Practical Pessimism, Paris Hilton’s Grandfather, & Contemplating The Downside 2017-11-11T12:57:29+00:00

In the world I will be continually bombarded by 2 schools of thought; people that are not really thinking a lot (poor me, I’m stuck, nothing will get better), the 2nd one is the power of positive thinking (the secret- which is incomplete), evidence shows that neither of those is true.

Practical pessimism is what works

Conrad Hilton built the Hilton hotel chain. There was a point of his life that he considers the turning point; he picked up the Helen Keller’s book about optimism and he was struck with the idea of having the optimism, seeing the endgame ahead.

During the depression 80% of the hotels have closed down, people had no money and as Buffet says when the tide comes you see how’s swimming naked; he was expanding so fast, it was hard to keep any money in the bank, so when costumers stopped coming, hotel after hotel disappeared, he had to close them down, he went bankrupt.

He told the milkman that he will make it, but he can’t pay the milk now, but he will pay them back later.

Most people are superstitious, while others talk about what could happen and prepare for it. The takeaway is that there’s a certain necessity for faith.

When Deron  Williams had 0/9, Kobe watched the game and said I would never stop throwing like he did, I would either get a lot of points or shoot 0/30.

See the future before others do, but don’t be delusional about it (American Idol). Get feedback from enemies, strangers…

Practical Pessimism is the tool that gets you to the optimistic goal. What will get you to your goal is not optimism. As you move toward an optimistic goal with pessimism; “I prepared for the worst every day, and I’m happier for it.”

If you don’t want bad things happening to you, prepare instead of not thinking about it. You must contemplate the downside.

Learn more, develop more skills; do everything possible to get to the place where you contemplated the downside before it hits you in the face.

I will have a lot of optimism to reach my long-term goal, but be very pessimistic right now, because I won’t reach it if I don’t expect the unexpected. Most people get against the odds by not preparing financially, by not preparing with health.

Which imbalance side have you been on, pessimistic or optimistic?

What is the root of that imbalance?

What are you going to do differently?

What is your optimistic end goal you are going towards and what could go wrong?