The Sucker In The Room & The Lollapalooza Effect 2017-11-11T12:44:11+00:00

Everything happens in the mind first, even if you want to move a finger. You will stay in the state of poverty in every area if your mental habits are poor.
“If you’re in a room playing poker with a bunch of people and after 30 minutes don’t know who the sucker is, you’re the sucker!”

Nature of life is competitive, there are forces trying to take advantage of you. You must take control (doesn’t mean you always have to be the boss) if I don’t love me, who will?

Take the responsibility for that. By you making a conscious decision of not being the sucker, it doesn’t mean you won’t be the sucker; 90% of the mind is unconscious.

Someone’s always wanting to persuade you. You get about 2000 ads/day, even on clothes.

An average young person gets 8 hours/day of media exposure (including YouTube ads). We think we’re just ignoring them, but most of the mind is below the surface.

You have 25 main biases; Warren and Charlie never go to an auction; there’s a person on stage (authority), going once, going twice (scarcity, urgency; fear of losing), you’re competing with other people (social proof bias- everyone’s looking forward, I want to look forward), reward bias (most powerful- they’re selling something you want, if you miss out, it creates pain). All of these things create together Lollapalooza effect; we can withstand one cognitive bias (maybe authority), but what if they throw other things in which creates a force too powerful, that hits you all at once, and it’s too powerful for the human mind. It’s not something you can build willpower for.

You think you have enough willpower, but you don’t; there are all sorts of media systems, value systems, social conditioning… Buddhism is built around that; “if you do that long enough you can detach from the senses”, maybe a few people have done that, but they’re very rare.

The news is full of biases, they get paid for ratings, they don’t give you information for the goodness of their hearts. That’s a corporation trying to make money. You shouldn’t have a problem with that, just like you shouldn’t have a problem when you’re playing poker and somebody else wants to win a game of poker. You can not eliminate competition, reward motivation of corporation or individuals. Don’t try to realize who is trying to take advantage of you, just assume everybody wants to take advantage of you, there are lots of bacteria inside you right now that could kill you if your immune system wouldn’t protect you.

They may not want to do it directly, but they have their own goals, their own life to care about. So you can’t get angry at them for that, just stay away if you can. You don’t intentionally expose yourself to bacteria, but also build an immune system for your mind.

So avoid auctions, media, advertisements and strengthen the mind- use cognitive biases to empower other people to make better decisions. Also realize how competitive the world is, put everything to the test because if something is gold, it will never be destroyed in the fire, while other impure elements will get burned. The world is not divided to good and evil, that’s good in movies only. The reason for wars is competition, they’re worried they don’t have enough raw materials. We are willing to make other people suckers, we are selfish.

What is a time you have thought everybody had your best interest in mind but instead you were the sucker in the room?

What is an example of you being persuaded, and what was it that persuaded you? (know what works most for you, and what biases don’t)

What do you think about the world not being so “black and white?”