Annihilating The Amygdala & MPFC Mastery 2017-11-11T20:30:04+00:00

If you’re not a little embarrassed about your product when you launch it, you’ve done it too late. People don’t demand perfection unless you’re in an airline business.

Few customers will complain, and if 5% of people don’t write your complaints you’re nobody.

Of course, you want the ungrounded complaints from weird people.

If you don’t control the fear in Amygdala you’ll never do it- son, father, and donkey.

You cannot please all people all the time.

You don’t hear the whispers, but you get the urge to do something.

You have no chance to starve to death in the US, but you have the same brain as cavemen and they could- that fear dominates decisions.

But people don’t fear a bad life- wasteful life!

Seeing clearly is the greatest gift you can give yourself- fear the things you should really fear.

People are more concerned what another person next to them thinks about what they listen to, what they wear, instead of worrying about living a bad life.

They are scared of being scammed in seminars, but every scientist in the world knows you’re degrading your life if you’re eating at McDonald’s, but there are no protestors about that.

Why do we know who Kim Kardashian is? Nobody knows who Sam Walton is and that might just change your life!

The ultimate scam is what you’re scared of right now- that’s the greatest thing that happens to you.

Don’t come with your billion dollar idea, make the first book for the trash, it will not be that good, so get it over with a couple of times.

Fear of the horse that used to help horse will now kill him because he will jump in front of the truck instead of just being steady. If you put a horse next to a freeway and let him watch trucks 2 hours for a month his brain will rewire, he will not even hear them.

You can’t scientifically get completely rid of the fears- but we have the ability to almost eliminate them. First, the fear will go to Amygdala, and then it will go to MPFC and see if there is a better memory of this sort of situation- so the only way to do it is to chain yourself to a post like a horse and face your biggest fears.

Have a thinking session instead of meditation- think through your fears. What’s the thing I should be afraid of most? Most businesses fail because there’s not enough money.

Have 6 months of savings at least.

I need a margin of safety in my life. It can be cash, willpower, brain power…
Be afraid of aging. Most people are afraid of aging because they think they won’t look as good- be afraid of losing the drive; most people had their billion dollar idea by 44, so kick it in gear fast!

Give a weird amount of money to charity.

There are two economic responses- making $1 million/day; half the people would retire and go to a movie (opportunity cost).

When you give to charity you rewire your brain- makes you think of ways to work.

Introverts have to get exposure therapy- nobody cares about you! When you’re older you’ll wish you had more attention.

Flow is when time stops and you do exactly what you were supposed to be doing.

The problem is we’re not creating enough, running out of money is not what you should fear, running out of time and creativity is scary- time moves only forward.

Donald Trump had 9.2 Billion of debt, and people committed suicide for a million of debt when real-estate went down in 2008. You need to have emotional stability.

Men who are tough, stable get social status- lose a million dollars and say you’re OK, that’s cool.

The world is throwing junk food, traffic, mean people at me like in a war, who do I want as a tranche mate?- a soft person (“I had rich parents, I never did anything.”) or a scared person that survived.
Don’t wish to have a soft person next to you, someone, who had it easy, that’s why you shouldn’t be soft as well.

(Book) The upside of the downsize- your brain is pretty good or your genes wouldn’t make it this far; people that are depressed have a reason, they’re not going anywhere! You need downtime, you don’t need medication to self-dilute yourself.

There was never a time where people would be rewarded for being a survivor.

This generation is the worst, but it can be great if they toughen up.

The hard is what makes it great- build memory happiness.

Elon Musk- “I’d rather put parts of glass in my eye than do it again.” But it’s worth it, he would do it again, because that’s what makes a great story.

“To get what you want you to have to deserve what you want.”

Do some things that traumatize you today, break the patterns.

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