Donuts, A $250,000 Check, And General Eisenhower 2017-11-11T13:00:18+00:00

25 main biases that cause us to make mistakes.

(movie about avalanche)- the husband hates himself for not having courage, everybody thinks he should have known better, but did it anyway, so what are the criteria that followed and made you do this stupid decision?

One of the biases is called weighting.

Assistant got the donuts, but not the check (“Oh, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow); you can’t take priority of donuts over the check.

“You can get anything that you want, but not everything”- and certainly not everything at once.

Develop the ability to prioritize your life.

The Rock works out and runs, so he’s already done everything before 7 am. It’s not just about yourself, other people will push you to do other things.

Our brains are fairly decent at planning and realizing things; if somebody bumps into me and I punch him I may overreact and he didn’t do it on purpose, so the whole crowd could go against me, but if somebody does something on purpose you decision may be different- that’s a game theory, it’s a simulation (if, and)- you have to prioritize.

Don’t have the donuts prioritization. We’re made of energy, so knock down the hard things in the morning, so if you have something hard to do jump right in and it’s almost done.

Procrastination is the main reason for not prioritizing; it’s a little bit harder to do some things, so we rather do things that are easier all the time.

Have a little list and change it every day- another bias is commitment/consistency. The mistake of doing something else is as bad as not doing it at all. It is not easy to do first things first.

What are the 3 things you’re going to do today? Ask yourself is this as important as I thought it was and secondly, what’s now more important?

Get excited by change- there are those who conquer the fear, and those who die.

Do not be driven by others agenda, unless it’s the law of physics (their agenda is to read a book from cover to cover). Priority is to get good ideas in head, but need to do other things as well- so I may only read 12 pages and get a golden nugget.

Don’t be driven by rules that are imaginary. It’s better to read 10 books and get a golden nugget, then to force myself to get through one book if I hate it.

Don’t buy donuts before you pick up a check, and the priorities of 4 pillars will constantly change.

What is an example of something you recently weighted and what were the consequences?

Learning something that is not helping me at the moment as the main thing, instead of building my business faster and get that part handled.

What are your four simple things in each of the pillars and which should you do first?

How do you need to alter your day so you do the most important things on your list first?