Forgetting Who’s In The Room 2017-11-11T20:26:06+00:00

We’ve been burned by listening to other people’s advice- masses never even hope to achieve the good life. It’s often because we open up to people and listen to them and they laugh at us and then not do it again when we get bad advice.

We’re adaptive, we can change in a massive way- so when that betrayal happened to us, we reprogrammed and didn’t listen anymore to anyone.

What you think changes what you do, but also what we do changes what you think.

Don’t forget who’s in the room – if there are people that are above you, you don’t have much to contribute, they might be 20 years ahead of you and you need to get there and listen, instead of talking or not even being there. Know when you’re with the 33% above you.

And sometimes people that are below you will talk when you should be talking instead of them.

Wealthy people don’t want others to know how much they earned- driving with Prius to work, generating 130,000 leads/day, and 20 million dollars/year.

If you only have a hammer you will use it whether you’re in a room with morons or with Bill Gates. You must have a tool for complete listening, complete contribution and give/take.

But realize who’s in the top 33% – probably not your friends and family.

What is an example of a time when you should have been listening to people, but didn’t?

I should have listened more to some of my professors that told me how important education is. Even if it was not that relevant, the general idea that you need to learn more and more and go to sleep a little bit wiser is pure gold for me.

What is an example of a time when you listened to people that you shouldn’t have?

What is something you can do to spend more time with people of quality?

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