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Charles Darwin found blue-footed booby birds on his travels – “Change is the basic law of nature!” The most adaptable person in the always changing environment will be the best. IQ and strength will not be enough. Not necessarily will the high school football star be the most successful in life after school is over. We are hard-wired not to be successful. That is one of the reasons why the top one percent runs the world.

Accept that I have not been changeable and adaptable enough. Perhaps I was staying too long in certain jobs that have no potential, relationships that don’t work and most likely keeping beliefs that are sabotaging my success but I am still holding on to them. Read external stimulus and see how people behave to other people – do not wait for decades to change. I must change faster!

Society puts IQ as the foundation to success. Most of the billionaires have a high IQ but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it without an exceptionally high IQ. It is not the primary element, it is not the main thing!

“Taller people are more successful”- one trait does not make a big difference, it’s not that simple.

Tai Lopez makes it easy for me to understand that I do not have generations to change because I only have one life. If it should take me a full year to change something, cut that to three months! We are all carrying something from 500 years ago. It is the voice that says “if I don’t believe the Earth is flat, they will burn me.” The society keeps everything black and white. Everything is built on two extremes. Unfortunately, life is not as simple. It is not black and white.

The second I see almost anything as black and white, thinking it is either “wrong” or “right” to do something, I am directly violating Charles Darwin’s law.

“I have never met a man who would care less to fail.” This quote was said about Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. The standpoint of success and failure is not black and white. Just think about Thomas Alva Edison’s light bulb and 1.100 other patents that he had. Thomas Edison was one of the most famous inventors of all time and he “failed” to invent the light bulb over a thousand times. See everything that I am currently doing just as an experiment. Starting a business is an experiment. See the signs around me and adapt to the ever-changing environment. It’s not a failure, it’s an adaption.

“I have not failed. I have just found a thousand ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

We constantly judge ourselves and we have to stop because nothing is really black and white. Everything I am doing is an experiment, it is just me changing myself. Change is the basic law of nature. Tai Lopez says that even saying “I did a good job. I have a successful business” is also black and white! Who says I have a successful business?

Conrad Hilton had “a successful hotel.” Almost overnight the road has changed and nobody came to his hotel anymore. Nothing is ever really static. Even my skin is not static. Nothing involving humans remains the same. Not even “failure.” A good thought on this concept is to think “I better be an adaptability machine that sheds away the rules of society.”

“Does this diet work or not?” That question is completely black and white. People also say that a particular diet is made for an “average” person. Nobody is actually average. We are all unique. The best diet is the one that is adapted to my unique and adaptable body!

Founders of Instagram – Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger wanted to create an address book but they read the signs around them. They were not in love with their “black and white” idea, they adapted and made Instagram huge. Instagram was acquired by Facebook for around a billion dollars. Their idea did not come from the sky and they weren’t supposed to follow it blindly. It was not static, they have evolved it into something completely different than they planned in the beginning. Some things are black and white (murder should be punished) but most of them are not.

ESS – Evolutionary Stable Strategies

“I am working on my hypothesis. I experiment with it. I understand that experiments can’t fail or succeed and if my ideas will not work exactly the way I set out, I will change and adapt.” EES is an evolutionary stable environment that can exist on its own. It doesn’t really exist in the real world. Go to bed a little bit smarter and get rid of a piece of ignorance.

The book: The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

This is how nature works. Even grass and cows adapt to each other. It seems like cows have a deal with grass. Grass lets it being eaten by the cows in order to grow more because of the way cows process it. I have to cut deals with myself. The grass moves away from pain and goes towards the sun (pain and reward). It is not that different from us. Cows have ingredients that help grass grow again. Certainty is one of the cognitive biases. Do not be fixated on anything completely. There is no right or wrong. It is too complicated for every human mind to solve every political problem.

Humans are selfish. Relationships are not black and white – just look at your friends when the times get hard. They are all there because they are getting something from you. 90% of love is about the lover, only 10% is about the object. Things that really change you are not easy. They are never described in the Cosmopolitan magazine. That is a sucker’s game. They are all just trying to sell me something. Stop thinking the way most people think – start using awareness, the intangibles, deserving factor and start doing productive deals with yourself.

