Alienating The 82% With Your Messy Message 2017-11-11T12:55:42+00:00

Most of us are hypnotized by a wide variety of choices; they’re not really there. You’re not really good at that many things.

In anything you do, if you have 18% of people that see what you do and get highly engaged with you, you will find everything you will ever need, you don’t need a billion people, but the odds are that you will fail. Most innovations were creating a small niche, that eventually expands; there was not a great need for computers, but then it expanded into something huge, while first, he thought computer business will be 100 million worth industry, Microsoft is worth 100 billion alone.

80/20 is an overused principle

18% want more information, buy from you… even McDonald’s has 10% over the industry and it’s a multi-billion dollar company.

Start with solving small problems that expand to more people.

Early adopters/visionaries, then you have to cross the chasm and reach other, larger groups of people.

There seem to be unlimited things I can do with my life in mirage sense, but if you want to succeed, there’s not a lot.

Be OK with taking a small ground, don’t talk to everybody in social situations, first focus on 18% of the people.

Don’t be afraid to go so strong on those people, that you alienate the rest, not everybody will like your personality style, and if you try to be liked by everybody, nobody will like you. Be yourself. Even in politics, you don’t need 100% of votes, your goal is not alienation, your goal is focusing on 18% so much, that other people naturally feel alienated and fall off. And that’s scary for people if you’re dating, for happiness… have a little bit of a Renaissance man feel to you of course.

An athlete who got cancer; “make your mess your message.”

Add to destiny the part of finding your messy message, what’s the story of your life?

Jordan; unaffected by his struggles, having convictions that good things are meant to happen to him. He always believed that the next shot will be the one that’s going in. Most people don’t believe in the inevitability of their success. Life is an aggregation of disappointments that were given to me.

It appears you have a lot of choices, there are 7.3 billion people trying to become wealthy, so if you don’t do something unique to your story, you’ll never be quite good enough to stand out from the crowd.

Nobody wants to listen to anybody who’s not at least 95/100, nobody has songs or audiobooks from average people- expertise is built around focus.

You die because you think there’s water there when you think you have unlimited choice.

What is the 18% you are going to focus on (niche)?

Who have you been trying to please that you have not been able to please?

What is your messy message?