Man-On-The-Moon Contrast Keeping Easy Things Easy 2017-11-11T11:02:34+00:00

Cognitive biases will cause you to make mistakes in your life. Everything you didn’t get is probably because of biases.

Putting a man on the moon took 10,000 years of knowledge and a trillion dollars. Everything else is in contrast very easy compared to that. Losing weight is very easy, innovate out of the problem.

Making a million dollars is much easier as well; that’s $3000/day, if you work 10 hours, you need $300/hour.

$17,000/ year for working on a farm, then deciding to try something new; Starbucks and College. Then wrote a paperwork for $5000, shrink problem down and compare it to something big. Never be intimidated by the next best thing.

Amigdula controls fear; Alexander said that either you conquer fear or you die. Start messing with the contrast, they put the man on the moon, can I make $300/hour.

Weakest calves (Arnold); instead of lifting 250 pounds, do 1000 pounds; once you see someone else doing it, the contrast is set (4-minute mile)- the mind is pulling you back.

The decision to save a stranger from drowning is genetic.

I might not have the same testosterone level as Alexander (conquering big cities at 19), but by changing framework, I can do big things overnight.

Most people contrast themselves with their friends (health, wealth).

Not everyone will be a billionaire or Arnold, but put these contrasts; if he could workout 6 hours/day, can I 15 minutes?

Evolutionary most people can’t save money because of the 130 rule, if they make 100 grand, they want the lifestyle of 130, when they figure that out they want the even better lifestyle.

If you make a million dollars you won’t be happy in Beverly Hills.

Warren controls his biases, lives in the same neighborhood. Pick someone big.

(book) Born to run; Indians would run 100 miles/day, on a marathon competition they thought that was just warm up and they finished last.

When you do things, compare yourself not to your friends that do it twice as better, but to people who do it 10 times better you will ever do.

If it’s too small the switch and contrast will not be big enough, the gap is too small.

Sam Walton is not 160,000,000 times smarter and luckier than me, it’s in my head.

If you can’t date anybody, see it as if DiCaprio can date 10 Victoria Secret models, I can talk to that girl at the coffee shop, that’s easy.

Ask anybody you know how busy they are; even if they have nothing going on; “I had a few things, had to pick up groceries…”; Why don’t you make it easier on yourself? Value time.

You only get 3 bursts of glycogen a day; most people complicate simple things, answer long mail instead of one sentence.

Only give each thing the appropriate time; don’t use a lot of time on things that need 5 seconds.

People think stuff that is so simple they will be off the radar in a few weeks; “should I wear a red or blue shirt, will this girl call me back…”

Ask yourself; “How much time do I spend….getting ready”; what doesn’t give you a good life is not figuring out the big things.

Most people don’t think health 2 minutes/week and that’s life, keep simple things simple and then spend a couple hours on important things.

Friends think about which car to buy or which TV for days, how about thinking about how to not be broke, they oversimplify the hard things instead.

Oversimplifying how they will make money; it won’t just happen, how many books have you read on that topic?

It’s simple, but not easy ($300/hour); to get what you want, you have to deserve what you want, why would you have a million dollars if you read 1 book, while somebody else reads 10 and has a mentor.

Warren Buffet; sucking your thumb; you don’t need 20 years to figure out a diet, do it today.

Social skills are the hardest; practice persuasion, talking, speaking for 3 hours/day, that’s what you’ll remember in 20 years, not the color of your car.

What is something that should be simple that you made hard?

What is something that is hard that you made too simple?