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Rich dad, poor dad

Friendships with some of the fascinating people; I listen to those people more.

Beyond mentors; tune in on the awareness factor. Start to notice patterns in yourself.

Tune in the differences between people with great bodies and not so great bodies, people who are successful, and people who are broke.

You only have so many mentors, but you can have many poor and rich people in your life (friends, clients…)

Parrot makes noises all day, drives Tai insane, but it’s worth 50k so she kept it.

Joe Sulinder- excited jumping out of bed, says 10 quotes in 5 minutes, has predictable speech patterns (speech determines what’s inside you, they don’t need to cut you open. If the tree has oranges you know which tree it is).

Quotes take humility, poor friends express only their opinion (talking about politics, which is hard to get it right.)

Joe who has it all quotes others, doesn’t say “listen to me”, but 3 people in a hot tube who never did anything are full of opinions.

100 million before 30 guys said: “Turn service business into a marketplace.”- the girl on the Facebook never started a business, always going to something new; “How dare you to embarrass me?” (when Tai gave her an advice).

Coach Karl genuinely wants to know opinion about basketball, and he’s been coaching for 30 years and made more than 100 million (tonic blew up in Tai’s face).

Rich people ask questions, while that girl took a little advice as an attack on her pride, constantly get the pattern in your head: rich friends, poor friends, 6 pack friends, fat friends, happy, unhappy…

Start drawing out patterns; write down, rich friends ask for criticism! We need to be self-learning machines, figure it out, ask…

It’s a new way of perceiving the environment you’re in- difference between people; at Laker’s player’s party he was eating salad, a little wine, and water, he could get drunk and eat bad that one night, he’s in shape, but that’s the difference between him and other people without discipline there (they can bench press 300 pounds, run 10 miles, under 6% body fat, hearth rate under 60, can do a split (flexible), yet even on his birthday eating healthy.

Poor person’s perception is that rich should give me 50k to invest, but rich people split the check with Tai. They’re in between- are generous, but don’t throw their money away, they know the value, don’t give the nest away and die.

Half of the success is understanding (get’s easier), the perception of most people is that we’re all equal (same intrinsic value), but the amount of valuable advice for you to achieve your goal is very different- on which people will you bet every moment?

How are my successful friends acting in every scenario (when they’re quiet, how they talk; “I’ve never met anybody who I didn’t learn anything from- often what not to do”)?

Not letting ego get in the way- 3 people have together trillion dollar companies- Gates, Charlie and Warren (Math is 2nd nature).

Math and being rich is not good or bad, you make the judgment call, but rich people are good at it. The friend had an 8 pack, so going to the movies Tai asked himself: “Tai, do you want to be the in shape or out of shape friend?” Notice what he eats.

If being rich is having a great family, he’s been poor, and he learned with Amish- they have the happiest good behaving kids (spanked 1-2 times in their lives), they’re rich in understanding how to grow a good community the answer is always somewhere in the middle.

Other kids have all the toys and are spoiled, annoying and unhappy.

Be a machine of understanding lessons and differences. Tai instead of discriminating other races discriminates dumb ideas and stupidity of some people– much worse!

Following the elite is better to bet on. Sometimes poor people are right, but still, it’s not worth to bet on.

(alpha) For every increment of risk you take, you have to get more in return, or it’s not worth it.

Means- like genes, but passed on to friends, books, ideas… you don’t need to come up with an original idea, just accumulate knowledge of other people.

Selfish gene- mental genes, spreading ideas that move civilization toward what most people want.

Be observing machine that takes means from others like Sherlock Holmes- break them down, listens, add the framework to 67 steps.

“Competence is relative.”- I don’t have any rich friends; they’re always richer in some area!

Who’s closest to the outcome I want?

Seek out the truth no matter what– lessons will not be what I want, but embrace the truth. (with kindle killing his other business, but that’s what people moved towards)

It’s not the inspirational quotes people put on Facebook wall. Jesus said: “I didn’t come to bring peace, I come to bring the sword, and if you’re not ready to leave your mother, husband… you’re not worthy of me.” He represented the truth.

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