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Amish- group of people that came from Europe that lives the old-fashioned way; they’re not different than everyone was 150 years ago.

3 types of people; make things happen, watch things happen and wonder what happened.

3 modalities of life (you will move to different modalities in different areas of life, Casanova’s chameleon); default modality of most people is wondering what happened. Ask people things to prove this- they don’t know anything about them.

The wondering state is easily testable.

This is about the mindset, the spirit; I’m somebody that’s always curious. You must either participate in the conversation and you’re meeting people, or laying back and listen, learn- that’s OK.

All that people do is “pass time”, you want to live instead.

If you don’t know things, you won’t be impressive; you’ll be talking to someone who can change your life, and they will notice you’re not interesting and not do it. You’ll go through life in a haze, not even knowing what you missed out- like attracts like.

You should get pleasure from just knowing something, that’s the difference between us and animals- they don’t learn, and that’s why they don’t create the fire.

“Lord of the Rings”- that should be a movie! Do the inversion, what would make you an impressive person? The more you move up the chain, the harder it is to impress people, they’re making things happen, and they’ve done a lot.

“I’m not a technology person”- that’s just a rule you invented, now technical things around you. Be a rule breaker- click every button you can. There’s no reason one gender should know some things more than the other gender.

Become more interested in physical things; how the gravity works, how fireworks…also on biology (how protein, fats…work on your body), watch your body more and make it happen.

The fourth thing is social interactions- why do people fall in love, why men put on belly fat (3x why)

Money- know about it; ask 10 questions on taxes.

Know about intangible things; music, art, happiness.

(book) The story of the human body

What is something you have always been bad at being in a state of wonder?

What is something that you have been good at making or watching?

What will you learn and focus on most?