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In the past you didn’t need to know your destiny; your father makes shoes, you make shoes… The upside now is that you can choose.

19-year-old Tai had one of the wealthiest men in Europe (Are you worth a damn?). 30 people a day are pitching business ideas from him. He looked if people could tell him what they want to do in one sentence; even if it’s a good idea, he knows they’re not ready otherwise. 12-20 words maximum.

Spreading good ideas using mass media. Mine is teaching people to be awesome from scratch.

You don’t have so many choices as you think (I could do anything). The 5% rule; Hollywood is competitive, you’re obviously good since you made it to here. You made it 95% of the way, but to make you need those last 5% (only people who make it, who are heard of).

“Tai I’m good at lots of stuff.”- So, on a globally competitive scale (7 billion people) you would be somewhere from 95-100? I don’t think anybody can be good at a lot of things in the world that’s that competitive.

Jordan who’s the best in basketball also said that and went to play Baseball and couldn’t even get into the minor league; there were 1000s of players better than him, but when he came to his signature strength, he made it. But if Michael Jordan will all these abilities only had basketball, who are you to think you have all these options?

Bring yourself down to Earth, most people are delusional and think they have 10 choices, they have 10 choices to be average at something, but the goal is not to live the life of quiet desperation.

The mass doesn’t get it right and lives that way; did you pop out of bed because you were excited about your health your relationships and money?

“Give the world the gift of good food.”-8 words of destiny (Joel)

Jack Welch; GE Motors had 300 different businesses, he cut all that couldn’t be number 1 or 2 down!

One in 500 years there’s Leonardo da Vinci that’s good in all the different things; just be good at 1 thing that you’ll be remembered for. Pick one niche and defend that niche.

It starts by going “there’s not a lot of things”, don’t have American Idol syndrome (people that are horrible, but think they’re good. American idol attract people from 85-95, they’re probably the best singers from where they live, but the world is competitive, and they do not match against Justin Bieber. They’ll not make it in Hollywood, Tai enjoys to play piano as a hobby, but he doesn’t make it his profession.

The guy from American Idol (green sweater)- “what else do you like to do?” Maybe you should dance. Don’t torture yourself and the whole world, have big goals but don’t be delusional.

Think of where these 4 things overlap; what you grew up around (single mom, raised by two professors)- love map when very young; your map of how the world will unfold, that’s why people stay in the same socioeconomic background they grew up in (born poor, stay poor, growing middle class, stay middle class; subconscious mind mimics), stranger feedback (not his mom and friends, but what strangers complimented you on- you can only build around strength, most people are wrong about what they’re not good at and what they’re good at, and this world is built on the weakness; in college you don’t have any class every semester to complete it; to go into college you first should know exactly what you’re good at)

10,000 hours, Picasso, Bill Gates…all had 10 dark years (when you’re constantly refining your skill), so if you have 10 years in anything you can use it. So the third one is what did you do for the last 10 years (wanted to play tennis, so sell tennis shoes for now) and what can you talk about effortlessly on a Saturday night with your friends (ideas, books…)- Picasso; avoid the dichotomy- doing something you hate during the week, to make money for your spare time (don’t live for your weekends). Joe Sullivan said if you have to go on vacations from something, you should never come back.

Look at the last two weekends, what did you talk about?

Where do those 4 things meet? At the 67 days, you’ll know your Eulerian Destiny.

Robin Roberts; if you had a horrible thing, maybe you need to be like her, or Oprah (more about families, relationships…) She took that clues childhood and helped her become who she is, she passed the funeral test (a lot of people would be sad if she dies).

Do these destinies for all 4 pillars (health, wealth, love and happiness), see yourself where you’re at (marathon or powerlifter, notice that…) Everybody has a different destiny (for you, it might be marriage, for somebody they don’t want to have a partner…)

Don’t live their people’s dreams, know yourself and match up your destiny.

(book) The Power of Introverts (like Bill Gates that just disappears from the group)

(book) Civilization and its Discontents- Freud (on what makes people fulfilled)

Media; you watch Rambo and you want to be a fighter, you watch Gandhi and you want to be a humanitarian, but you have to find something in which you’ll reach that 5 %!

Other people need to hear your message; Tai’s grandma sometimes didn’t understand what he was saying, nobody in the world will try to find out, SIMPLE is the secret password! Something your grandma and a 10-year-old kid will understand.

A mistake is an experiment ran too long. Run it quickly, adapt it.

What is your one sentence business plan?