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Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, investor, and author who currently lives in Beverly Hills. Tai is the owner or a consultant to over 20 multi million dollar business and now also teaches/mentors other people through events, workshops, and online programs. Here is a partial list of his online programs:

  • The 67 Steps
  • The Accelerator (Money, Entrepreneur, Persuasion)
  • Traveling CEO
  • The Real-Estate Program
  • Social Media Marketing Agency – SMMA
  • Mentorbox
  • Master plan seminar
  • The Inner Circle
  • Millionaire Mentor Program
  • Mentor Conference
  • The second biggest book club in the world

67 steps is an online program by Tai Lopez that consists of 67 lessons to improve your life.

By purchasing the 67 steps you also get additional bonus videos on various subjects.

The entire program isn’t focused specifically on health or money – it’s basically made for anyone that would like to work hard in order to improve his life.

Tai Lopez teaches us that in order to really “make it” in life we need to master:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Love
  4. Happiness

67 Steps are designed for people that are on the rise to success, he only wants you to get in if you are one of those like-minded individuals that are willing to put in the work to improve those 4 pillars.

What this is NOT:

  • A get rich quick scheme
  • MLM – Multi Level Marketing
  • The infomercial, how to flip real estate guide, how to trade Forex…

These are real life lessons that will help you to achieve what you want.

We could sum it up by saying – “give the man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and they are fed for a lifetime.”

It has been proven that our brain needs around 66 days in order to change a habit which is exactly what 67 steps is going to do for you.



Billionaire’s brain and Jennifer Lopez’s voice

The first few steps are the most important.

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want, the world isn’t crazy enough place to reward a bunch of undeserving people.”Tai Lopez

Most people are victims – they have lottery thinking mentality. They constantly think that tomorrow will be better and they keep thinking, waiting, wishing while nothing really changes.

“But Tai, is he worth a damn?” Is that person worth a lot? Not just in money – is that person also in shape, happy, in love?

You first have to deserve a million dollars in order to get it.

Ask yourself – “How big is my deserving factor?”

To lose 100 pounds, you have to deserve to lose 100 pounds!

Awareness of your environment

People look at their keyboard thousands of times and still don’t know what the F7 button does. Be more aware of what is going on around you.

There are three kinds of people

  • Those who watch things happen,
  • Those who make things happen and
  • Those who wonder what happened.

The average person doesn’t know practically anything, they just wonder.

Warren Buffett – if you would have to choose one student back in high school that was your classmate and you would get 10% of whatever he makes for the rest of his life, how would you choose that person? Would you choose the most athletic person? Perhaps the smartest person in class?

Would you bet on yourself? Change yourself, so that your deserving factor goes through the roof.

In that Warren Buffett’s game, Tai Lopez would look for awareness.

Awareness is the fastest way to increase the intangibles.

What counts are the intangibles, Ph.D.’s don’t confuse a billionaire’s brain. The billionaire wanted to know more about the author, rather than just focusing on the fact that the author has Ph.D.

If you wouldn’t bet on yourself, you really should get the intangibles that will boost your deserving factor through the roof. Work on developing wisdom, persistence, awareness…

“There is a time to smell the roses, but that time is NOT now” – Joel Salatin

Tai Lopez didn’t see that the cow doors were open and the cows were able to escape. He was focused on the beauty of nature at that time. There is nothing wrong with being present in the moment and enjoying your environment, but you have to choose that time carefully.

Helen Keller had developed the sense of touch so powerfully, she could live a complete life, without being able to see, hear, and talk, while others complain about everything and are unsuccessful while having all of those abilities.

Tai Lopez thinks that we should be asking ourselves – “Which kid makes observations that no other kid is making?” That is a good sign, that he is highly aware of his surroundings.

Life, as we find it, is too hard for us; it brings us too many pains, disappointments, and impossible tasks. In order to bear it, we cannot dispense with palliative measures… There are perhaps three such measures: powerful deflections, which cause us to make light of our misery; substitutive satisfactions, which diminish it; and intoxicating substances, which make us insensible to it. – Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud suggests, that rather than drinking and developing other habits, that makes us insensible and numb to the pain that the life brings us, we have to focus on the situation, rather than distracting ourselves from it.

