Chatting With Wittgenstein’s Lion 2017-11-11T13:48:04+00:00

Ideas and language are very important.

Wittgenstein was a great philosopher; “If a lion could speak, you wouldn’t understand him.”


Some people think that words create actuality, take words very seriously (swear words) and people who just say whatever.

If you go to China and start swearing with a smile on your face (and they can’t understand you), words have no meaning, they’ll take it as compliment- words that you mean have no effect on them/opposite effect. If you would hear a lion speak, his mentality is not human, their sentences would be completely different.


Actuality and reality are not created by only words (Jordan and Buffet didn’t get there by chatting about it). When lion would speaks, he would do it in symbols- words should not be underestimated or overestimated, 80% of communication is non-verbal; swearing with a smile on your face.

People communicated before the language.


The most important thing in communication is that you must be understood, the lion and you would not easily understand each other; animals are egocentric (not self-aware, not thinking long-term on what will be better in 50 years), his struggles are more with the ego (being trapped in his own head). An animal will care much less about being understood, but my focus should to not speak the language like the lion- that I understand, but using the symbols that are understood by the other party; “seek to understand to be understood.”


There are tremendous rewards for not being like the lion, because being understood is a foundation of persuasion!


Even if you don’t care about other people, you would still like the rewards of being persuasive, obviously you can’t persuade people in China, if you don’t speak the language.

What resonates with you and makes sense, doesn’t make sense with other people necessarily- you have to be persuasive, but in everybody’s best interest.

The purpose is to be understood, not being egocentric and it’s the basis of persuasion.


Language is not natural for use; it’s very sophisticated, the ability for us to learn words, languages is difficult (not many people know every language), it’s not even natural to know every word in your language, but you have to speak other people’s language (also tonality, certain words).

It is natural for us to move, to make noises, but not to learn languages. So every time something is not natural, humans struggle with it; we might be saying lot’s of stuff, but not making sense to them.

We have three sources of pain; the ones we can’t control- nature (diseases, natural disasters…), decay of our body and not being able to regulate, relating to people around us (misunderstandings).

Develop soft skills, intangibles; not talking monotone or people will tune you out.


Make people excited; at work, in dating; sometimes you have to seduce- persuasion (words)


When is a time when you have take words too seriously? Not being completely humble or thinking that just because someone says something, and he’s older than me, it must be true.

What is an example of a time when you didn’t realize how important words are?

Not realizing that not every person is an action type, so I offended emotional people.

How can you use what you learned today to be more persuasive with words?

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