Unstumpability & Sherlock Holmes Sleuthing 2017-11-11T20:18:00+00:00

Optimism is good, overoptimism is not; anything in overly sufficient quantities is not good.

If you ask an architect he must know at least as much or 10 times more as me. He must be able to stump you; just like if you want to be wealthy or healthy you must be unstoppable.

Which doctor would you choose; the one that just knows about the hearth, or who has curiosity and knows more things about the human body, not just the hearth.

Flip it- if you want to sell a product ask yourself “if I was the customer, what would I want to receive?”

Be the person that you would want to be a mentor to, to want to invest in. Look in a mirror, “if I was a girl, would I want to marry myself?” Become less stumble.

Ask somebody to ask you any 3 questions in your industry and check if you can solve them; if not, up the curiosity factor.

If I’d meet any of the billionaires (Gates, Oprah, Branson…) and ask them anything in their industry they would solve any question, that’s why they’re there.

(book) Curious; if you’re not curious you won’t be able to to have drive and passion to solve hard problems- “if at night you can still form a coherent sentence you haven’t worked hard enough”

You must become more aware, and the evidence is clear; knowing your environment, even knowing what every keyboard button does.

On day 1 click every single button on websites that you spend a lot of time on. Don’t jump on the track and run a marathon on the first try; rewire your brain to be curious before it really counts. You need to say that your brain is not the same as it was 2 months ago
Pass your tests and everybody else’s tests; you don’t need to be unstoppable in history, art music…everything (it would be great), but have at least an introductory knowledge on those things, but you need to be unstoppable on your one thing.

Know everything about your body; metabolism, amount of sugar, the protein you need, calories, ideal waist size… these are the basics, and the benefit is almost infinite.

Know it about wealth; accounting, investing strategies…

Know it about love; what’s beauty, how to deal with people, cognitive biases…

These topics might stomp you, but they don’t need to stomp you forever.

I may not see a lot of guys that have it all, but these people exist and it’s inexcusable to not know something that important.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.

What is an example of a question you or someone else asked you that you don’t know the answer to and you should have?

What keeps you from searching a little more?

What is a practical area that you are going to learn a little bit more of today?