Most people complain about the externals.

They need to understand, that if you don’t do much for the world, it won’t return you a huge reward.

Machines are already replacing minimal wage workers. That is why you have to go on an upward path to deserve more and more.

The world would be unfair if Arnold Schwarzenegger would lift heavy weights six hours per day and would remain fat and weak, while others that don’t exercise would remain healthy and strong.

Let’s think about it for a second – would you REALLY want to live in that world? You wouldn’t know what to do because the basic laws wouldn’t apply. You need to know exactly which laws apply in order to achieve what you want.

“I want a life that has the right rules so that I can plan it out”

I need to deserve it and do certain steps in order to be and then stay healthy – that is your deserving factor.

It took Bill Gates 19 years (from age 12 to 31) to become a billionaire with an IQ of 160. He worked relentlessly for 11 years, while not taking even a single day off. He deserves all the respect and all the value that he possesses.

The World is fairer than media and people around you will tell you.

Equality is good because you get what you deserve.

Most people have traumas in life. So did Nelson Mandela, but he chose not to be bothered by them, he forgave people for locking him in prison for 27 years. He deserves all of the respect and awards that he gets.

Would you rather live 1000 years ago? Tai Lopez thinks that we are going in the right direction.

The world is fair in a sense that you get what you deserve.

People would rather watch Michael Jordan play basketball than watching me play basketball.

You have to play a bigger part in the world to get a greater return.

A simple but effective exercise to start practicing your awareness is to stand naked in front of a mirror. In whatever shape you currently are, you have to admit that you probably deserve this. If you are in a great shape, you probably have decent habits around health and fitness. Similarly, you have to understand money and the habits around making and keeping the money in order to become wealthy.

While others are posting pictures on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, LeBron James is up at 4 am every morning practicing basketball. You may want to deserve more, which is why you have to do more!

Watch the TED talk – John Wooden: The difference between winning and succeeding.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is just one player, you’re not competing with the world, you’re competing with yourself.

“Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up. Discharge your duties faithfully and well. Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts. Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day. At the end of the day – if you live long enough – most people get what they deserve.” – Charlie Munger

There are a lot of steps in the 67 steps program, but awareness is always the key – develop it and stop blaming others.

Jennifer Lopez – it’s not about the voice that she has (it’s not that simple). Society wants a certain music, dance moves, and character. Even if she is not the greatest singer in the world, the whole package that she is offering is exactly what people want.

Different people have different names for the intangibles – the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle calls them “a moral character.” They are a set of traits that anybody can possess.

However, balance is difficult. It’s one thing to be able to sing, but it’s another to be able to dance, move, sing, and talk the way Jennifer Lopez does. It’s about the whole package including her lawyers, the studio, tours, and the experience. Jennifer Lopez is exceptional at what she is doing.

By watching these people you may think it’s easy to do all of that, but it’s not! There are a lot of elements that they have to master, but it’s possible to master them over several years in small steps and the intangibles – staying persistent, humble, and confident.

Always think back on Warren Buffett’s high-school betting game – be wise, focused, aware… make sure you’re not like the person you wouldn’t bet on.

Achilles’ heel is not knowing what you don’t know – be extremely self-aware.

Be aware of how others are doing something. Learn and keep good qualities that you observe, while flushing bad habits out of your system. Lack of awareness will make you a failure.

Ideas will NOT make you rich!

Do you want to have nicer things, loyal friends, better health, happiness? Deserve it! Really think about it – nobody wants to talk to a shy person who never talks back. If you want to have better connections, you have to become the type of a person that people enjoy spending time with.

“From 1 to 10, what is my deserving factor, my awareness, and how do I increase it? Would I have bet on myself? What would I change to become the person I would bet on? What’s my plan to start deserving better things?”

Blue-footed booby birds, Ess, and the 500-year-old mind

Charles Darwin found blue-footed booby birds on his travels – “Change is the basic law of nature!”

The most adaptable person in the always changing environment will be the best.

IQ and strength will not be enough. Not necessarily will the high school football star be the most successful in life after school is over.

We’re hard-wired not to be successful. That is one of the reasons why 1% runs the world.

