Rousseau, The Renaissance Man, & Iron Sharpening Iron 2017-11-11T10:58:14+00:00

There have been a few renaissance men; Rousseau, Leonardo da Vinci…

Spoke multiple languages, understood economics, politics, history… that’s a dead thing in the world, because of media, social norms (men only do things that women find attractive), we don’t look at Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian because of them being Renaissance people, they use social bias on you, if you see other people following them, you do as well.

Grandma is one of the few people alive from the time that people looked up to those people, and our mission is to bring that back. If I bring it back, people that are great (people running society; people that write checks to people that you think are rich) will notice. Most of these people are Renaissance people.

“You have to be interested in all”; war, sports, music, business… this means to read and learn about broad things, but learn and read from the best, not everyone.

92% of the time people are not going to war. Sleep is genetic, we do it 25% of the time. By trying to answer tough questions, you need a lot of material. You can be the best cook in the world, but with 1 ingredient (a carrot), you can’t do so many great things.

“I believe in the discipline of learning from the best, not sitting in the room trying to figure it out on your own.”- nobody’s that smart.

If you want to have an impact, do an inventory first; what do I know? (music, languages, history- have a sense of perspective, literature, poetry…)

You will have occasions when you will meet a person who holds the keys to what you want (promotion, partnership…) and when you know things, you stand out and they will look over and ask: “Who is that?”

Powerful people are powerful for a reason, don’t be the guy who stands out because he doesn’t know anything.

Watch things happen, make things happen or wonder what happened.

Leonardo left a lot of things undone, he did an amazing job, but he could finish more projects.

Just because my mom thinks I’m good at many stuff, doesn’t mean I am; have one driving end game. If it’s health, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t know where Miami is.

Most activity is not in the middle of the forest, ocean…most is where forest, pond, and grass come together, cities are important as well (meeting so many different people; out of that come new ideas.)

Don’t be like I’m an atheist, so I don’t study religion; don’t limit yourself, there’s gold in multiple places, make sure it’s broad.

What am I weak on? Work on it, stop saying no to that.

Math and physics- I will sign up for a course.

Some will result in a conflict; that is not me (“This is garbage, I won’t read this.”)

Iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend, but it’s a little painful in the beginning.