Joel Salatin On Nature Laughing Last, The Respect Of Seasons, and The Terrible Twos 2017-11-11T12:27:16+00:00

Don’t be so egocentric to think that your best-laid plans dictate various laws of life and nature; we will get old, forces of nature (laws of physics, biology) and other humans; these are the three sources of pain (Freud). We’re all naturally in this egocentric mindset and need to snap out of it; the decay of your body, laws of nature and things other people do to you.

The reason why we’re continually surprised and in pain is that we don’t accept these laws, we don’t realize that this game isn’t about us, it’s about the universe. You’re supposed to be in a world, supposed to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Bridges will wash out in your life.

We all want a million dollars, but we need other people for that, it’s not about us. If you’re thinking about a million people giving you a dollar you’re forgetting that everyone thinks that way.

Business is like having a child; keeps you awake the first year, you don’t feel good the second, third even fourth year, for the first 5 years it’s a nightmare. When that kid is 20, and you’re less able to take care of yourself, he will take care of you.

Some of the things that are holding you back are you thinking egocentrically, even the smartest people worked for over 10 years to achieve something; Bill, Warren…

Average growth on stocks, real-estate is 6%, it takes 12 years to double that. Who are you to say something against the laws of nature?

Alaska (the guy died, when he went across the river it was small when he wanted to go back the river grew), nature doesn’t care about you in the wilderness.

A lot of people want shortcuts, and 67 steps is a shortcut, and you wouldn’t want to raise a child from 2-20 in a year, he would be handicapped, it needs to go through certain steps.

1-year-old babies don’t take care of you, they cost you, they keep you awake.

Once you understand the natural cycle about the years in (10,000 hours), or 10 dark years (took Picasso 10 years become known), some people take a lot longer than that.

You can shorten the curve through simulation, osmosis, modeling, mentors…but you can only grow at a certain speed.

When we look at the media or even people around us when only notice people who are in the autumn, who went through the hard work, not the people who are in the spring, summer, winter.

There’s important to have all the seasons. Winter gives the soil time to rest, kills parasites…

Winter might be you being home, like Tai’s dad used to say;” often times the worst thing for kids are their parents.”

In your twenties, you’ll also be going to have these cycles (within the cycles).

It’s easy to forget that summer exists when there’s winter and it’s easy to lose faith, but this is the time to do the research, to answer the questions, so when spring comes you’re ready to test, to experiment. A mistake is an experiment that runs too long. You need to put in enough experimentation, one idea takes that long (Edison).

In summer you get rich, you’ve experimented with all the areas and now you’re putting in the hours, putting 100 hours, while others put 40. This is the season of activity.

In winter you find the general industry you want to be in, in spring you’re trying products, in summer the product has already been picked and now you’re gaining knowledge, working on it, analyzing and acting on data, talking to smart people, and then the fall- profits.

We always want to move somewhere else; when we’re 5, we want to be 10, when we’re 25, we want to be 30, but after that, it’s reversed, when we’re 60, we want to be 20 again.

The cons of fall are not appreciating it when it comes (feeling bad, when you’re only getting 1% of interest now, you want to be in summer again, but that’s a good problem to have; now you have lots of money already).

That’s why you have to pick a good eulerian destiny, you never know if you’ll be alive after 5 years, so don’t be miserable for the next 5 years, do what you like to do.

If you try to do it too fast, taking steroids, rushing in business…there will be side effects; bad health, lawsuits…

Mother Nature is the meanest of the teachers, use it as a last resort, don’t push it.

Most people run just in front of the wheel, if they trip, they’re dead, go inside the wheel, the same speed (respecting its power).

While other people will be suckers expecting quick results, you’ll not be the sucker and know when to expect the results (raising a child).

There’s no free lunch (adopting a child; it might not have the skills you want), so everything is just a cause and effect.

What was a winter in your life, and knowing what you know now what would you have done differently?

What season are you in now and what are you going to do differently now?