Accept that you have not been changeable and adaptable enough. Perhaps you were staying too long in certain jobs that have no potential, relationships that don’t work, and most likely beliefs that are sabotaging your success but you are still holding on to them.

Read external stimulus and see how people behave to other people – don’t wait for decades to change, you have to do it faster!

Society puts IQ as a foundation to success. Most of the billionaires have a high IQ, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it. It’s not the primary element, it’s not the main thing.

“Taller people are more successful”- one trait does not make a big difference, it’s not that simple.

Tai Lopez makes it easy for you to understand that you don’t have generations to change, you only have one life. If it should take you a full year to change something, cut that to three months!

We are all carrying something from 500 years ago. It’s the voice that says “if you don’t believe the Earth is flat, we will burn you.” Society keeps everything black and white, it’s built on two extremes, on two options. Unfortunately, life is not as simple, it’s not black and white.

The second you see almost anything as black and white, thinking it’s either “wrong” or “right” to do something, you’re violating Charles Darwin’s law.

“I’ve never met a man who would care less to fail.” This quote was said about Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart.

The standpoint of success and failure is not black and white. Just think about Thomas Alva Edison’s light bulb and 1.100 other patents that he had. Thomas Edison was one of the most famous inventors of all time and he “failed” to invent the light bulb over a thousand times. See everything that you are currently doing as an experiment. Starting a business is an experiment. See the signs around you and adapt to the ever-changing environment. It’s not a failure, it’s just adaptation.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

We constantly judge ourselves and we have to stop. Nothing is really black and white. Everything you are doing is an experiment, it’s you changing yourself. Change is a basic law of nature, keep up!

Tai Lopez says that even saying “I did a good job. I have a successful business” is also black and white! Who says you have a successful business?

Conrad Hilton had “a successful hotel.” Almost overnight the road has changed and nobody came to his hotel anymore.

Nothing is ever really static. Even your skin is not static. Nothing involving humans remains the same. Not even “failure.”

A good thought on this concept is to think “I better be an adaptability machine that sheds away the rules of society

“Does this diet work or not?” That question is completely black and white. People also say that a particular diet is made for an “average” person. Nobody is actually average, we are all unique.

The best diet is the one that is adapted to your unique and adaptable body!

Founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, and Mike Krieger wanted to create an address book, but they read the signs around them. They weren’t in love with their “black and white” idea, they adapted and made Instagram huge. Instagram was acquired by Facebook for around a billion dollars.

Their idea didn’t come from the sky and they weren’t supposed to follow blindly. It was not static, they have evolved it into something completely different than they planned in the beginning. Some things are black and white (murder should be punished), but most of them are not.

ESS – Evolutionary Stable Strategies

“I am working on my hypothesis, I experiment with it. I understand that experiments can’t fail or succeed and if my ideas will not work exactly the way I set out, I will change and adapt.”

EES is a stable environment that can exist on its own. It doesn’t really exist in the real world.

Go to bed a little bit smarter and get rid of a piece of ignorance.

The book:  The Selfish Gene – Richard Dawkins

This is how nature works, even grass and cows adapt to each other. It seems like cows have a deal with grass. Grass let’s being eaten by the cows in order to grow more because of the way cows process it.

I have to cut deals with myself. Grass moves away from pain, and go towards the sun (reward). It’s not that different from us. Cows have ingredients that help grass grow again.

Certainty is one of the cognitive biases. Don’t be fixated on anything completely. There is no right or wrong. It’s too complicated for every human mind to solve every political problem.

Humans are selfish, relationships are not black and white – just look at your friends when the times get hard. They are all there because they are getting something from you. 90% of love is about the lover, only 10% is about the object.

Things that really change you, are not easy. They are never described in the Cosmopolitan magazine. That is a sucker’s game. They are all just trying to sell you something.

Stop thinking like the masses – start using awareness, the intangibles, deserving factor, and start doing productive deals with yourself.

Colonel Sanders had 15 failed businesses – at least that is what society was saying about him. But out of each “failed business”, he got some judgment, some wisdom. It was a deal between his hotels that burned down, the outside environment, and him. At the end, he started KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken which now has over 20 billion dollars of revenue per year.

