Bill Gates & The Ten Dark Years 2017-11-11T12:41:24+00:00

4.9 billion web pages; we’re surrounded by media everywhere, also stories, inaccurate mindsets, so we think we have control over our brain, but that’s not really true.

Riveted (Jim Davies)- you’re being entertained, but getting messages at the same time. You get all sorts of ideas based on that, you’re even dressed how media tells you to dress. One way of the other you do that. We will never be able to completely detach from our senses.

People forget the story of Bill Gates, our brain is not adapted to go backward very well, especially not about other people. Every media is telling you about Bill Gates today, they don’t tell you about him before; started at 12, and for more than a decade he disappeared from the map; he locked himself in an office and built the software. He never took a day off, which is 3650 days without resting; the 10 dark years- Picasso’s best work was developing for 10 years, Mozart, Beethoven…their best work took 10,000 hours.

From Alexander the Great to Aristotle, everyone believed you’re not equipped to know how to live and you were supposed to learn it.

Those things you don’t learn young, you’re doomed to learn at some point, or even worse, never. One type of people conquer the fear, the second type suffers and dies from it. Some people learn how to live, some suffer and die.

Even Kobe Bryant put his 10 dark years, from 7-17 until he signed the contract, Jordan started at 13 (wanted to play Baseball at first), put in 10 dark years and at 24 he dominated.

You see how long it takes, but when you go to media they tell you in can happen quickly, but a fence that is built fast, falls down fast. When it comes to long-term 4 pillars goals, it takes time. Even in romance a lot of smart people speak about companionable love, you have to go through things with them, that’s why it’s important to get old friends back, people you already went through the 10 dark years.

No matter how much time you go to gym and practice, it still needs time to build muscle memory and strength.

Media lie only shows you the end result, so your expectations are too high, because you didn’t put in 10 years, so either with business partners or dating, you need to lower expectations for now.

Go through your life and see if the expectations are too high short-term, have high expectations in the right time frame.

“The temptation of giving up is the greatest right before you succeed.”- you’re about to quit, but you need to stay a little bit longer. Give it time to reach that level.

Unrestricted growth is called cancer for your buddy. Don’t watch TV, or even YouTube read biographies instead.

What is an example of something you have had an unrealistic time frame for health?

What is an example of something you have had an unrealistic time frame for wealth, love and relationships, happiness?

What is a more realistic time frame for these goals?