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(book) 7 habits of highly effective people

Learning from everybody that you meet, mostly what not to do- principle of inversion (what not to do)

Sherlock said that sometimes when you remove all that can’t be true, what you’re left with must be true even if it seems unlikely.

People connect better if you don’t edit out everything, if it’s about content, not about the quality of the video- it’s not about filming transformers.

You have to discover things; it’s not that easy to figure out what you should be doing with your life- a lot of people pass time, but only a few people really live.

Get better at reading signs, being aware- then you have got good at making hard choices (not having all the available information (optimum stopping- you can’t research for your whole life before you decide, you’ll spend your life in the analysis being paralyzed).

A tool to get answers quick is inversion; to get an answer about what to eat you can ask yourself; what do I have to do to become really unhealthy fast? How do you find a horrible relationship, how can you get yourself depressed very fast, get poor really fast?

Eat a ton of processed food (Supersize me)- an average person eats 3 times/week, cut down to 1/week. Do it for 67 days, then aim for 18 months to eliminate it completely.

To not be successful in money you need to be lazy and unreliable- doing it for 2 weeks, then not doing it for the next 3 months; spending more than they earn, starting to save at 55.

To break up a relationship steal a penny (just a penny, but it’s a seed of not being able to trust you), lack of communication, lack of trust.

To not be happy just focus on yourself, to be happy you need to help others as well, or just hang out with them or you will be less happy; even introverts need friends, have extroverted friends!

Another way to fail is to not know yourself.

Freud’s essay about happiness; know what makes you happy.

How do you not get investors? Not knowing anybody, not having a good idea, never launching it (just planning), investing all the money on something you know nothing about.

This ties to rich friends, poor friends; paying attention to that. Figure out the ingredients you need.

What will not get you healthy?

What will not get you wealthy?


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