Elvis Presley & The Persistent Widow 2017-11-11T20:28:13+00:00

Jesus would tell the story of the persistent widow that visited the judge every day until she was served justice.

The manager took Elvis on tour- called every day at 6 am in the morning, he did that almost for a year.

People are looking, but not seeing the fundamentals- persistence. Work on fundamentals.

He got Elvis to agree and get a million dollar loan. He also made sure it was completely sold out, it was perfect.

Don’t listen to media bias; they do stories on rich and famous when they’re there, instead read the biographies. Every story eventually comes down to persistence, but there’s no class in school called persistence.

50 cent said that people get bored too easily and don’t stick to one thing- get rid of that.

All persistence is not effective!

The balance between adjusting and persisting. Build persistence on knowledge and tested judgment.

“… I fear a man who’s done one kick for a thousand days.”

What is an example of something you were not persistent enough within hindsight?

What is an example of something you stuck with too long?

What is something you are going to stick with for the next 67 steps?

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