Gandhi’s Funeral, Stephen Covey’s Wars, & Flurries Of Activity 2017-11-11T11:10:34+00:00

Your brain is an algorithm, the subconscious is constantly testing us. You’re continually doing the math, and it’s trying to figure out mathematically how good your life is.

Depression can be functional; making math about how healthy, wealthy you are, how many good and bad contacts….your subconscious goes; not doing so well, which gets manifested in your mind- depression.

Anything that’s in billions of people’s brain is there for a reason, don’t freak out; what you want to do is move towards something, so mind comes up with an optimistic formula.

Gandhi’s funeral; when I die, how many people will show up at my funeral? (when Hitler died there were celebrations; ultimate failure of that test); Mandela passed it, Gandhi, Mother Teresa….

Ask yourself quarterly; how am I moving that scale?

Win wars, most of us are rewarded for activities, one of the problems about wage system is the second you pay people for hours, you’re training them to stretch out the hours. If you get people 10 hours, they’ll figure out a way to do it in 10 hours (even if it’s 5-hour work), if you give them 5 hours, they’ll do it in 5.

If you’re paid for hours, there’s no need to rush.

Think of what warrior is trying to accomplish; think with the end in mind (Covey)- funeral test.

This is a war to win, some battles I’ll win, some not- it’s an experimentation phase, not that I have a proper endgame, to be there at 80, you have to know what your life has to look like at 70, and to be there at 70, how does life have to look like at 60…move all the way back to the present age.

You have two friends; one never shows up, has excuses, the second one shows up. If you commit to it, make sure you go. Pick an endgame goal, and get there on time. No matter what happens, you still show up at the party; you always have 4 wars in your life.

You’re fighting 4 battles.

Layout 4 end goals, if you’re winning all of them, you’ll pass the funeral test.

The man who can manage themselves and money, manage all; personality test (human metrics)- you will need music, art, charity…all these things are little ingredients in life that add up to an amazing soup.

The first question is always keeping the end in mind, will this bring me closer to what I want. Define what winning means in every category. Then follow the straight line.

For you who is the epitome of someone who has passed the funeral test?

Nelson Mandela.

Do you have a clear end game war-winning concept for your life?


What does your winning the war in the four pillars of life look like?

What is your weakest pillar that you create flurries of activity for?