Stoic vs. Epicurean Arnold’s 1,000 Reps, Apache Cold Showers, and the Spartan Whipping Post 2017-11-11T10:37:26+00:00

“A nation is born stoic (forgo present pleasure to have something better, investors) and dies epicurean!” (humans should live, for now, YOLO)

This is not black and white, both are true, but for every action, there is an equal reaction so what will happen if you live only for the moment?

Stoic life, thick skin will get you what you want, Arnold had small calves – he raised from 250 pounds up to a 1000 pounds.

We’ve grown up with all the technology and become slowly weaker, softer, sensitive.

Stoics believe in sacrificing now, instead of getting what you can now.

When is the last time I did 100 push-ups, walked to get groceries and slept on the floor?

Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.

How soft am I?

3 types of people; who make things happen, who watch things happen and who wonder what happened.

Toughen up- 12 hours days (not hard)

50% diabetic, 60% obesity, 20% on depression medication. Media selling Big Macs, cheap music, clothes with fancy labels; they want our money. People seek the easy way out, so they make our frozen dinners and fill up their pockets at your expense! Stop being the sucker.

Wealthy prey on our basic instincts seeking the easy way out when you don’t know who the sucker is, you’re the sucker!

You have to want it to be hard, that’s what makes it great, the world doesn’t need 50,000 more Paris Hiltons and Kim Kardashians running for new heels.

300 Spartans embrace being stoic- filling their kids just the right amount never to be full, while we feed our kids with sugar, salt, fat, and soda. Ritualistic testing, surrendering was the ultimate disgrace.

Forget Lil’ Wayne and Drake, YOLO is for suckers. Find balance, but go more on the stoic side.

Take the stairs, cold showers, run, lift, read a hard book, do a hard math problem, take martial arts class, go a week without sugar (will make you happier and richer), taking a bath in the ice cold water (teaching 3 years old’s to be brave), don’t just scan the world for instant pleasures, imagine the rewiring, you don’t want to fight those children when they grow up, they were tough and courageous.

Sitting Bull: “Today’s a good day to die”- went in front of bullets, respect and power come when you’re tough.

Whether it’s putting more weight on, or 4-minute mile (just in your mind, who cares, I’ll be first).

Take a cold shower, gives you more testosterone, and has a psychological effect- a double benefit.

Water in their mouth; 10 miles, spit out.

Continually building bones; if you don’t train they’ll break, no enzymes, use it or lose it; that’s the penalty for not toughening up. Force genes to release enzymes; lift weights, jump- you need the stress.
(Tai can talk while looking at his phone)

Breaking ankles; you need a little stress, bouncing up and down.

Don’t go too far, but society’s message is to have everything soft and convenient; they can’t go without air conditioning, penalty for not doing things Arnold, Spartans, and Apaches did is we become weak-willed and don’t have strength when we need it; old through lack of use, not age.

Spartan whipping post; random boy was chosen and to toughen him up they would whip him; some would die.

2 people confront you, then a friend comes out of the restaurant; would you want that friend to have small sensitive hands or to be somebody who had whipping scars? Bring me the tough person.

Be mentally tough like Arnold.

It’s hard to recover from being constantly bullied.

3-6 months disabled; 30-40% by the age of 40

Are you so weak that this piece of technology now owns your brain? Go without a phone for a day; you feel like you’re missing on something, but you’re not, people went for generations without a phone. Put it away, toughen up, don’t rely on things too much, you’re the master, not the other way around.

You own your car, but when you drive 1 block instead of walking, not carrying things out of the supermarket, you’re losing physically, lower happiness, not able to push through.

72 hour workday or at least 24 hour day, not too often, but do it from time to time, your body can recover; people now have trouble working 8 hours.

What will make you depressed is feeling like a slave; technology makes things different, work 24 hours (more self-reliant, I own the environment).

When you’re young you sleep on the floor, now you need this pillow with 52-degree angle… When you don’t want to do something, just do it to mess with your brain.

Burn mental fat, if you don’t feel the burn, the weight is not big enough.

Tearing down muscles and rebuilding, you need winters in your life in order to enjoy other seasons.

Your dreams will die, and go to someone tougher than you; start with a cold shower- first 2 seconds, then 5… in a month you’ll dive in the cold water.

In 18 months make yourself the master, don’t be your brain’s bitch.

Sleep on the floor for a day, do random push-ups, stable Ess (don’t traumatize yourself, so you won’t do it again, but slowly), go camping, sleep in the woods, go farming…

“I want to toughen up, need help?”

When something fails, it’s just a scar on my Spartan’s back. One day I’ll be a warrior, Tony says to be excited when you fail; “when we prosper we party, when we fail we ponder.”

Find the balance, face your fears, do it all!

The arrow in the eye and went to battle (Alexander’s father).

“I’m in the race to get what I want and I’m too slow.”

3 versus 100- he charged bodyguards died, he took an arrow to the shoulder and survived.

I’ll be without the reinforcement and have to face others. I must have the will to go forward, the world will be surprised and give me the rewards. When I get some money I won’t buy what I want, I’ll save it, mess with my brain, I’ll be stoic.

Don’t see scars as other people see them; negative, they are there if you make a mistake, but do them as a part of a training methodology to train yourself to be tougher.

“I hate math.”; that’s a good reason to learn it. Face your fears, break relationships to toughen up.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Don’t be with the masses, see scars as a badge of honor. Don’t traumatize yourself also like Evil Knievel.

Lifting weights; anti-aging, we don’t need more luxury people, give me 300 Spartans and I’ll take over the world.

When something’s easy, take the long route. When you push through toughness you’ll feel better. City kids should be happier (candy, games) and they’re dying!

Luxury will trap you. Ask yourself; “Will this give me the effect I want?”

Technology always starts as a slave, but then people are slaves. Turn off sugar, salt, and fat. Entrepreneurs will save the world; stoic.

“The world doesn’t respond to need, it responds to seed.”

Level 1 doesn’t do anything: “I heard that already.”

Who’s the better investor me or McDonald’s? It sells me negative value for $5.

Don’t think you know, first give it away for free.

What area are you not tough in, and what is the 1 thing you can do to toughen up?