Avoid extreme ideologies and don’t take things personally. Do not flip out or be a pushover. Don’t say “you’re doing it wrong, it’s not fair…”

If Tai Lopez would see someone that is getting the same reward while not working as hard as him, he would say: “I have noticed you are not working as much. I want mutual respect, let’s figure out, what can we do in order to achieve that.” It’s a much better way to approach the situation than to blame someone or make him feel bad. Nobody can say “no” to that proposal!

Don’t be fixated on the original deal, if someone does not work as much, change the salary.

Deal with things quicker, don’t wait – there are multiple options because nothing is just black or white.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out for six hours per day, so I should do it too while eating the same diet” is a wrong way of thinking about it.

Certainty bias convinces us we should eat four fruits, just like it a certain book tells us to do. If everybody would do that exact same thing, some of them may die – some people are fruit intolerant. That is why you should never be fixated on anything. Do it, see if it works for you, or change it!

Seek stable strategy

These steps are the beginnings of your new habits. Even allergies can change, read the obvious signs. It will be hard at first which is why you will have to do it consciously.

Health is crucial and easy to start with. Just stand naked in front of the mirror and notice the way you look. Don’t project what you want to be, instead, challenge the rule – “love yourself.”

Why should you love yourself? Have a good reason!

Saying “I am beautiful” is black and white. What is the objective truth? Try different diets and training programs to see what works for you.

The book: Salt Sugar Fat – How The Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss tells us that our brain is our worst enemy.

Stop loving your bad parts! And while we are talking about this concept, “bad” is also thinking black and white, we should call it “ineffective.”

Peter Drucker recommends having 18-month goals because 18 months gives us enough time to make a lot of progress, no matter how fat and unproductive we are.

Most people think that they either have to succeed with that particular strategy or they will remain a failure. That is black and white, it is supposed to be just an experiment, never taken personally.

Some people are very angry when they are fired from their job because the job is being outsourced to China. They could have been prepared for that, this has been happening for 20 years! What have they been doing all this time? Why didn’t they read or went to a night school?

Stop being a victim to circumstances

Things in business change fast – never stay attached to ideas, when someone gives you a better idea, use that while throwing your bad ones away.

See what is happening around you and create a new stable strategy – know that while you are building stability and you are adjusting, you will be temporarily unstable, which is extremely hard for most people.

Be tough enough, but don’t stay in unstable relationships and situations too long – you never have enough time for that!

If it’s obvious that you’re not moving forward your goal and none of the experiments work for two years, you might want to rethink something.

Don’t fear to be unstable (switching businesses, being single, adopting…)

Read biographies – get courage to grind long enough to find the new Ess.

Think about their injustices, bad fortunes, bad mindsets they had, and how they got over it.

Get up at 4 1m, hire 3 assistants and test them (not just one, then you have no perspective).

Karate joke – 19 year old might not be yet that profound (when 6 year old’s train Karate, a grown man could beat them easily, but when they grow up, they can’t be stopped).

“I’m a learning, changing machine, there is no stability in an unstable world!”

A person I was an hour ago before I read this (on a cellular level), doesn’t exist anymore. We won’t find an absolute best business, partner… but we can find Ess, our technology evolves, change and implement, it’s the same with food.

“You should sit while you work.” Why? (3x) let me try this and this– I see the direction, I like it, sometimes I fall behind, but it’s 18 month goal.

Choose which people you want to see- which are dragging you down… family, friends, partners…

Divorce can be better than sticking together for the child if he would have better habits that way. Amish believe in separation, but not in divorce.

“I want people to love me as I am”- maybe your mom will, but you will need to change for others. Bring something to the table, try to be more/less outgoing, more/less kind, more/less social; experiment it all! Until Ess.

Happiness; why don’t you jump out of bed in the morning?

Why should you move up in 5 years after working in the same job? If you don’t deserve it, you should move down. If you think you don’t deserve it ask for demotion; earn it back, they will respect that.

Listen to only one person at the time, don’t mix a lot, but do a lot of experiments. What’s something I can’t live without? (air, sleep, food) Challenge everything else.

