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“We’re in competition with ourselves.”

Tai and Oprah have the biggest book club in the world.

One superpower of Warren and Charlie that they would pick would be to be the fastest readers and learners. Most adoptable- observing, looking.

Rich man’s house always has a library.

I have some roadblocks when it comes to books. When most people reach a roadblock, they invent reasons why they can’t do it, or why it’s not important.

The way that rich and poor in India stay at peace is by the poor inventing reason why they’re poor- rich inherited the money, got lucky…that’s a coping mechanism to deal with inequality.

Not many people said that they wish the didn’t read as much, not download as much information from the greatest minds in the history, but many people say: “I wish I’d know that 20 years ago.”

When Tai asks me what’s holding me back from reading his best guess is that my mind will come up for some crazy reason, why I don’t- it’s not about being book smart, it’s not about reading, it’s about executing, if you read so much there won’t be any time left for other things…
Download wisdom of the most intelligent people in the world. The gene machine’s

“Survival machines that can simulate the future are one jump ahead of survival machines who can only learn on the basis of trial and error.”

The problem with an overt trial is it takes a lot of energy, the problem of overt error is that it is fatal. Simulation is both safer and faster.

The average person will quit after 3 failed businesses (run out of energy- fatal for dreams, hopes, health, and money). Because Evil Knievel didn’t simulate what would happen with gravel, he broke his knee and his health never recovered; what doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger.

(guy that had troubles with dating) “I need to learn from my mistakes.”- we all learn from mistakes, but it’s a lot easier to learn from other people’s mistakes; Warren Buffet.

Reading a book a day- made in America for $5 we can simulate his mistakes, lost money and heartaches- that’s what makes us human.

It’s not about positive thinking and overcoming challenges, it’s all about simulating what could happen.

Only poor friends do it themselves, rich people have accountants, lawyers, the board of advisers…

“Make war with a multitude of counselors.”

Subconscious arrogance- doing it alone. I wouldn’t fix broken arm alone, I go to someone, who’s done it hundreds of times.

There’s always the risk – there’s reason fear it’s there.

99 false alarms are better than 1 death. When it’s used to progress to the good life, there’s nothing wrong, when it’s paralyzing you, there is a problem.

25% of books should be on health, 50 secrets of the longest living people in the world (book)

In 18 months with an increased diet of books and making it instinctual, there will be results.

$10,000 if you read 30 books in 30 days (of Tai’s list) and look Tie in the eyes and say it’s not been worth it. Best experiment in your life, Tai’s goal is to die having read 10,000 books.

Read the best books first– do it for a year in Tai’s order (tomorrow is uncertain).

The publisher now has the best titles- don’t get sucked in. Don’t be advertised to, don’t judge it by the cover. Instead look at who the author is.

Instead of speed reading, be a gold miner. Skim through a book a week, Tai reads different books at the same time; 1 classic (breakfast)- stud the test of time, 1 great thought in 5 minutes, then while taking a nap read a book 6 hours after you woke up- 20 minutes before you fall asleep, 15 minute power nap. There’s an opportunity cost if you want to read a book from cover to cover, and you can take it in your hands again if you want to; it’s a tool, a friend.

Together 35 minutes alarm clock.

At night read a biography (courage). Go to bed reading.

Be wise, don’t choose 50 shades of gray, embrace the chaos of missing.

5 minute on the first pass, 15 minutes on the second, on the third read a chapter, then you’re done.

Break the rules, not the law– the only rules you should follow our rules of physics.

Don’t get stuck and obligated to read it all. Avoid the tendency of feeling rude when you think the book is like a human talking to you… Average books have 2 things that are good, but can’t sell 2 pages, just get to the point, be OK with less, there’s opportunity cost (the rest is anecdotes and stories that prove that).

“Leaders are readers.”

Warren: 8 hours/day, Bill Gates is a reading machine; but it’s not about who reads more, but who simulates the future better.

“We are too soon old and too late smart.”

If you break down a puzzle and shake it, it will take forever to put it back together; the odds are low. Books take away the randomness, give you the control.

9/10 people in biographies read, even rock stars; that’s why they’re at the top.

What’s holding me back from reading?

Rewire the brain; no one ever said to Tai his life is worse- not everyone is willing to read, it takes humility, persistence, and a little money.

Physical for taking notes, but also Kindle, the point is to download level 3; instinctual!

As you listen to 67 steps, implement it already, read!

If it’s painful now, it gets easier.

Managing oneself

Am I a reader or a listener? How do I learn? Do I work with people or am I a loner? Mentor, team member…

Do I produce results as a decision maker or adviser?

The top spot requires a decision maker. Do I perform well in stress or structured environment? Don’t try to change, instead improve the way you perform. What are my values?

Business priority- short-term and long-term.

Where and how can I achieve results that will make a difference within the next year and a half?

Requires a stretch, but achievable. Take responsibility for relationships, accept and know how others manage themselves.

Manage the boss; make him effective.

Know what results they expect,  exactly what they want.

You need to read at least 1 book/week to get the good life, it’s too competitive world. Get a six-pack of the mind!

This is what I’m good at, this is how I work, these are my values, this is the contribution I plan to concentrate on and the results I should be expected to deliver.

The same things you need to know about others. Doesn’t mean people like each other, but they understand each other.

Second career at 56- the second part of life or non-profit organization.

50 years ago there was no success, only staying in your job, in knowledge society we expect it for everyone; that’s impossible!

Every worker needs to behave like a chief executive officer.

What’s your biggest excuse for not reading, and what book reading pace are you going to commit to?