Bone Thugs-n-Harmony & The Tyranny of The 1st & 15th 2017-11-11T13:03:40+00:00

The vast majority of people’s lives is dominated by money. Most people just think in the future about the next payment for rent, car, paycheck; that’s scarcity and not having financial independence, days blur together when you’re free because you’re not worried about certain dates in the month.

The simple way is to change how you understand money, the tyranny (“this is an inevitable part of life, can I scrape by my rent?”), what is the opposite of monthly bills?

The solution to everything is income and minimizing costs.

Every person wants to rise above (extraordinary)- how do I create income that’s not one time? Income must turn into clockwork, just like expenses already are.

If you grew around people that live from paycheck to paycheck, around people that eat fast food, that’s your 2nd nature, you need to change the understanding and change habits, or you’re more likely to do like them.

People used to take money, warriors had money, then explorers had money, then kings had it (you had to be born or you were never wealthy- not many chances of advancement), then banking faze, families, corporations…but now it’s a new time; investor/entrepreneur is what you need to do to rise above.

Having less than $70,000 will get you more stressful hormones, above that is financial independence, when you’ll barely scrape by.

We live in the best of times; opportunities is what you can even take advantage of. This may also mean you’ll have to read a book, while everyone else will be watching TV, not buying a new car, so you can have 3 new cars in the future.

An entrepreneur is a creative innovator that recreates the world in his own image.

In what ways are you under the tyranny of the 1st and the 15th?

In what ways have you adopted the old ways of making money?

What is something you can do right now to start making more money?