Descartes & Solving Problems With A Calculator 2017-11-11T10:57:23+00:00

3 books at a time; morning with a classic book, through the day how to book and biography at night.

Thought experiment (brings the brain to new places); remove everything I could possibly doubt, not 100% true- what would I be left? He removed politics (can’t believe any of those- that’s a scary place to be; 25 cognitive bias- we grasp after everything, so it’s hard to do that) if you’re a vegan are you absolutely sure you’re right? Is there any chance that could be wrong (some people die if they only eat fruit)?

I was left with only one thing- math.

People are sure that business is the right, that diet is the right, while the smarter people are less sure of many things. It’s hard to be remembered centuries later like Descartes.

A system that has no flexibility will fall (current educational system); being forced to do something. Many people like to do the math later when they realize how important numbers are; even Richard Branson who was dyslectic, learned numbers and overcame his situation. He seems happy, you could judge a tree by its fruit (married to the same wife, wealthy, healthy…)

Ability to qualify things into something tangible, in which you can make decisions about. Get to the essence of things, to the core, that is new math; putting life decisions into a calculator.

There is no one way to make people rich, but if you look at the top; it’s not the energy, gold, mining, TV, retail stores…77 of the first 400, are investors. Answer with a calculator.

Count in the regret factor, the chance of making it and money you’ll make.

Calculate your friendships, calculate what you’re eating. Don’t beat yourself for a good meal, it’s what you eat about 90% of the time.

You can have anything you want, but not everything; you can either say you’re not good at math and stay poor or get over it and get massive rewards.

There are many things I’m wrong about that I will change and see they are not correct, but I’m pretty sure that 1+1 will equal 2 until the day I die.

Go to bed a little bit wiser, a little bit better, compare calculation, if they’re clearly different that calculator can be the best adviser if it’s not clear use other tools (gut feeling, knowledge…)

Do that in major decisions, you don’t need to use it for every little detail and waste time.

Of two different future choices, calculate the odds of one doing better than the other and why do you think it will?