Allan Nation‘s 1,000 Sheep And Not Doing It Small 2017-11-11T13:40:34+00:00

Anything you’re doing to really get traction (impact) you have to have scalability; first Apple designed an iPhone (20-30 million), then taking the hard work that they did in the beginning and selling it to 25% of the western world; when you read, you read not one, but 100 books, with exercise the hardest part is figuring it out in the beginning, once you figure it out you test it and then scale it up to 6 hours/day (Arnold).

Wanting to have 50 Sheep on day 1 and you don’t know what you’re doing with them, and 50 Sheep will still not replace your main job and you now have to take care of 50 Sheep so you end up failing.

It’s one thing to go for 1 billion ideas when they made a few million dollar deals, and there have been some exceptions, but statistics says something else; the first attempt is hard.

But make sure it’s hard enough to make you exciting and not discouraged when you make it.

And if you have only 5 Sheep, don’t take it as pets and give them names, spending 5 minutes with every Sheep, because what will happen when you’ll have 500?

People don’t treat things as they will grow.

Even if you could remember 5 names, you’re preparing yourself for the time when you’re going to scale; you have to raise 5 Sheep in the same way as you will then jump right away to 500. You would put in the time to think out a system, so then in the future, you can scale. It seems crazy to do all the effort for 5 Sheep, but that’s because it’s organized, manageable, so I don’t fail and burn out and can keep my income at my other job. Then it might take you a week or a year, but sometime you will have it figured out and you’ll say “I got it, I need 10 seconds to take care of 1 Sheep.” That’s realistic, you could go to 5000 Sheep with that system, and you would be able to quit your job; same for every area- exercise, diet, friends…

Set up a meal, organize, go small 10 minutes/day, but it’s all set up for me to do 20 minutes. I will not treat it as a hobby, it’s a miniature version of the real thing, all prepared for me to quit my job and do only this, but bigger. It’s all been tested.

If you’re able to be happy for 5 minutes, you don’t have a problem- a blind person is blind 24 hours/day, so you just need to maximize, if you want to speak to a 1000 people, speak to 5, tell them to be a little rude, anxious… to test your reactions out, then go bigger.

It’s all about systems.

A friend didn’t like to go to other people’s parties so he made his own party and told 5 people to drink 1 person each, and over a year it grew to 500, and then 1000.

Tai gathered people for UFC fight on TV and picked $5 for every person (rented TV), and when number grew, they moved to a restaurant of a person that needed promotion (win-win). From 5 to 40 (small), then up to 2000.

What is an example where you ignored this rule, and you stayed too small?

What is an example where you started with too many sheep and got burnt out?

What is a simple idea that you can start practicing with 5 sheep?