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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

  • The 67 Steps
  • The Accelerator /Money, Entrepreneur, Persuasion)
  • Traveling CEO
  • The Real-Estate Program
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Mentorbox

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67 steps is an on-line program by Tai Lopez that consists of 67 lessons to improve your life.

By purchasing the 67 steps you also get additional bonus videos on various subjects.

The entire program isn’t focused specifically on health or money – it’s basically made for anyone that would like to work hard in order to improve his life.

Tai Lopez teaches us that in order to really “make it” in life we need to master:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Love
  4. Happiness

Tai Lopez Net Worth

67 Steps are designed for people that are on the rise to success, he only wants you to get in if you are one of those like-minded individuals that are willing to put in the work to improve those 4 pillars.

What this is NOT:

  • A get rich quick scheme
  • MLM – Multi Level Marketing
  • The infomercial, how to flip real estate guide, how to trade Forex…

Tai Lopez Review

These are real life lessons that will help you to achieve what you want.

We could sum it up by saying – “give the man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and they are fed for a lifetime.”

It has been proven that our brain needs around 66 days in order to change a habit which is exactly what 67 steps is going to do for you.

P.S. I was one of the first Tai Lopez success stories:

Tai Lopez - Mitja Dolinšek SEO Marketing Success Story


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    what does Tai Lopez do

    Learn more about what does Tai Lopez do for a living in 2017!

    what does Tai Lopez do for a living

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    What does Tai Lopez do in 2017? He has several streams of income!

    Step 46: Allan Nation’s 1000 Sheep and Not Doing it Small

    Anything you’re doing to really get traction (impact) you have to have scalability; first Apple designed an iPhone (20-30 million), then taking the hard work that they did in the beginning and selling it to 25% of the western world; when you read, you read not one, but 100 books, with exercise the hardest part is figuring it out in the beginning, once you figure it out you test it and then scale it up to 6 hours/day (Arnold).

    Wanting to have 50 Sheep on day 1 and you don’t know what you’re doing with them, and 50 Sheep will still not replace your main job and you now have to take care of 50 Sheep so you end up failing.
    It’s one thing to go for 1 billion ideas when they made a few million dollar deals, and there have been some exceptions, but statistics says something else; the first attempt is hard – what does Tai Lopez do?
    But make sure it’s hard enough to make you exciting and not discouraged when you make it.

    And if you have only 5 Sheep, don’t take it as pets and give them names, spending 5 minutes with every Sheep, because what will happen when you’ll have 500?
    People don’t treat things as they will grow. The question is what does Tai Lopez do?
    Even if you could remember 5 names, you’re preparing yourself for the time when you’re going to scale; you have to raise 5 Sheep in the same way as you will then jump right away to 500. You would put in the time to think out a system, so then in the future, you can scale. It seems crazy to do all the effort for 5 Sheep, but that’s because it’s organized, manageable, so I don’t fail and burn out and can keep my income at my other job. Then it might take you a week or a year, but sometime you will have it figured out and you’ll say “I got it, I need 10 seconds to take care of 1 Sheep.” That’s realistic, you could go to 5000 Sheep with that system, and you would be able to quit your job; same for every area- exercise, diet, friends… The question we should all be asking ourselves is what does Tai Lopez do for a living?

    Set up a meal, organize, go small 10 minutes/day, but it’s all set up for me to do 20 minutes. I will not treat it as a hobby, it’s a miniature version of the real thing, all prepared for me to quit my job and do only this, but bigger. It’s all been tested over and over about what does Tai Lopez do.

    If you’re able to be happy for 5 minutes, you don’t have a problem- blind person is blind 24 hours/day, so you just need to maximize, if you want to speak to a 1000 people, speak to 5, tell them to be a little rude, anxious… to test your reactions out, then go bigger.

    It’s all about systems and what does Tai Lopez do for a living!
    A friend didn’t like to go to other people’s parties so he made his own party and told 5 people to drink 1 person each, and over a year it grew to 500, and then 1000.

