Death By Faint Praise and Charlie Munger’s Grandfather 2017-11-11T20:19:02+00:00

Charlie is a lucky man and one of the most successful people- when you find one of the rear opportunities, seize it boldly and don’t do it small! (grandfather was his mentor)

We’re patiently impatient; we’re patient that we have 10-year goals, but we don’t do things today; you should be impatiently patient- you do things quickly, right now!

One of the myths is that we will have many opportunities; “don’t stress yourself, there will also be another opportunity”; this might be the only one (you’re not strong enough to defend yourself, you don’t attract this person into your life…), you don’t know how long you’re going to live.

What if on average people get 3 big opportunities randomly spread, how does that affect my life? Understand your mortality; you will eventually die, you won’t have unlimited opportunities.
You get many little ones, but not many big ones (impressing somebody very important) and not every day is a sunny day.

From 1-10 you have a lot of 5 ones, but 8-10 are rear; you put in 100 units of energy and get 1000 back.

Death by Faint Praise; the way you become a general is that other generals sit behind the table and talk about kernels and say “that guy is pretty good” (not the best of mankind); you are often just passed by, by being pretty good, and nobody wants to promote people that are pretty good, not being impressive enough.

If you think your life has unending opportunities realize that most people live for a brief amount of their life, and most of the time just pass time.

We act like mortals when it comes to small opportunities (we fear we will fail, when it’s almost impossible to die of starvation), but act like immortals when it comes to our desires, what we really want (we don’t put in the time and the effort to be so good that we get noticed).

Arnold needed muscles before he met bodybuilding coaches and film directors; prepare for what’s difficult, when it’s easy. When everyone was passing time, he was living, building muscle.

When the generals talk, be so good they can’t say anything else, but; “that person is amazing, he’s the best.”

Let a little fear be there, not paralyzing- most of the things that fear me shouldn’t, but there are things that should petrify me. By the thought that I will pass by the scarce opportunities by not putting in the work before they happen.

When the rest of the world is falling apart in every area, watching Shows and eating fast food, you should be doubling down- make a commitment that I won’t be overlooked by any lack of awareness, effort, and unstumpability; this is my time.

I must be impatient- doing it today, to double down; put in more hours, more reps and sets. “Satisfaction comes from knowing you did the best you could do.”

Bach was so good we can’t ignore him; over 200 years after he’s still in many movies. We don’t remember the people that didn’t refine their skills, we never will remember the losers. Being ignored is worse than failing, dying without impact.

Perfect your body and brain before the director steps into the room and be ready, so the death by faint praise will never be said about you.

What is an example of a big opportunity that you are pretty sure you missed?

What is the reason that you think you missed the opportunity?

In the area that you want to succeed in what is the thing that you need to double down on in order to be ready for the opportunity?