The 5% Tweak, Nothing Janky, & When Good Enough is Perfect 2017-11-11T13:41:41+00:00

“Make war with the multitude of counselors.”

Most people either jump into things and live the half done, sloppy, but it’s about volume and speed (new diets, workouts, but not keeping track, no systems for employees, but get stuff done, just do it), or not starting new things before you haven’t planned it out in detail, read 10 books about it, precise, but sometimes struggling getting stuff off the ground, having ideas for 10 years and still not getting started on them).

There’s a difference between a lion at the zoo that has food, but wants to attack people that look at him, and in the wild where he eats the weak animals, while strong ones stay; people have killed so many white sharks that other fish are everywhere, since there aren’t as many predators now.

So the lion is right in one environment, but wrong in the other one; it’s not the lion that’s the issue, it’s the context. You must stop feeling guilty for what you’re doing; you may not want to become the most extroverted, if you’re naturally introverted, you can refine a little bit so you have a little broader audience, but a lion is a lion, and we want lions to stay the way they are.

But if you find yourself in the realities of life, don’t be introverted every day in every situation that you find yourself in for the next 20 years; strengthen natural weaknesses. Lion is weak in water, and you will find yourself out of place. Don’t be so egocentric to think you’ll never find yourself in that kind of situation- not natural personality attitude.

As you work on refining yourself make a 5% tweak at the time; No hero (navy seals); focus on the 3-foot world when you’re climbing a 1000 ft. wall; you will find it hard when you look down, just look at the next rock to grab 3 ft from you.

Everything might seem impossible thinking in the future too much, just focus on this day, what will you do with your friend, girlfriend, exercise, diet; the hard part is losing first 5 pounds, first million… once you do that, it’s not as hard.

Bounded rationality; how much information should you take in before you start; begin acting once you have about 40% of the available information.

Other people started too soon, not planning out.

Nothing Janky (sloppy office); not having it too sloppy, so the table doesn’t fall over, spend another 2 minutes. Do a little research, anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Do something, even if it’s wrong- that’s for people that get paralyzed, know yourself!

If you plan too much, say good enough is perfect.

What is an example in your life where you have been paralyzed by inaction because you were waiting to gather too much information?

What is an example of you not gathering enough information to make a good decision?

What are you going to do to be the lion in the right place?

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