The Frontman & The Two Ways To Pick Your Trench Mate 2017-11-11T12:30:24+00:00

I must have allies. One of the most important functions of your brain is getting them, doesn’t matter what you want; lose weight, finding love, building a business… brains are wired to be social.

I didn’t build my own house, created computer, clothes… I need other people.

To become financially independent I need a trench mate.

I’m always in the battle of the decay of my body. If I’m a guy, I have competition when it comes to women, it’s always some sort of a battle, it’s not destiny.

I will not win every battle, everybody gets old eventually, and that’s the cycle of life. It’s like trench, warfare, you’re not always winning; even McDonald’s has only 10% control, there’s no clear winning. Investments will not always go up, the person will not always like you back, business will not always succeed, but who do you want in the trench with you, because you would lose very quickly if you very the only one in the trench against 500 people.

As you pick mentors, friends, allies, people you’re mentoring, the most important is energy, intellect, and integrity (without this, they will screw you over).

The worst thing is investing time and energy into someone, just to see them leave eventually; loyalty is key. Even a dog will leave if you don’t feed it and not respect it.

It’s still better to have someone with a little less energy and skills, but loyal.

Alan said to marry the opposite of you, same with the business partnership (book- Working together). The second thing is complimentary. There are no well-rounded people, but there are well-rounded teams. Look at your friends, family.

1st methodology is Charlie’s way; Forget interviews, if you do that, you may be hiring people who are really good at interviews. What Charlie wants to do is interview referrals. If you ask direct, they’ll tell you, people they get along with, ask friends of friends.

2nd methodology is biggest private equity fund; direct interviews face to face, but they did 27 interviews over a year (book- blink)- it takes about a year to really gather enough information, you have to see people through many seasons to see all sides of them, but general intuition is in the blink of an eye.

If on the 27th interview you didn’t say “thank you” to enough waiters, door mans…they wouldn’t hire you.

Loyalty needs time, to see it, pick friends a year before you need it, go to some stress together. Blame yourself for this, you can’t change other people, you do things differently.

What is a relationship you have been betrayed in? And how can you make it better next time?

What is the business relationship you have been betrayed in? And how can you make it better next time?

What is a friendship you have been betrayed in?

Where is a partnership you have not been complementary?