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If you don’t have the all 4, you’ll soon lose the ones you have.

If you lose health, happiness will go down, remember that you’re mortal and your life is not very long.

Pareto is known for 80/20 rule, but he also talked about Pareto efficiency; defined as a win-win (the more efficiencies you pull off, the less risky they become.

The problem with win-lose (you trying to manipulate to get love, friends, money) is that you don’t fool all people all the time. If your model is win-lose it flips and you lose, or it’s lose-lose eventually. There’s no reason to go to war if you don’t have to.

Even Philip (father of Alexander) went to war with gifts and as a friend at first. Everything is a social experience (even food, you don’t always eat alone). Mastering efficiencies and social interactions are what’s important, and business is nothing more than a formal approach to creating a customer (win-win social dynamic- making allies, friends).

Money sometimes doesn’t make you happier if it increases your loneliness.

The Business Triple Entente (France, Russia, and the UK- the mind remembers stories, that’s how to remember 67 steps)

Level 1 inefficiency; one party wins at the expense of another party (eventually you will bump into the wrong person and you’ll leave limping). Fast food comes with an expense; society, soil, degradation…

How do you reach people’s brain, so that they don’t do what every credible doctor in the world would agree harms your health?

People want to sue, and get rid of these types of businesses- we have inherited sense of justice.

Guess who wants to be your business partner, co-worker? Like attracts like- stupid, uneducated…

Level 2 Business is neutral- hotel chain (you’re not harming the world, you’re not massively helping the world), for everything that you argue how good it is, there’s something bad that goes along with that. Good business (enemy of great).

Level 3 Business is win-win; people will give you money and they’re excited and happy when they give it to you. Oprah has millions of supporters and likes, has all sorts of presidents and people are happy to give her money, she lives the dream (has level 3 and all the money, billionaire). This brings a new sense of motivation.

Money is not evil, it’s a tool- has the potential of damage, but that’s because of the person that’s using it. It’s hard to turn level 1 to 3 easily; bank robber helping the world.

Competition is good because you push harder, but when competition is taking advantage and we’re using all the effort to battle against that it creates inefficiency.

There’s a time when you have to plant your feet and punch the bully in the face; that’s what will happen to you with level 1, you’ll sleep much better at level 3.

The level of forgiveness quadruples; in level 1 people already don’t like you, when you do something wrong they will destroy you when you’re at level 3 they’ll say “you invested so much in us and one so well, we will give you a pass.”

When bad times come I’ll have a buffer, safety (like a good farm that has one bad year). Things go wrong and I need that buffer.

There is no downside to level 3, I just need to be a little more creative.

There are times when you have to to the win-lose deal; cut somebody off, protect yourself…

Which of the three levels is your current career in?

How do you feel about the level you are in now?

What is a transition plan to move up to level 3?

Besides your career what are things you can do to move into more of a win-win situation in health, wealth, love and happiness?

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