Sam Walton’s night in a Brazilian Jail, Stealing from McDonald’s and Michael Jordan’s Humility

Walmart – (book) Made in America; written on death bed by Sam Walton; trillion dollar company

The world is full of outward humility, people thought Jordan had no humility, but coaches saw it differently- he listened better than anyone, and than did that! (even when on top).

He was the most teachable person. Making it instinctual; part of who you are!

Most are outwardly humble, but inward cocky. How many people do you know that find a mentor and say: “I don’t know what I’m doing, I need help!”? Actively seek them!

Sam spent more time in other stores than in his own to learn. “I already know my store.”

Don’t act like you know it all! Don’t be cocky. The more you read, the more you’re saying with your actions. Don’t care about outer humility- most people say they’ll do it, but then they never do.

Brazilian businessmen contacted the biggest CEO’s, but only Sam Walton responded (already made 160 billion dollars), and when they had dinner, he asked more questions than they; on top, he still wanted to learn more- “I learn from everybody that I meet, I just don’t want to do the majority of those things”, I know more than them, but have humility to listen; then implement.

Don’t tell me you’re humble, show me you’re humble.

The family once had to pick up Sam from jail, he was put there because he crawled the market’s floor and they thought he was crazy- he wanted to know the width of the aisles in Brazilian market to make sure they don’t know something he doesn’t. What level of humility is that?

Are you obsessed with the fact that somebody knows something you don’t, so you project that attitude, not for an hour, but your whole life?

Mental Robin Hood mentality – everyone has a piece of gold in their brain, you want to get it for yourself when you find the right people.

Sam was a billionaire and still crawled the floor, how about me? What are my humility stories, who did I track down?

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

A multimillionaire that is making 12 million dollars per year wasn’t able to answer Tai’s question about accounting, but at the next visit, he knew everything about the subject. (used flash cards while brushing teeth, while other people make 1 million/year and are cocky. They reach a plateau, and if not careful it will go down. Rich friends are the humblest, they read the most, hunt people down (mentors), they listen (one question was enough, he read the sign and studied accounting, he didn’t need 15 questions).

Ray Kroc – Grinding it out (about McDonald’s)

He raised the deserving factor- tell me bout hours you spent on the topic you’re trying to learn, not about the number of books, but the level of learning. Jordan’s best quality was being like a sponge, he was learnable.

“Unless you become like a child, you will never inherit the kingdom!” (curiosity)

Humility in action! Everybody wants the good life, but not everybody gets “the good life”. The more you know, the less you know (the more things you realize you still need to learn, and the more arrogant you are, the less you usually learn, so you know less).

Confidence is fine, but balance it out. When you meet people, take notes. Keep accelerating your level of learning and humility. Don’t use the bad parts of people’s personality, but use good principles. It takes humility to build on top of something, instead, people try from scratch.

“I got a billion dollar idea.”- don’t be cocky if you never had a million dollar business. Idea, no reading, no evidence, no experiments yet; only results count.

Buffet started reading at 7 and became billionaire in 50 years with 160 IQ (he read all the local library books in his topic by the age of 12). How could that guy have a billion dollar idea without having any knowledge then?

The rich people all have mentors, even Einstein, Tesla, Aristotle…

What’s your reading from 1-10?

Tracking out mentors from 1-10?

Copying the competitors from 1-10?

Spending money on things on becoming Robin Hood from 1-10?

The goal is 10, raise your average level through the roof! If you had 10, you’d have the good life now. At least you should get to 8-9, so why are the masses much lower?

Don’t have so much pride, in 67 days you can rewire.

Life is too hard for us, so we use distractions, substances, intoxicants… We try to forget.

“Yeah, we’re pretty humble.”; don’t say that!

  • Why do the masses don’t have that?
  • Why are people such failures, yet so cocky?
  • Where does the pride come from?
  • Why are you so cocky if you can barely pay rent, are overweight and relationships suck?

Freud- one sad reason why (too much pain, impossible tasks)- gratifications that lessen our pain, substances that numb the pain, powerful divergent.

Amygdala part of the brain (fear- almost impossible to forget the dog bite, war); usually we’ve been used when we were humble, now when fear hits us we do one of those 3 things.

