Teaching Pigs To Fly & Pushing On Strings 2017-11-11T12:39:22+00:00

You have to have application; “you have to gain knowledge and then apply it.”

You can’t teach pigs to fly and it bothers the pig, and you can’t push on the string, you have to pull the string.

There are people around you that are doing something that is not of their or your best interest and must change. You can try to teach them.

Pigs are people who don’t know and doesn’t want to know. You must separate pigs and innocently ignorant into two categories. Don’t put them together. Pigs are to be avoided, you can’t teach them anything and it will bother them, they will bite you.

Pigs will eat the pearls (best knowledge that you acquired), and then turn out on you; they will get mean, and be careful not to think that you shouldn’t teach anybody anything because of that, just don’t teach pigs, just put them in categories, it’s not judgmental, it’s just reality.

I’m innocently ignorant, and I teach those people, while pigs will use time, energy and opportunity cost they will take, and even leave you at the end.

You may want a million dollars/year and read and study more, but it’s like a string- you can’t just push it, you need to let it come to you at times, you can’t always conquer, sometimes you have to seduce (Voltaire)- not all things can be conquered, let life come to you- but there’s a fine line when to persevere, and when to quit.

There’s a fine line between impatience and over patience, I don’t know where it is, but I better find it before my dreams die.

Serenity Prayer; accept things that are unchangeable- some pigs in life, some strings that can’t be pulled.

You have to be wise about this, know who is who.

The story about pushing pigs that didn’t want to go anywhere, and they squeal- people are the same, we’ve all been pigs, and we have to come around to it.

Teach others and leave pigs to have so much pain (not feeding pigs), so they will naturally come.

If the reward is in their old thoughts they’ll not change, you have to change the reward (feeding pigs on other location so they come there). They need pain and discomfort.

Pay people for performance, or they’ll not try hard.

Every year remove one person, some people will not align with you and there’s no solution. A model (ultimate pick up artist) has 50% success rate, even him! Fire people, let people out of your life if it doesn’t work out, who cares. Not too quickly, don’t burn all the bridges, know the difference.

What is an example of a person that is never going to come around and be able to be taught?

How are you going to go about cutting them out of life?

What is an example of you pushing on a string?

What do you think you need to do to get the wisdom to know the difference?