Ignoring The Ninety-Nine, & The One-Tenth Rule 2017-11-11T12:42:25+00:00

Ignore 99/100 people, but when you find that one person, do everything they say. What’s natural to us is to be democratic, if you have 10 friends you ask for advice, you would listen to majority, but what you REALLY should do is listen to that one person that knows, you begin to listen more and more to them as they stand the test of time, until you do everything they say.

Narrow down the books, the small percentage you should read from all masses.

Stephen Hawking narrowed down science, he may now know how to be social.

Tai is not suggesting that one person should be your mentor, but the ratio should be at least 1 in 100. Even when it comes to books you should ignore most of them, but when you find those few books, read them over and over.

You have a choice between listening to a person who had several successful businesses and a person who read 2 articles and written one. They might be right, but the odds are low. Be elite when you choose who you let into your brain.

Every extreme has it’s another extreme; killing could also be good.

Employees influenced in decisions of their bosses, they should learn from the experts.

You can end up dead if a brain surgeon or your buddy runs an operation on you, but the odds are better in one case. People should earn my trust when it comes to me listening to them.

You don’t have all the time in the world, and you don’t have the time to listen to anybody.

I will probably have 1/10 of the skills that the person I’m learning from has, that’s why you have to study from the top players. That’s why we’re talking about billionaires because they will still be 10 times better. If I learn from my neighbor who’s pretty good, 10% of that is pretty bad.

Philosophical changes are the best, they’re effortless once you escape the grip of your mind. They don’t take a lot of time, just get away from the stubbornness.

Humans are not very good at ignoring if someone screams at you, your ears have no choice, they will listen. You have to be pickier about who you let into your space.

Humans talk about other people 80% of the time, mostly completely irrelevant to you, cut those people out- if you feel weird about spending time with a person cut them out.

Keep in mind that the enemy of great is good, Tai calls it the good life, but it really means the great life. 1-10 rank your 4 pillars; average those out, and that’s your life and that’s what you’re going to remember and be remembered for. Most people live a 5. Throw the average things out the door.

Be careful about sources of information you’re taking in.

When it comes to health, wealth, love, happiness, who are you listening to that should be ignored?

When it comes to health, wealth, love, happiness who are you going to start listening to?