Mastering The Wrong Things & Blue Eyeshadow Numb-nuts 2017-11-11T13:45:27+00:00

To do something right, you have to do it yourself- if you would be able to clone yourself that would be so much easier, but the problem is people hire people that don’t really know what they’re doing.

More important than self-reliance is mastering yourself and the environment (birth control, airplanes, cars…)

Inversion; how to not do something.

The first rule is that in each area you have to master the right thing; be clear in understanding the problem (mastering giving someone a hamburger is also dealing with people, but not the right thing); again the story about crashing the plane in the jungle and not going in the right direction (mastering the wrong thing; Michael Jackson should focus on other things with health, instead of plastic surgery), dating the wrong person for a long time. Don’t be suborn about these things, that’s weighting bias.

The friend eating bananas while his skin was getting worse; cut the experiment and do something else. You don’t need 1000 experiments, people are happy because of 9 things, but there is no one thing.

Avoid Blue Eyeshadow Numb-Nuts; do you want to call an inexperienced person who wears blue eyeshadow or do you want to call the master of finance? Gray hair is like a crown; embrace that, make sure they’ve got some years in this, or you may want to trust them a little less; don’t be the first or the last to try something new.

“The young doctor fattens the graveyard.”

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me- don’t stay with them (they’re bad at their business, the first time is an experiment, then it’s no longer them being dumb, then it’s you).

Our brain wants to give people the second chance, and if you do that, you’re the fool!

If you lose as a coach, they fire you and move on; may not be your fault, just a bad season.

A friend that made $250 million hires and fires fast; doesn’t build them up and make them quit their previous job.

Have a little bit of understanding, but don’t run the experiment for too long; only masters are remembered.

“Start small and monopolize.”- it’s easier to dominate a small market, then a big one; we’re not the next da Vinci’s, being excellent at 10 things, but we can dominate a small area.

You can’t be 80/100, you must be 95 or more to stand out in the world of 7.3 billion people. As you focus down and narrow down, you will make it; focus on the next 3 feet to create mastery.

What is an example where you have been a master in the wrong thing?

About 5 years ago in video games.

Example of a time when you trusted someone who did not have the experience to warrant the amount of trust you gave them?

People advising me on betting tips.

An example where you stuck with a numb-nut, it then turned you into a numb-nut, and how will you be quicker to realize it in the future?

Again on betting and stock tips, I will be more careful with the results that they’re really having.

What are you gonna make your mark in?

Have you heard about Tai yet?