The Amish Vacation, Tap Dancing To Work, & Avoiding What You Love 2017-11-11T10:55:29+00:00

How to set up your life so that your work is a vacation.

Amish people don’t have a word for vacation. They have one-fifth of the depression.

We think there is an endgame to vacation, there is none! That’s integrated life. Sunday is downtime for them (it’s good to have a ritual of downtime.)

Tai also watches mindless movies, but that’s downtime, it’s good when they’re a part of your cycle, the problem is when they’re not integrated part of your life.

One of the things that Europeans brag about Americans that they have 1-2 months of vacations, while Americans have 1-2 weeks. That’s bragging about being a little less pathetic than pathetic; enjoying 2 months out of 12 is pathetic. 9-5 might be a necessary evil for now but move quickly.

“If you need a job that you need a vacation from, don’t ever come back.”

A life built around vacation is not life at all.

“Never do what you love, because when you’ll be paid to do it, you won’t love it as much- repetition; do what you like.”- inversion to get to the right answer

Salsa dancing- didn’t love it as much after having it as a job.

“Don’t marry who you love (lust) because that will go away and all that you’ll be left with is another human being you have to get along with.”

What can you talk about on a Saturday night (not lust after)?

Don’t generalize answers- “I can help you figure in 10 seconds”; it’s not that easy.

Hilary Clinton, Abdul and Richard Branson could sleep anywhere; when you’re on your life’s path, you probably won’t get 2 months of vacation.

If somebody has such long vacations, that tells Tai that they probably don’t have such a great life and impacting the world; very rarely interesting.

Get the flow into the daily cycle, not the yearly; do it every day, and you can have some rituals (one weekend per month, Christmas…)

Just avoid looking forward to enjoying vacations, and then hate the rest of your life.

Most people when we think about other people that are better than us we attribute it to luck. The only luck consistent luck pattern that he found in successful people was not “what” happened to them, but “who occurred in your life.” And not what do people say, but what you see them do (tap dancing to work); many successful people don’t have the gleam in their eyes, they’re not as happy. You have to be genuinely excited when you wake up and jump out of bed, kids still have that, while adults fade away. That doesn’t have to be me.

“It might be tough, but you can innovate your way out”- 18 months, often people that have a job are salary slaves (not always, but almost always).

Most people that take advantage of an opportunity end up with a 9-5 job rat race, that’s not an entrepreneur.

What you thought it will be a year job, turns out to be a 40-year career, you get trapped into bills and lose the courage to get away.

What you really want is financial independence; not having it results in lower level of happiness; people who make 100 million versus 10 million are a little happier, but it’s not as much difference as having and not having independence.

“There is no tragedy in you missing out on the opportunity that made someone else rich.”

Missed opportunities are okay, but you don’t want to miss opportunities that you drive for (turning down the investment to Disneyland and not making millions is fine if you have other things going on for you).

The opportunistic mentality is almost as dangerous as vacation mentality and they go together; build on strength, I don’t care how much potential in money you think there is, even if you get it you won’t be happy- thinking money is important to happiness is correct, but don’t over-estimate what money does.

If you use it to separate you, the more money you make the less happy you are, but if you use it as a tool to get you connections, old friends, people flying in… like pitbull; working for you will save your life, turned around will kill you.

4 hour work week can be taken the right or wrong way; to optimize and do more in less time is fine, but don’t waste the rest of your time; you need downtime, but you don’t need anticipation of a vacation that won’t solve any problem. If you really need to get away from something, use vacation as moving away and changing your life, don’t come back.

Once you have non-vacation mentality, have tap dancing to work (use it literally); when you stop tap dancing, you’re not happy anymore, if you’re not happy move quicker and move away.

That’s what 1 in a million has, and you don’t need to be the statistic, you can be the one.

Look at how you feel when you wake up; sometimes right before you go to sleep you’re most stressed, wide awake and everything seems worse- life always seems worse when the stress comes up.

But once you put those two together realize that you shouldn’t do what you lust after. Lust is there for a reason, it’s good, it survived 10,000 generations, but it’s not something you want to build your life around.

Jordan had a lust for Baseball, Basketball was something he liked. Be practical, see what’s in front of you. Balance PASE system. Experiment with different destinies, but one will stay around.

Are you/have you been vacation-minded?

No, for the last year I have realized that either you use it or lose it and if you stop learning and progressing, you will sink- to stay in the game.

When you wake up, do you feel like tap dancing to work?

At the moment no, because I’m not financially free yet, so I need to reach a certain level of external success.

Are you in danger of pursuing something you lust after instead of something you like?

No, I don’t absolutely love what I do, I love music, but the guitar is just my hobby, I love soccer and basketball, but they’re only my hobbies.