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When you read books about being successful you will get unlimited ideas- clutter in your brain. People are pushing the ideas in your mind from day 1, which sometimes good, but there is a lot of baggage.

The greatest thing you need to have if you’re pursuing Entrepreneurial Lifestyle (all 4 pillars) is courage; life has momentum (entropy- people are getting fatter; more obese people than starving people, so it’s negative momentum), with wealth (an average person saves 2%, so they’re making other people wealthy).

If you want to know quickly how successful a person is asking them how much they care about what their neighbor thinks of them; you need to be a little different and need courage (do stuff other people won’t do).

Tai’s grandmother met Hitler in person and her intuition told her he was going to do something crazy; the natural thing to do was to stay in Germany where the family leaves, but grandma went on a boat to America where she didn’t know a single person and escaped the war. She had courage.

(movie) Unbroken- crashed into the middle of the ocean, 3 people spent about 50 days there. He stayed cool under pressure. There are people that had luck, but people that live around Tai did what they need to do; went and met people that mattered, weren’t paralyzed by fear…

The bull was the warrior that had no fear, he sat down slowly and smoked while others could shoot him. 3-year-old Indians took a bath in cold water; teaching kids to be brave. You can teach yourself to have courage, that will change your life (sometimes you need to back down, but most people have too much fear) only retreat when it’s the obvious logical choice.

Read biographies; that’s courage.

There are genes for courage, but you can adjust them if they’re not courageous.

Take little actions and get momentum.

If you think you have courage go to Toastmasters, take an acting class or go to an open mic night; most of the things that people fear are social.

People think there’s a magic formula; the formula is doing the things that you already know you should be doing.

What’s an example of an opportunity that you missed out on because you were afraid?

Who is someone you look up to that you can study?

What is a practical action you can take today to start rewiring your brain?

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