Richard Branson’s Hurricane & The Imaginary World Of Kanye West 2017-11-11T11:05:31+00:00

An entrepreneur is a person who remakes the world in his own image.

Kanye West compared himself to multiple other people; “I am Walt Disney, I am Steve Jobs.”- he has a picture in his mind of how his life will look like.

Richard started Virgin Airlines, but before that, he was on an island, but there was a hurricane,  and nobody could get off (was stuck), but he innovated his way out of it (remaking the world).

He made something happen, he didn’t watch or wondered what happened; he got a plane and charged tickets to get on and made a profit, then he started airplane company.

When he wanted a $200,000 island he got it; Necker Island.

Don’t be in the wondering category; first, watch and then make.

If I was independently wealthy (not unlimited), what would I do? What would I change? (16 hours I’m awake; would I wake up at a different time, surrounded by family or business people…what moves me forward, define that world specifically).

Richard moves around, even when he’s at one place he starts multiple things, Bill Gates does one thing- Richard took a hot air balloon to outer space.

The most money you’ll ever make is the thing that matches your abilities, natural drives and ambitions.

Even if it’s a little delusional; “I imagine my world where everyone listens to my music.”, What’s your thing? Match with eulerian destiny- that process of doing that is called life, so you don’t really want to get to the end, and it’s not easy (Richard almost went bankrupt).

The goal is not to have no more struggle, that will be when you die. You need to get rid of some of that stress, but not struggle to live; be prepared to die, but make your life so good you don’t want to, it will naturally come; be in love with re-imagining the world. The key is patience; it doesn’t matter if you move fast or slow, as long as you’re a little closer when you go to bed; turtles live the longest.

Be very specific in how you define it (4 things); how would your health look like? For Tai is basketball, he can play 8 hours and it feels timeless for him. He only needs a basketball court and a friend.

Also look for inverse; what are the things you want to get rid off?

Wealth; how are you making your money in that world (must match with my skill set), you can dream big and be realistic at the same time.

Socially; am I extrovert or introvert (Tai Lopez always has people around)
Don’t live a life where you’ll say at the end: “I wish I did something else.”, at least be like “I want to be an entrepreneur, but I won’t be able to do it this year, so I will work really hard to save up money.”; at least following a path, doing it with intention.

Happiness; some get it from beauty, being alone, friends, love, music…

Social is the most important; the brain is so socially geared, if you will spend your time with people that eat bad food, you’ll never fix it. Happiness is often related to social.

We evolved with brains, so we can live with 13 million other people together, while a group of 50 dogs would kill each other.

You can have anything you want, but not everything.

In the United States do most powerful word is “imagine.”

What does your world look like that you’d like to re-imagine around health?

I workout at the gym 5 days/week, while eating extremely healthy food at least the first 3 meals, so I get everything done, then I can reward myself with something else, but healthy most of the time (it’s about what you eat 90% of the time).

In your ideal world, where is your income going to come from? How are you going to reverse engineer?

Socially, what does it look like?

How are you going to be happy?