Landing Your Plane On The Great Wall 2017-11-11T11:09:14+00:00

The plane in the storm; you have to make the plane go, where you want to go.

The grind of life is life, 99,99% of species don’t exist anymore. Getting from point to point is what life is all about. Life will give you massive blows, but you have been prepared.

Faith is feeling success before you have it.

Unbroken; 47 days on the boat, tortured for another year (blind faith).

Spend time getting the perspective of life; not the last 24 hours (most people get bad emotions over a rain shower) instead of the last 2400 years. Go to some poor countries, you’ll see how well you’re doing. Realize that what you feel is a nightmare storm is just a little bump in the road.

We keep hitting the wall, in the same way, most people don’t like their lives, but they still do their routines and keep getting them the outcome they don’t want.

“Realize that you hit the wall and only innovation will get you through; where there’s a will, there’s a way.” There’s almost always 5 ways to get through.

There’s one landing that will make you happy and a lot more that will make you unhappy.

Having a tripod and 1 click on Amazon will get you almost anywhere.

Carpe diem- seize the day

Jonah Hill; “I wish I would keep things in perspective in the early 20ies, that was nothing.”

The first brick of the wall is hard to get rid of, the second and every next is much easier (momentum)- that’s how you reduce every problem. Need a thousand dollars? Divide into 30 days, 8 hours. Once you figure out how to do it for one day, you’ll do it for more.

The second you break down one wall, another one will be waiting, always. Learn to start loving these walls like parkour people, make it beautiful by perfecting your life, so it becomes your story. If there weren’t any obstacles, there would be no story, and he could not change lives.

Don’t wish you’d already make it when you will, you’d wish you were younger again.

Do you have a realistic plan that can generate faith?

On a 1-10 scale how strong is your ability to conjure up and generate the force of will?

What have you lost perspective on?

What books are you going to start reading to put life back into perspective?