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The book: Sam Walton: Made In America by Sam Walton, John Huey was written on Sam Walton’s deathbed.

The world is full of outward humility. People thought that Michael Jordan had no humility but his coaches knew that was false. Michael listened better than anyone and then applied the advice very quickly even when he was already the best. Michael Jordan was the most teachable person who made the knowledge that he learned instinctual. It became a part of who he was. Most people, on the other hand, are outwardly humble but inward very arrogant. How many people do I know that find a mentor and say: “I don’t know what I’m doing. I need help!”? There is so much benefit to doing that. Actively seek successful people and learn from them

Sam Walton spent more time in other stores than in his own store in order to learn. Sam often said that he already knows his store. Do not act like you know it all! Eliminate arrogance. I do not care about outer humility. Most people say they will do it something but then they never do it.

Brazilian businessmen contacted the biggest CEO’s but only Sam Walton responded (Sam has already made 160 billion dollars) and when they had dinner, Sam asked more questions than they did. Even when he was on the very top, he still wanted to learn more. “I learn from everybody that I meet, I just don’t want to do the majority of those things.” I know more than them but I still have the humility to listen and then implement. Do not tell me you are humble, show me you are humble.

Sam Walton’s family once had to pick up Sam from jail. Sam was put there because he crawled the supermarket’s floor and they thought he was crazy. He wanted to know the width of the aisles in a Brazilian supermarket to learn how they do it. What level of humility is that? Am I obsessed with the fact that somebody knows something I don’t, so I project that attitude, not for an hour but my whole life?

Mental Robin Hood mentality says that everyone has a piece of gold in their brain and I want to get it for myself. I can do that by finding the right people. Sam Walton was a billionaire and he still crawled the floor. What about me? What are my humility stories, who did I track down?

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso

Tai Lopez has a multimillionaire who makes around 12 million dollars per year. His friend wasn’t able to answer Tai’s question about accounting but at the next visit, he knew everything about the subject. He used flash cards while brushing his teeth, while other people make a million dollars per year and are thinking that they do not have to learn anything. They reach a plateau and if they are not careful, their income will start to go down. Rich friends are the humblest, they read the most, hunt people down (mentors) and they listen very carefully – one question was enough for Tai’s friend to read the sign and study accounting. He didn’t need 15 questions and warnings.

The book: Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s by Ray Kroc, Robert Anderson

Tell me about the hours you spent on the topic you are trying to learn! It is not about the number of books but the level of learning. Michael Jordan’s best quality was being like a sponge, he was learnable.

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:3

The quote talks about curiosity because children are constantly curious and eager to learn. Have humility in action! Everybody wants “the good life” but not everybody gets “the good life”. The more you know, the less you know because the more you realize there are still a lot of things you need to learn and the more arrogant you are, the less you usually learn, so you know less. Confidence is fine but make sure to balance it out. When you meet people, take notes.

Keep accelerating your level of learning and humility. Don’t use the bad parts of people’s personality but use good principles. It takes humility to build on top of something, instead, people try from scratch. “I got a billion dollar idea.”- don’t be cocky if you never had a million dollar business. The idea, no reading, no evidence, no experiments yet. The only thing that counts are the results.

Warren Buffett started reading at 7 and became a billionaire in 50 years with 160 IQ (he read all the local library books about the topic of investing by the age of 12).

The rich people all have mentors, even Einstein, Tesla, Aristotle…

  • What’s your reading from 1-10?
  • Tracking out mentors from 1-10?
  • Copying the competitors from 1-10?
  • Spending money on things on becoming Robin Hood from 1-10?

The goal is to get to 10. Raise your average level through the roof! If you had 10, you would have the good life now. At least you should get to 8-9, so why are the masses much lower?

Don’t have so much pride, in 67 days you can rewire. Life is too hard for us, so we use distractions, substances, intoxicants… We try to forget.
“Yeah, we’re pretty humble.” – never say that!

  • Why do the masses don’t have that?
  • Why are people such failures, yet so cocky?
  • Where does the pride come from?
  • Why are you so cocky if you can barely pay rent, are overweight and relationships suck?

Amygdala part of the brain (fear- almost impossible to forget the dog bite, war). Other people might not want to help or laugh at the process, so we stop being humble. DNA changes when being bullied. The traumas when we were younger and vulnerable can cause so much pain that we overdo it by being a “know it all.” Being cocky is the mask that we wear. The few that stand out, overcome it. Be humble to get the reward!

We are born with an instinct to be humble but the fears and traumas cause us to put layers on top of that. You can be confident, as long as it’s backed up by action and doesn’t stop you from evolving. “I’m the best basketball player”- on the court he told everybody that they will get beaten, but at practice, he was always asking coaches “what should I do?” while having ten different coaches which shows us how humble Michael Jordan really was. We only have about 50.000 good hours which is why you have to make every day count! How much would you value money if you only had $50,000 in your lifetime and how would you use it?

Only I can change my life. Tai Lopez spent $30.000 on books. Be the most teachable person anyone has ever met. Do not just check books off a list. Read top hundred books over and over again. Alexander the Great brought the library with him.

  • What’s the number one area I have not been humble enough?

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