The Seven-fold Path To The Obvious Signs 2017-11-11T11:08:16+00:00

500 years ago the world was understood in very black and white. Instead of getting an award for figuring out that the earth is not flat, they were threatened to die.

This won’t happen to you know, but basic black and white mentality is still there. If you’re not careful, this will undermine you at every turn toward success. Realize why things are the way they are, most people want to change things out of emotions (anger), but if you don’t know what you’re actually changing (seeing your body in the mirror and realizing what exactly you don’t like); accurately assess the situation and then seek solution that fits! (not eating more big macs, that’s what our solutions usually are unconscious); be a truth seeker.

When people talk about the truth, they feel like they’ve already done it. Saying “no child left behind in education program”, but then if you ask “What are you doing about that?” the answer is almost always nothing. Diagnose what’s holding you back, what’s a cognitive bias that served you 10,000 years ago, but not today.

It’s not that something bad is going on with me (black and white), it’s more about Newton’s third law; every action has an opposite and equal reaction. The proper way is to read the obvious signs right now

Changing what I can change, accepting what I can’t and having the wisdom to know the difference. You know it’s not the obvious signs when you make it complicated; just say “that’s not good” when you look at yourself, If you want to die at 40, then you should smoke, drink and eat processed food all the time, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Same thing when looking at your bank account, see if you like it. There are people who are poor on purpose, and there are people who are rich that are great. What’s the obvious sign; are constantly stressed about it?

Most of my life will be social, look at it, what do you want to change.

And happiness, are you jumping out of bed? Tap dancing to work?

You might not be getting the outcome you want, then follow the 7 obvious signs. Stop saying what’s good or bad. This efficiently moves me to my goal, and this doesn’t. Now anybody who smokes gets cancer, and some people that don’t smoke get it as well, but it’s about the statistic, not black and white.

In geometry, the most efficient path is the straight line. As we replace the 500-year-old mind and move into new methodology we ask ourselves a question, research that question, from that research form a hypothesis, then test it for a while, observe while you’re doing the test, step back while the test is done running, ask other smart people to give you their opinion about your work (not everybody).

Edison made almost a million experiments in his life. 70% of people quit after the first, 80% after 2, and 90% after 3 experiments. Many billionaires were bankrupt a couple of times before they made it; didn’t give up. When you switch to this, everything becomes exciting.

“Every man’s argument sounds great until you hear the other side.”- you should never hold any belief until you can argue the other side better than the other side can argue them.

A mistake is an experiment run too long. Don’t be attached (cognitive bias- commitment consistency; friend only eating fruit and losing muscle, teeth getting worse…) People do it in their diet plans, in relationships, religion, politics…

Don’t commit to your new truth and follow it (black and white- being a vegan). Go through your inventory of your beliefs; “You are far from the truth.”, on an imaginary planet, full of delusion far from the truth.

People never finish the experiment; you have to stop and show results to other people.

Same with business, doing it over and over and the over…the alternative path is NEVER getting it right. When you have something to do, jump right in.

You should be done after 10 years of experimenting, so don’t do something for 10 years, do 30 experiments to hit it right faster. When you don’t know what to do, just do something, with this methodology you won’t get stuck, don’t get stuck unless it’s time to do that.

Regarding your physical health, where have you been black and white and not experimented enough? What can you do to experiment more?

Try different diets, my diet is pretty much the same.

Regarding your business/career/wealth, where have you been black and white and not experimented enough? What can you do to experiment more?

Try different ways of traffic, doing YouTube videos, learning and teaching things I know nothing about yet to expand.

Regarding your social life, where have you been black and white and not experimented enough?

What can you do to experiment more?

Regarding your happiness, where have you been black and white and not experimented enough? What can you do to experiment more?