Colonel Sanders had 15 failed businesses – at least that is what society was saying about him. But out of each “failed business”, he got some wisdom. It was a deal between his hotels that burned down, the outside environment and him. At the end, he started KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken which now has over 20 billion dollars of revenue per year.

Avoid extreme ideologies and do not take things personally. Do not flip out or be a pushover. Do not say “you are doing it wrong, it is not fair…” If Tai Lopez would see someone that is getting the same reward while not working as hard as him, he would say: “I have noticed you are not working as much. I want mutual respect, let’s figure out what can we do in order to achieve that.” It is a much better way to approach the situation than to blame someone or make him feel bad. Nobody can say “no” to that proposal!

Do not be fixated on the original deal. If someone does not work as much, change the salary. Deal with things quicker, stop waiting – there are multiple options because nothing is just black or white.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out for six hours per day, so I should do it too while eating the same diet” is a wrong way of thinking about it. Certainty bias convinces us we should eat four fruits, just like it a certain book tells us to do. If everybody would do that exact same thing, some of them may die – some people are fruit intolerant. That is why I should never be fixated on anything. Do it, see if it works for me or change it! Seek a stable strategy!

These steps are the beginnings of my new habits. Even allergies can change, read the obvious signs. It will be hard at first which is why I will have to do it consciously. Health is crucial and easy to start with. Just stand naked in front of the mirror and notice the way I look. Don’t project what I want to look like. Challenge the rule – “love yourself” by being completely objective about my appearance. Why should I love yourself? Have a good reason! Saying “I am beautiful” is black and white. What is the objective truth? Try different diets and training programs to see what works for me.

The book: Salt Sugar Fat – How The Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss tells us that our brain is our worst enemy.

Stop loving my bad parts! And while we are talking about this concept, “bad” is also thinking black and white. We might want to call it “ineffective.” Peter Drucker recommends having 18-month goals because 18 months gives us enough time to make a lot of progress, no matter how fat and unproductive we are. Most people think that they either have to succeed with that particular strategy or they will remain a failure. That is black and white because it is supposed to be just an experiment and never taken personally.

Some people are very angry when they are fired from their job because the job is being outsourced to China. They could have been prepared for that because that has been happening for the past 20 years! What have they been doing all this time? Why didn’t they read or went to a night school? Stop being a victim of circumstances.

Things in business change fast – never stay attached to ideas. When someone gives me a better idea, use that while throwing my bad ones away.

See what is happening around me and create a new stable strategy – know that while I am building stability and I am adjusting, I will be temporarily unstable which is extremely hard for most people. Be tough enough but do not stay in unstable relationships and situations too long – I never have enough time for that! If it is obvious that I am not moving forward my goal and none of the experiments work for two years, I might want to rethink something. Do not fear to be unstable (switching businesses, being single or trying a new diet).

Read biographies to get the courage to grind long enough to find the new ESS. Think about their injustices, bad fortunes, bad mindsets they had and how they got over it. Get up at 4 AM, hire three assistants and test them. If I only hire one assistant I have no perspective on what an exceptional assistant does.

“I am a learning and changing machine. There is no stability in an unstable world!”

A person I was an hour ago before I read this (on a cellular level) no longer exists. We won’t find an absolute best business partner, business idea, workout program or even spouse but we can find the next evolutionary stable strategy. As our technology evolves, change and implement it.

“You should sit while you work.” Ask “why?” three times! Let me try this and that in order to test it out. I see the direction and I like it. Sometimes I fall behind but it is an 18-month goal. Choose which people I want to see and which are dragging me down. That includes all of my family members, friends, business partners, and acquaintances. Divorce can be better than sticking together for the child if he would have better habits that way. Even the Amish believe in separation but not in divorce.

“I want people to love me as I am.” Maybe my mom will love me as I am but I will need to change for others. I must bring something to the table, try to be more or less outgoing, more or less kind, more or less social etc. Experiment it all until I find the next ESS.

Why don’t I jump out of bed in the morning? Why am I not happy every day? Why should I be promoted in five years after working in the same job? If I don’t deserve it, I should move down. If I think I don’t deserve it ask for demotion and then earn it back. People will respect that. Listen to only one person at the time. Do not mix a lot of mentors but do a lot of experiments. What is something I can’t live without? Air, sleep, shelter, water, and food. Challenge everything else.

  • What is the #1 area that I have not evolved and changed as quickly as I should have?

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