    Tai gathered people for UFC fight on TV and picked $5 for every person (rented TV), and when number grew, they moved to a restaurant of a person that needed promotion (win-win). From 5 to 40 (small), then up to 2000 about what does Tai Lopez do.

    What is an example where you ignored this rule, and you stayed too small?

    What is an example where you started with too many sheep and got burnt out?

    What is a simple idea that you can start practicing with 5 sheep?

    Step 47: The 5% Tweak, Nothing Janky, & When Good Enough is Perfect and what does Tai Lopez do

    “Make war with the multitude of counselors.”
    Most people either jump into things and live the half done, sloppy, but it’s about volume and speed (new diets, workouts, but not keeping track, no systems for employees, but get stuff done, just do it), or not starting new things before you haven’t planned it out in detail, read 10 books about it, precise, but sometimes struggling getting stuff off the ground, having ideas for 10 years and still not getting started on them).

    There’s a difference between a lion at the zoo that has food, but wants to attack people that look at him, and in the wild where he eats the weak animals, while strong ones stay; people have killed so many white sharks that other fish are everywhere, since there aren’t as many predators now.
    So the lion is right in one environment, but wrong in the other one; it’s not the lion that’s the issue, it’s the context. You must stop feeling guilty for what you’re doing; you may not want to become the most extroverted, if you’re naturally introverted, you can refine a little bit so you have a little broader audience, but a lion is a lion, and we want lions to stay the way they are.

    But if you find yourself in the realities of life, don’t be introverted every day in every situation that you find yourself in for the next 20 years; strengthen natural weaknesses. Lion is weak in water, and you will find yourself out of place. Don’t be so egocentric to think you’ll never find yourself in that kind of situation- not natural personality attitude.

    As you work on refining yourself make a 5% tweak at the time; No hero (navy seals); focus on the 3-foot world when you’re climbing a 1000 ft. wall; you will find it hard when you look down, just look at the next rock to grab 3 ft from you.
    Everything might seem impossible thinking in the future too much, just focus on this day, what will you do with your friend, girlfriend, exercise, diet; the hard part is losing first 5 pounds, first million… once you do that, it’s not as hard.

    Bounded rationality; how much information should you take in before you start; begin acting once you have about 40% of the available information.
    Other people started too soon, not planning out what does Tai Lopez do for a living.

    Nothing Janky (sloppy office); not having it too sloppy, so the table doesn’t fall over, spend another 2 minutes. Do a little research, anything worth doing is worth doing right – what does Tai Lopez do?
    Do something, even if it’s wrong- that’s for people that get paralyzed, know yourself!
    If you plan too much, say good enough is perfect. Learn more about what does Tai Lopez do for a living.

    What is an example in your life where you have been paralyzed by inaction because you were waiting to gather too much information?

    What is an example of you not gathering enough information to make a good decision?
    Stocks and what does Tai Lopez do for a living?

    What are you going to do to be the lion in the right place? Do you know what does Tai Lopez do for a living?
    Get more perspective.

    Step 48: Michael Jordan Swagger & American Idol Syndrome- humility, pride, delusion and what does Tai Lopez do

    There are two extremes in terms of me being confident (key component); as a tool for my brain to get enough faith to take the risks that I’ll need to take. When it’s used incorrectly, like the money used by fools it causes tremendous loss.

    Someone who achieved amazing results like Jordan was extremely confident, could come off as arrogant, but people who knew him said that they’ve never met a man more teachable than Jordan. His confidence didn’t sabotage his teach-ability, didn’t sabotage him finding the best coaches. He listened better than anyone else. Combined confidence with the immense level of teach-ability.
    Don’t listen to 99% of people, but when you find that one, listen to everything; there’s a lot of noise in the world, and you may find yourself listening democratically- that might work in politics, but it doesn’t work when it comes to listening- don’t give everybody 1 vote (don’t give 1 vote to an overweight person when you’re learning about health; when you find a person that overcame obesity and is now in shape, listen to everything he says).

