The Diligent Celebrity & Meeting The King 2017-11-11T20:19:59+00:00

A lot of habits unconsciously move us in the opposite direction.

“See a man diligent and skilled, he will stand before kings, not before average men.”

Everybody wants to be a star, even introverted- at least in our groups be known. Why do we not get it? There’s a lot of reasons people will tell you.

This quote tells you something different. If you’re skilled and diligent in what you do- if you deserve it, you’ll stand in front of kings.

There’s never a Lakers game that would let play a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Divide soft and hard skills. People tend to have more soft skills (intangible)- they often exaggerate how creative and persistent they are. When you make a list, don’t have over-optimism, but if you want to be a local celebrity (acknowledgment that you’re a person who deserves respects; many people think they’re above that and don’t need it). That’s like saying you don’t need water, you might drink just other things, but there will be side effects.

I will need to have more skills, diligence is one of them, persistence… but don’t just have those. Tangible skill may be playing the piano

Be a local celebrity on health; soft skills to stay motivated, hard skills to know how to lift weights. Have an ability to stand in front of 1000 people, be interesting when you step into a room, know social games (tangible skills).

Knowing more languages will increase your happiness, social life…

“A man has to know his limitations”, but you can still be a loyal celebrity with languages. Reading is a tangible skill.

You need to be well rounded; you may be great at computers, but if you don’t have social skills to meet a lot of people that matter, you’ll not get anywhere.

There are not a lot of people knowing how to learn- the pace of learning is so slow that they will die old before they get smart.

Don’t live your life just for yourself or just for other people.

Every list is short in the beginning, but grow it!

To be respected is important for people’s psyche. The simplest way to earn respect is to write out intangible skills, tangible skills.

In what area can you start striving to become a local celebrity?

Among your friends what is an area that you can be seen as a local celebrity?