healthy?
    Not drinking a lot of water, eating fast food all the time (that drains my energy) and not building habits of working out and running.

    What will not get you wealthy?
    Not meeting any successful people, always planning and not doing, procrastinating and running away from things I know I should do and not prioritizing.

    What will not get you, love?
    Staying at home, not going out when people go out so I don’t stay connected to them and meet other people that they know, not approaching anybody new on my own that looks interesting and not investing any time in improving my social skills.
    What will not get you happiness? Being poor and wasting time, not growing and not going to bed any smarter.

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