    Listen to the people that have what you want; if you want 10 divorces, listen to a man that has been divorced several times. You don’t have an intuition to success yet, that’s why you have to listen to other people because that’s how you will avoid delusional confidence.

    Over-optimism is the most dangerous human bias, that is arrogance. That’s all over Hollywood, people saying “I know I’m going to make it.” Why are you sure? That’s not a law of physics. Don’t be confident about the things that don’t apply to nature, laws of biology, physics, math…
    That’s working against you when you’re trying to make it about what does Tai Lopez do
    People who compliment their child actually harm him, because he starts to be arrogant, and starts to be delusional.
    IQ only measures the capacity (like a glass), but somebody with a big glass might not fill it, while a person that has a small glass might fill it up and be confident, not arrogant because it’s backed up- Jordan backed up everything he said.
    Magic Johnson is also confident, but also smart; wanted advice from people and while most athletes lose money, he is now a very successful businessman.

    Are you familiar with what does Tai Lopez do for a living?

    The opposite of this is American Idol.
    The syndrome is that they don’t hear what everybody else hears; it can be rooted in mom patting you on the back, not getting enough knowledge about who the good singers are, not enough practice and knowledge… don’t think you’re good when you’re not!

    Delusion would be effective if there were no people, but you won’t fool people to buy if you’re not good or funny- or both. You can’t fool all people all the time, you might fool your family and friends (arrogance will fool some people; “I’m the best singer”), and a few people will say that you’re good since you were so confident, but it doesn’t work on more than 10% of people, and other 90% will boo you off the stage.
    Admit you’re bad, find best teachers, and once you’ve changed you can say; look I was bad, I learned through mentors and trial and error, let me teach you. But you have to earn it first, to be confident then.
    “Everybody wants to be a Navy Seal on Friday talking about it, nobody wants to be a Seal on Monday when you have to do the hard part.”
    On the way there don’t use arrogance as a tool to get there- even Jordan didn’t do that, he used the fact that he got cut off from the team as a motivation to get ahead. He admitted the mistakes about what does Tai Lopez do.

    Ask yourself right now – what does Tai Lopez do for a living?

    Displays of faith in the process are OK, some people will be offended, but most people will see it as healthy confidence; “I’m overweight, but I read books and workout daily!”- that’s not bad.
    What is an example of you being democratic in who you listen to?
    In what I should do with career, religion, and health.

    What is an example of you going beyond confidence into delusion and arrogance?
    Thinking that learning for a few hours/day will get me all the way to the top, I need to do it with full immersion, while implementing and working much harder.

    How are you going to proceed with knowledge?
    I will listen to a few people who have what I want, and invest a lot more time than I have so far in order to be confident about it.

    Step 49: Why Jay-Z and Warren Buffett Like Baseball and what does Tai Lopez do

    Warren Buffett was mentored by Benjamin Graham – don’t make a lot mistakes in life.
    People say you should go out and make your own mistakes, but it depends on the mistakes. You only learn from mistakes, but they don’t need to be yours. Not everything will go great, but if you make fewer mistakes than other people. If an average entrepreneur fails within the first two years (make for example 100 mistakes and fail in business), you should make only 20 of them – what does Tai Lopez do for a living?

    Like in baseball, don’t go all in on every ball- pulling the back muscle in the gym and having to rest for months. 5 pounds of muscle/year, losing half a pound/week doesn’t sound as much, but that’s realistic for metabolism, environment to catch up (family not stocking bad food in the fridge).

    If you think you have a billion dollar idea, but never even had $100,000 idea, you’re too cocky. Jordan scored the majority of points with simple shots, not just incredible dunks that media shows, Warren Buffett waited for years sometimes to find the right deal- slow and steady, San Tzu says you need to know yourself and your enemy.

    When you lose your first 5 pounds you’ve done the hardest part; if you just stop the bleeding (at least stop gaining weight and losing muscle), at least don’t lose money, break even or earn $1; that’s the first step, if you feel lonely at least hang out with the friends you have (not even focusing on new friends), that is the first base on Baseball- stopping the negative momentum, lock it in so you don’t go backwards, then keep doing the next 67 steps and focus on 18 month goal.

