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I’m doing the most important thing- re-framing and rewiring. Now readjust the pace of success. Get used to finding opposite answers (or seem that way).

“We’re too soon old and too late smart.”- remember what the Dutch said

No matter how old a person is, he has at least one regret; how much better would I live if I knew this 10 years ago…

Jonah Hill wished he didn’t worry so much because things work out as long as you’re on the right track.

Many people wish at the end they lived a little bit better, and the other extreme is now wishing you knew everything at 9, there’s realistic pace; PI vs. IP.

Patient Impatience (I wish I knew this already)- I have 20-year goals, I’m just 18 and I shouldn’t know that much about money, I’ll know when I’m 40. Don’t act like you’re immortal and don’t be so patient.

Some people sip a beer (patient), but you shouldn’t act like you’re immortal. People have big goals, they say I’m unhealthy and broke now, but they still sip; they want to start next year and learn a little bit about it- don’t patiently chase the mirage across the world until you’re too old to enjoy it. Then there are people that learned how to gulp. They can get a lot into their system quickly- take that example for your everyday life and skill building; you don’t have all day to sit around.

Learn to gulp- when everybody else is reading 1 book/month, you do it faster, when everybody else is learning/working 40 hours/week, you do 100 hours and you’ll do 1 year in 4 months. Gulp it!

There’s a protection mechanism, so it doesn’t go through the wrong pipe and hits your lungs (becomes deadly)- there’s time to throttle.

When people finally find the time to read, they can’t get through it, when they start playing the piano and they’re not good at it the first week they quit- they’re impatient; they were patient before, and now they’re impatient.

You need to gulp in the beginning, start now! Then later, once you’re already in there realize that we’re impatient, so start to throttle; be quick (to start), but don’t be in a hurry- it might take 18 months, be patient.

If you want to play piano, start today! Buy a keyboard and start learning now, then be patient and realize it will take you 18 months.

If you’re broke and don’t like your job, start a part-time business right now, but don’t quit your job right now, start exercising today, but not expect to lose 5 pounds/week.

Trying to lose too much weight too fast will be unhealthy- don’t do the marathon the first day, be patient, but you need to do your first workout today.

People think they will go from Donald Trump debt to prosperity, that’s dangerous- don’t try to skip the steps!

PI- not doing anything, just being employed, but then thinking you have a billion dollar idea (before even having $1000 idea)

Years of struggle will be the most beautiful time of your life, once you look back on them.

You can change overnight in a sense that you can start momentum, but you can’t get married tomorrow (with an amazing person), learn Spanish, play guitar- Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Whatever you need to be doing, do it now- to rewire your brain and never procrastinate; 75% of people who make a resolution, quit after one week, and they waited until the New Year to start (patient).

If you only make a friend today but don’t make 1000 friends, you’re not adjusted right socially and will attract weird people or not have a deep connection with them, but you can start today with 1 friend.

He who is faithful with a little will be trusted with a lot- first get out of debt, then get to financial independence. There’s no greater tragedy than the fact that other people are making more money than you, but take it slow, build a consistent pattern.

What is an example of when you set a really far off goal and did not follow through?

What is an example of when you did it the right way?

What is something you have been holding back that does not need to be held back?