20% Weird Factor, The Cabbage Mind, & The Treachery Of Scoundrels 2017-11-11T13:01:14+00:00

Of all the ways that people feel happy, the highest return is interacting with other people, and the way you do that is what will make or break your life.

Hanging with people that are more than 20% weird will not be good for you.

(the anti-social guy that disappeared from all the deals and Tai never heard of it again)

Don’t hang out with people that bite you in the back; that is weird and insecure (Jesus guy).

One type of weirdness is great- inventors, creative types, and everybody is weird in some way, but a lot of these things combined is not good.

Also stay away from people that have Cabbage mind- the only reason they do or decide on something is that their mom does the same thing. If there’s a reason or a story of why you’re Christian, or liberal than that’s fine, but just being that way because that’s the way it is or your uncle said that is wrong. Avoid too strong decisions on things you don’t really know- strong unfounded beliefs; that’s a sign that their mind doesn’t work properly and they don’t want to admit they’re wrong because they’re insecure and think it makes them look bad.

Everybody’s different, somebody might only be able to tolerate 5% weird factor, some can handle 30%, but if they dress weird, eat weird and communicate weird, you may want to consider again. Normal people may not be always better than weird, but the odds are better.

Einstein smelt really bad, that’s a weird factor, but sometimes that guy is a genius, mostly not.

Know that I may be a little on the far side; not allowing no difference (marry somebody different, you already know yourself), you can’t be well rounded as a person, but you may be well rounded as a team. Find your middle ground. How much insecurity do you tolerate?

Take a person that comes to mind that is critical to your business, what is their weird factor, 0-100%?

What is your weird factor?

How are you going to deal with the insecure people in your life?