    The second base is getting some positive momentum (you need some time to lock it in, maybe 67 days)- get one random acquaintance, lose a pound, be grateful (A theory of everything); most people stop bettering their life because it’s too hard to do it all at once; stopping the bleeding and now doing the complete opposite as you used to do at the same time. Now you get excited about what does Tai Lopez do for a living.

    On the third, you’re really seeing the results and people notice it and that’s a great feeling. Now you pay for things, get good mood swings, meeting other people, gaining muscle… (you need time for the brain to catch up- do it 67 days; it takes time to rewire).

    And only then you’re going to hit your goal- financial freedom, losing 35 pounds. Happiness comes from moment to moment happiness and memory happiness (looking back and seeing that you gave correct time frames to your goals and pulling them off); now the rock is going downhill and you really get excited and haven’t made too many mistakes. It’s not very clear what does Tai Lopez do for a living.

    What is an example of you trying to hit a home run in Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness, and what was your end result?
    Wealth; going for too risky investments and thinking it’s very easy without knowledge.

    What is an example of something you want to change in your life in either Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness?
    Wealth- I want to get out of scarcity, have more than $70,000/year in one year with the question – what does Tai Lopez do?

    Step 50: Mastering the Wrong Things & Blue Eyeshadow Numb-Nuts (self-reliance) and about what does Tai Lopez do

    To do something right, you have to do it yourself- if you would be able to clone yourself that would be so much easier, but the problem is people hire people that don’t really know what they’re doing.

    Is it really not obvious what does Tai Lopez do for a living?

    More important than self-reliance is mastering yourself and the environment (birth control, airplanes, cars…)
    Inversion; how to not do something.
    The first rule is that in each area you have to master the right thing; be clear in understanding the problem (mastering giving someone a hamburger is also dealing with people, but not the right thing); again the story about crashing the plane in the jungle and not going in the right direction (mastering the wrong thing; Michael Jackson should focus on other things with health, instead of plastic surgery), dating the wrong person for a long time. Don’t be suborn about these things, that’s weighting bias.

    A friend eating bananas while his skin was getting worse; cut the experiment and do something else. You don’t need 1000 experiments, people are happy because of 9 things, but there is no one thing.

    Avoid Blue Eyeshadow Numb-Nuts; do you want to call an inexperienced person who wears blue eyeshadow or do you want to call the master of finance? Gray hair is like a crown; embrace that, make sure they’ve got some years in this, or you may want to trust them a little less; don’t be the first or the last to try something new. Start by asking someone what does Tai Lopez do for a living?
    “The young doctor fattens the graveyard.” and what does Tai Lopez do for a living?
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me- don’t stay with them (they’re bad at their business, the first time is an experiment, then it’s no longer them being dumb, then it’s you).
    Our brain wants to give people the second chance, and if you do that, you’re the fool!

    If you lose as a coach, they fire you and move on; may not be your fault, just a bad season.
    A friend that made $250 million hires and fires fast; doesn’t build them up and make them quit their previous job.
    Have a little bit of understanding, but don’t run the experiment for too long; only masters are remembered.
    “Start small and monopolize.”- it’s easier to dominate a small market, then a big one; we’re not the next da Vinci’s, being excellent at 10 things, but we can dominate a small area.
    You can’t be 80/100, you must be 95 or more to stand out in the world of 7.3 billion people. As you focus down and narrow down, you will make it; focus on the next 3 feats to create mastery – what does Tai Lopez do for a living?

    What is an example where you have been a master in the wrong thing?
    About 5 years ago in video games.

    An example of a time when you trusted someone who did not have the experience to warrant the amount of trust you gave them?
    People advising me on betting tips.

    An example where you stuck with a numb-nut, it then turned you into a numb-nut, and how will you be quicker to realize it in the future?
    Again on betting and stock tips, I will be more careful on the results that they’re really having.

    What are you gonna make your mark in and what does Tai Lopez do for a living?
    In teaching other people, in being a Renaissance man.

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