Elon Musk‘s 14-Hour Workday vs. The 4-Hour Workweek 2017-11-11T10:59:39+00:00

Not to pick on anyone, there is an idea that you can build something very efficiently, outsource the hard parts and just have the parts that you love all day and through the power of magic you will accomplish a lot. Tai calls BS on that.

Elon started 3 companies that are valued at a billion dollars. He made 100 million with Paypal when he sold and invested all in building spaceships and had to borrow rent money.

If you work 100 hours per week while others work 40, you’ll accomplish in 3 months, what makes an average person a year.

The reason he has 7 billion dollars is that he created so much value; electric car, a potential solution of overpopulation (putting us on another planet) and create solar technology, which makes us less reliant on fuel.

This man outworked other people. You have to learn to love the grind (Grinding it out- book).

Thomas Edison; “I wonder what would happen to me if some persuasive talker talked me into the idea of 8 hour day and convinced me it was not fair to my workers, to put their best efforts. The world would have everything it has if 50 years ago young people had 8 hours/day.”

Don’t even put that in your brain, root out like cancer or it will grow (thinking you should work less).

Don’t be caught to be in the moment; learn to think 50 years ahead and see that when you get there, you would wish you could work that long every day, but can; but you can now!

The second you stop grinding, you’re not alive anymore.

The guy cutting the grass that won 20 million dollars in the lottery, but got bored.

If you got everything you wanted right now, you would be bored, once you love the grind you love life, if you hate the grind you will hate life.

The definition of a workaholic is being imbalanced (be a Renaissance man) and not liking what you do.

Nobody who makes money is outsourcing everything; most great efforts come from heroic efforts of an individual person.

There are some things you can leave to other people, but not like people think; I will come with a good idea and outsource everything and sit back and get rich, that doesn’t happen.

If it doesn’t even feel like work, you’ll put in more hours; you may be lazy because you’re doing the wrong thing. The third thing that could happen is you could be deceived that in the modern world it’s going to come easy, and you don’t need to work as much.

What will make us happy is love and work?

“We are here to get things done.”

Make a list of anybody that I can show that had the impact that I want and worked very little hours.

There’s not a lot of happiness on the beach drinking, there is some, but not as much as people think, and everybody wants to sell you that idea.
Tim Ferris built an empire, ask him if he worked 4 hours/week.

Those successful people grinned it out; don’t even start with another mentality.

“I have the best news, I’ve met the best woman ever and I figured a way that I can only spend 4 hours/week with her.

Which of the four big areas of your life do you have the 4-hour workweek mentality and how do you plan on fixing it?