Peter Drucker, The Cluttered Attic And The Invention Of Rules 2017-11-11T12:34:20+00:00

Managing oneself; remove disabling ignorance.

There are unknown unknowns; there are things we know we know, things we know we don’t know, but there are also things we don’t know we don’t know (or you think you know, but you really don’t know; that’s disabling ignorance or invention of Rules)

Only a few best scientists REALLY understand the theory of relativity.

Examine your own life; what are the things that disable you, where does the ignorance hold you back; Warren says you should let go of one great idea/year.

Thinking sport is mindless limits you to not enjoy it, and it’s ignorant to think so, it plays a huge role, it’s a display of coordination, strength…

Thinking you shouldn’t learn from billionaires if you don’t want to become one is a disabling belief; you should learn from them. The wealthiest people have the least amount of rules, the poorest have the most rules like that.

“The mind’s like an addict, it get’s full.”- Sherlock

These made up rules clutter us, so like Buffet, remove it from your life completely. You don’t need convictions, you can have them, but don’t have ignorant ones.

Convictions lead us far away from the truth. A lot of things people believe turn out to be ignorant.

In the 50ies world was so ignorant they have colored bathrooms, that was 60 years ago. Ignorance is a condition of human experience that is only removed by careful operation.

The world was not as complex before, and there was never so much information coming in your mind, so many things you needed to unlearn. There was no exterior stimulus; advertisements, TV… you were ignorant because of lack of knowledge, now there’s too much.

Now we’re ignorant because we think we know too much because we think the rules work. This is the root of all evil and problems. People fight over space, resources and at other times people fight over “holy land”- they invented a rule that this land is holy.

No physical thing is holy, you make it holy; beliefs and ignorant convictions.

Jim’s dad got the rule “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but what if his dad got one word wrong in that rule? Change to candy bar; his dad would not be as healthy, that’s what happens to most people; dig out all the rules and challenge them; spirituality, religion, morality… Don’t just decide because you grew up around, which is an irrelevant factor when it comes to accuracy of beliefs. If you were thought that 1+1=3, you have to reject it, even if your family, friends, spouse…everyone around you believes it’s true.

Common areas are the way you critique other people; in sports, music (you get a lot of inaccuracy- if you feel very deeply that movies, music, Justin Bieber is dumb, go deeper, ask why 3 times- maybe there’s something fascinating to learn there, don’t be disabled).

One of the biases is consistency; you commit to a role and follow it blindly; that’s dumb forever. Take lessons from that; why are we attracted to that? It’s not so stupid, there’s a pattern there, remove that rule, be wiser. A lot of music sounds the same, but that’s what our brain wants.

“Who cares if I smoke and drink, I have to die of something”, you’re not supposed to kill, but plants are alive too, they respond to stimulus.

Maybe plants scream, but we can’t hear it yet. When we cut grass we think it smells good, but maybe that’s how plants communicate.

“Maybe the rule is you have to kill to survive.”- you always kill something, your house stands where there used to be something alive.

Why is this wrong? (3x) Why do you believe that, is it true?

You need sugar!- well, the body can convert many things to sugar.

Is it right to abort, gay marriages, politics, diet; step and rise above morality.

Go deeper into long-held assumptions and beliefs.

Be better at arguing the opposition, before arguing about something. That gives you the right, to be a believer (not ignorant one). Challenge everything, the mind is an addict.

“I’ve never met a man who was less concerned about making a mistake”- friend talking about Sam Walton

We’re constantly scared of somebody laughing at us when we make mistakes, who cares! People are so selfish, you might change and they might laugh for a second, then they’ll go back, they won’t care, they’re busy with themselves.

You can’t believe how many assumptions we have just from growing up; even with what we wear; expand, read more, travel to places that are very different, be a host family (will expose you to outside opinions).

What is a belief that you held very clearly for a long time that you now realize is crazy?

Thinking that whatever I want, the exact opposite thing will happen which was completely wrong.

What is something that you believe that you could take the opposite side of?

It’s important to get along with everyone, at least to practice social skills and building rapport, if someone gets along with a certain person, then it’s possible and I should do it as well, bring out more parts of myself to the table.

Write out an opposing argument for something you believe.

Money is hard to create, and you should get a “stable” job and stay there because you never know what will happen.