Mastering The Four P.A.S.E. Energies & Casanovas Chameleon 2017-11-11T11:06:38+00:00

Understand you live in the world of 7.3 billion people, the brain is hardwired to everything social. Majority of your thoughts will be directed toward something social, so the greatest skills must be understanding people, read people, adapt and work on your team, persuade people, take enemies and turn them into friends…

Tai worked in GE when they were the biggest company and created systems.

Be the first person to analyze, then realize people are different, but not as much as you think and you must be a master of taking your message from your head and place it into other people’s mind and have them work with you; that’s what wins wars, creates the revolution.

Some people have done it so effectively that these ideas are changing my life even today.

P- practical, A-action, S-social and E-emotional.

The second you can get a handle on this, you can get on the concept of Casanovas Chameleon; not just with women, he blended in society, he was friends with celebrities (Voltaire), great thinkers, kings… exercise strict self-control and play the chameleon.

Before you can change yourself or other people, you have to understand yourself and their type. The way to motivate me is by action. We all have our internal dialog, the stories we tell ourselves, the way to master myself I have to persuade myself; and bring other parts of personality to persuade other people.

See weakness in this system as Arnold’s calves; put on more weight.

Practical people are slower, they plan (Friday at 7 pm), good with numbers, not super flexible.

Action- like fire, they do things, starting a lot of things, but P energy finishes things, not patient

Social- hippie, light vibe, don’t like conflict, go with the flow

Emotional- intuitive, but sensitive, deep like the ocean, can be too easily driven by fear, affected by environment, not deep skinned.

A and S, P and Ego together.

How adaptable are you? You must increase the ability to change, emotional people are afraid to change.

We think that every problem is a nail when we only have a hammer; it doesn’t work that way, different things for different people, keep things slow for practical people, keep things light for social people.

You meet people that always tell jokes, or are always shy even when it’s not good; you have a little bit of all of these, it’s just about bringing out these parts out.

There’s some truth not to judge, but sometimes it’s good to tie people into groups.

Avoid extreme ideologies; strike a balance. Start listening more; assessing a situation.

Once you’re good with yourself, friends, people around you do it on strangers.

For social, go to a friends party you would never go to, for emotional connect deeply to old people.

Which is your dominant and why do you think it’s that? Action, I start a lot of things but don’t necessarily finish them all.

Which is your weakest?

What are your mom and dad?

How can you bring out each of these in a practiced way, one each day?