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To change the world, you have to change the mind of people, to change that, you have to give them curiosity.

The reason we have hard times is not just external things; not just accidents, your boss, diseases- they affect you (war, violence, divorce), but each of these things begin with our mind, and there are 25 cognitive biases- things that make us make mistakes. The way our brain is wired is not very effective.

47 days on the boat without food- controlling the mind.

First things first- six pack of the mind

Misweighting- are your thoughts aligned with what’s needed most in your life right now, or were you distracted about what a stranger thinks about you, what you’re going to wear, about a song…watching TV that has nothing to do with your life?

Instead of thinking about how to build skills, becoming sharp, learning a new language… how many minutes were spent this way?
Elliott focuses on how he could have a better relationship, how he could have better health when taking walks listening to fascinating books, having a non-job, investing in friends, has rituals… he has priorities, he precooks his meals. It’s a battle every day, but the reward for pulling it off is great- most people are penny wise and dollar foolish.

Use memory to benefit a purpose, don’t use it to know every celebrity and to whom they’re married to. By knowing exactly how much the gas costs you may save a few pennies, but how did you spend the majority of your money? Start with the big things.

Misweighting bias is every person no matter how smart they are; multimillionaire focusing on choosing cheaper pencils and saving $15/month. It took him 30 minutes and energy on that, think about marketing that you spend $50,000/month on. The same amount of energy and time is used, but the difference may be $10,000/month; look at the opportunity cost.

The new way to think about is not saving $2, but thinking about where you can save $1000.

Cutting coupons (penny wise), but spending $50,000 on a pool that nobody uses (dollar foolish). People spend money on shoes, but not buy Poor Chalie’s Almanac.

“What are you talking about, you want me to spend money on books?” A book that has everything that one of the smartest men in the world learned in 40 years, but instead buying shoes that aren’t worth anything in a year.

Most people instead of doubling down the best friends and alliances, they treat everyone the same. People feel weird not reading through every page, or watching TV Shows that everyone else watched; why wouldn’t you rather worry about living a terrible life?

“People are worried about all the wrong things.”- they worry about some exotic disease killing them, while obesity has about 1000 times more chance of killing you. How about you saying that you don’t want to eat processed food, be dollar wise.

Write out an example where you have heavily weighted things?

What is an area that you have invested in?

Think specifically in one area, how much time each day are you going to commit to prioritizing that area?