The Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars Of Eudaimonia 2017-11-11T10:32:48+00:00

We’ve been lied to– work 9/5, after that family time, Friday for happy hour, Sunday for church, we all hate Mondays, holidays are for this… those are parts and the linear reduction breaks down things into little parts and then puts them back together- when you break your life down into 10 parts, every part is not worth 1 point.

There are components, but they’re not separated. 4 Pillars of life are integrated, cannot be detached from each other, whatever your religious beliefs are, religion is not just on Sunday, it’s every day! Life cannot be reduced.

Almost no Amish is depressed (one-fifth of the rate of depression and live without electricity)

Technology is great when it serves you, but if it turns around, it will attack you (like a dog).

There are no different days, rituals are OK (resting on Sunday)

Don’t be TGIF-  thank god it’s Friday! (hating your job and being miserable on Mondays.

When you’re experiencing low levels of “on Monday I have to go back to work” stress, your level of dopamine is low! I want to forget which day it is!

“To inherit a kingdom, be a child again.”– every day is a new day, be curious.

It depends on who you were if you like the 50’s- that’s very egocentric way to look at history.

Men trapped in corporate jobs, women trapped in bad marriages, all the same, bad things happening, but no media to cover it.

Have everything in the 2-mile range- 2-mile rule, bring everything together. You will be less happy if you need to deal with traffic every day, that’s how you’re wired.

People don’t sleep well because it’s too quiet; they used to sleep with their family, dog and heard wild animals in the forest at night.

One room classroom instead of separating people. Don’t compartmentalize your life. “

“My life is my work, and my work is my life.”

4 hour work week- why would you want to do something you only want to do 4 hours?

Don’t live for vacations! If you have vacation for 1 month, it means you hate the rest 11 months.

You need some contrast, you don’t want every day to be a 10? Great wouldn’t feel so great eventually. Be on 8 for a majority of life, experiment with everything.

Eudaimonia- good life, every leader has been moving forward to that. Instead of analyzing, we’ll measure how close we’re getting to the integration (all 4 working together).

Integrate gym with other things, everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.

Tom Hardy- 5 workouts/day, like farmers; strong.

You can’t separate life- even 2 hours in the gym will not solve health problems of sitting for 8 hours. Bounce ball while typing, walk while you work…

The most life is on the edge (forest next to grass and pond, not in the middle of the forest)

Read a book while you fall asleep- integrate.

The sum of the parts can be greater!

Happiness is about doing something bigger than yourself, even for mafia is good, how good must it be if you’re doing something good?

Great people commit to it and integrate it. People used to date people who grew with them (integrated), now you say; “this is my dating profile, and my life is completely different.”

Old childhood love- deepest, been through everything together- Hollywood tells a different story.

Don’t shy away from family, new friends are good, but the old friends are better.

Don’t do everything today, but make some decision! Start some momentum, but over 18 months you can begin changing some things. Do what you like. If you like tennis, integrate it everywhere.

“I don’t know how people sleep, there are so many opportunities in life.”

Coach Karl’s friend plays basketball, he’s like a child (still excited, loves it), he meets women playing basketball; integrate lifestyle.

The less you look at the calendar and planning time for a specific thing, the more integrated and happier you’ll be.

People save everything for Vegas, want to get all their happiness there- it’s an illusion.

Don’t sacrifice today (bad job), for tomorrow, so you can take your kids to Disneyland.

Rituals must be spread out (Christmas, Thanksgiving…), not every Friday, because you have 5 days/week.

How can I integrate a part of life while I work?