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If someone assaults you at 30 years old, it’s your fault, because you should have started at 5 years old. Recession comes, somebody betrays you, somebody breaks up with you, destroys business deal; the first question to ask is “could I anticipate this?”

There are a lot of things that you could anticipate; a lot of people will have health problems in their lifespan (viruses have the same right to live as you, it’s your choice if you let them live inside you), physics is annoying (if you trip and fall hard enough you will break something- 40% chance until you’re 40 years old that something will happen physically that you will need to take a 6 month break from work), I can also anticipate something terrible happening to me socially; am I coming to life prepared for that? How many tools are there in my tool belt? Social skills, intangibles, persuasion and influence, charisma, hard work, removal of procrastination, sloth, and unreliability?

Have soft and hard skills.

Poor friends are good at one thing. The side with machine guns will win the side with horses, and the world will bring you the level of machine guns adversity. (47 days on the raft, Japanese shooting)

“No one wants to crash, but we had.”- before he crashed he was in top physical condition, he was prepared and he survived.

People are out there spreading information, consuming your brain telling you that you’re going to live and everything “supposed to be perfect” (where did they get that?- 11 years in human history were we not in any war or had a physical illness), don’t be so egocentric and think you’re the center of the universe and everything is supposed to be great for you, it’s not.

“If you don’t have it in your head, you have to have it in your heel.”; If you forgot it, you will walk back and get it. (electric fence)

“Don’t say that those things had to happen for you to learn”; like Buffet says it’s a lot easier to learn from other people’s mistakes. So for 40% you have pain in your heel, stop with that kind of pain, prepare for the worst, not pessimistic or depressed, but happier for it.

“Don’t say we will crash, it’s going to jinx us”- as stating something we should realize and prepare is being negative.

“Never trust a man who hasn’t been punched in the face yet”- we need sometimes to get punched to prepare. Everything will be your fault, because who will you blame, corporate America, who’s that?

Most shares have ordinary people, Wall Street is us, it’s democracy, there are no dictators, everyone can be fired.

Don’t live your life like Mac in your boat, crying out and then dying.

“Prepare for when it’s difficult, prepare when it’s easy.”- When you’re not broke it’s not hard to save. Why didn’t you start saving when you were 5? We live in a world when the blind lead the blind (parents lead children); read the paper of life in front of you, everybody blames the blind man ahead of them for leading them there, blame you for being led by a blind man.

There will be more recessions. Thinking you should just invest in gold, or house is wrong, thinking that makes me know you don’t have a core idea of how money works. There is no asset class. There’s no one thing, we live in a world where assets move, every second you’re different. It’s a continual morphine of life, the only guaranteed thing is that you will be continually pushed through time, which inherently means change; time is irreversible. Prepare for change. Be happier for being prepared for tomorrow being the worst day.

Check yourself, you may believe in some weird dogma, that’s not giving you any benefit.

People who are optimists, who don’t blame themselves too much, seem to be happier. (it might seem it’s completely opposite of the previous idea, but Aristotle knows that the key is balance). The two extremes are incorrect.

Helen Keller could be pessimistic; she was blind, could hear…but she was still optimistic, she was alive. Know the right time to be optimistic, and the right time to be pessimistic.

As you define your end game goal, as you prepare, build skill for bad things that will happen, saving money before you need it, lifting weights before you need muscles (you need them when you’re old, but you should lift when you’re young, when you’re old it’s harder, that’s why people are zombies that chasing the wrong thing).

Be optimistic about your goal, but prepare daily for the next day. You’re already preparing for death; having children is your genes realizing you’re not going to be there forever.

What you don’t want to do is what Freud talks about; supplements, intoxication; you will always have a lot of pain going back and forth, being unprepared.

Ask yourself; “what am I missing?” double check everything.

When you wake up tomorrow ask; “what can I do for a guaranteed biological, social, financial interpersonal crisis that could arise over the next week.

Save up, then invest. Don’t rely on the kindness of strangers.

You have laws of physics that don’t care about you, there are other creatures that want to live too, natural degeneration and other humans socially (selfish gene, evolutionary psychology); we’re not being programmed to be happy, and people who are happy are able to embrace these things.

You should not get locked in and think “I’ll never do better.” We’re simulator machines, we can take previous information and learn from it.

Drive to an old people’s homes and talk to them while they’re still alive, nobody listens to them and they’re very interesting.

What is an example of a pain in your heel and what can you do to fix it (and move on)?

Pain in my heel is me not being financially independent, the way to fix it is by finding a temporary sales job where I will improve my communication while working on my coaching business.