Martin Seligman’s Salary Slave and Learned Helplessness 2017-11-11T10:31:18+00:00

Positive psychology; “let’s study what makes us happy, not just why are we depressed.”

Number 1 obstacle toward success- dogs would not jump out eventually, though they can’t overcome the obstacle; we can rewire the brain towards helplessness– less happy, depressed (slave).

Same thing happens with monkeys in the zoo, they’re not happy, even if they are safe here and would die in the jungle, you would think you’re doing them a favor.

We’re being conditioned to be helpless – in school, they give you the goal (instead of you having the freedom to study and reach the goal your way) you have to follow the teacher and read this chapter today, like monkeys in the zoo.

We should all do a book a day (continual self-education)

Everything like that is moving us away from the true human experience- we’re in the zoo.

Most people are salary slaves, in some rear cases, it’s not preconditioned. Like in the cage getting the check once a month. Realize it doesn’t have to be that way.

When there’s a lay off people fall apart, but in the modern world there are no jobs and salaries, there were for a short timewe see the 60’s and think those were the good old days; that was true for a small fraction of the history.

We didn’t do anything that we own- the division of labor. If you’re not careful you’ll get into a box of helplessness.

People are out of balance and waiting for a pill to get healthy; it’s all about lifestyle.

We are helplessly waiting until that next thing comes out, and only then can we be healthy.

In our countries there are so many support systems; loans, even if you fail you just declare bankruptcy. Trump- 9.2 billion of debt (got distracted, chasing women, thinking everything will turn to gold), basically little risk, you can walk out of the cage, the jungle is not scary anymore. You’ll never get there without risks.

In India people really die because of starvation, there’s nothing to support you, but that’s not in our countries.

Go to, take some risks- if 50 women laugh at you, you’ll never see them again.

“Safe is dollar foolish. Be quick, but not in a hurry.”

People who are depressed are the ones who think they don’t have any choice, like the dog that gets shocked and lies down.

Think of areas deep in your brain where you feel out of control.

“We’re going to innovate out of our problems.” So the way out of helplessness is creativity.

You may find insight into a book, but you need to innovate. Everything is online, don’t ask stupid questions.

Use technology- taxi driver (buy a GPS, use the tools that are available to you)

You get paid to the proportion of the difficulty of the problems you solve.

I live in a modern world, what can’t I do?

There are people that get everything they want!

Arnold- everything is in reps and sets. I need the drive to get it, very few things are there to kill me, and in the jungle is all I want.

The 1000th person gave money for KFC, others said no, but he was never helpless.

Jonah Hill- “I wish I would be more relaxed in the past, it’s not a scary world.”

The only people that die of starvation are people that lie down like a dog.

Where was I helpless, what would I do differently? (be reliable, no matter how hard it is, watch until the end)

What is one specific instance you were helpless and in hindsight what would you have done differently?