Other people might not want to help, or laugh at the process, so we stop being humble.

DNA changes when being bullied- traumas when we’re younger and vulnerable can cause so much pain that we overdo it by being a “know it all”, being cocky, we mask it. The few that stand out, overcome it, be humble to get the reward!

We’re inborn with an instinct to be humble, fears and traumas cause us to put layers on top of that. You can be confident, as long as it’s backed up by action and doesn’t stop you from evolving.

“I’m the best basketball player”- on the court he told everybody that they will get beaten, but at practice he was always asking coaches “what should I do?” 10 different coaches, humble.

Only 50.000 good hours, make every day count! How much would you value if you only had $50,000 in your life time, how would you use them?

Specifically write out daily from 1-10 how well you did.

66 days, 18 month window

I’m Robin Hood- I look for 1 piece of gold in a book, grab insight, more events, find people.

Only I can change my life.

Tai spent 30.000$ on books. Be the most teachable person anyone has ever met. Don’t check off a list, read 100 top books over and over again.

Alexander the Great brought library with him.

What’s the number one area I have not been humble enough?

On a financial level, I have to read it, understand it and experiment with everything to create the lifestyle that I want.

Don’t come and go as the masses, nobody remembers them, have a meaningful life.

Communication- even if I don’t life most of the qualities of other people that I hang out with, I have to practice building rapport with everybody and learn how to read people and adapt to their personality type best (better Life Coach), and the more people I meet, the more resources I have, the more opportunities I will have and my social life will give me many side benefits (better self-esteem, more perspectives, more options…)

Picasso, rising tide, Law 33%- mentors

16-year-old Tai Lopez received his grandfather’s letter (“you’ll never find all answers from one person if you’re lucky you’ll find a handful of people to show you the way”), Tai then had 5 mentors.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” (takes humility)

Newton; standing on shoulders of giants.

Not learning like in school (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), but with osmosis– cow doesn’t tell anything, but baby cow walks and eats like her.

School system is broken, I must be a continual learning machine, making predictions in an unpredictable environment, you don’t just know English (you could be born in China), we have the ability to learn any language, we’re not hard wired with only one, we have capacity to learn. By not having that you can’t experience full human experience.

“If you can hitch on the right horse, stand on the right shoulders- automatically forward- rising tide raises all ships.”

You experience more human experience with being self learning machine.

Osmosis- they rub off of me

Poor people should take rich people to dinner, 70% of communication is non-verbal; look at how they carry themselves, how they handle aggression from other people, how they speak..

If you only copy 60%, you don’t know if you copied the good parts.

Mentors were down the same path as you.

How do I pull off this thing called life?

The first bird takes all the air, so others can fly easier.

33% of your time- people below me (self-esteem boost), I can help, life is a spectrum (I help people, people above me help me), then 33% of my time I spend with people on my level; I will lose some people (“he who won’t leave father and mother…is not worthy of me”- Jesus said that) and most importantly- spend 33% of your time with people that are 10-20 years ahead of me preferably in the same industry you’re at, or having exactly what you want.

Pain or gain- tough, masses can’t do it, makes them uncomfortable, they shy away, make fun or are jealous. Have the character to do it! Don’t be a hater, like others.

Life is often intolerable for us- diversionary tactics, see it with the clear eye; they’re ahead of me and they got there with hard work. They make me feel uncomfortable, like lifting mental weight, you need to lift a heavy one to get a good life.

When you feel pain you’re growing.

ROI- Tai being with top businessmen; they were laughing at him, he felt worse; people you respect laughing at you, but he learned.

Enzymes are expensive to make, body won’t make them if you don’t need it- use it or lose it (body saves energy).

You need that uncomfortable feeling to push you. Mentors won’t give you cookies and tell you to try your best. They’ll be busy and a little rough around the edges- it’s my job as a student to get out of them what they’re trying to teach me.

Bill Gates made people cry; tough to work for, that’s how it is, the real world.

They won’t be professional mentors; to get those, go to college, you need to toughen up!

Learn with osmosis, law is simple, but not easy, conflict and them yelling and teaching you (get used to it).

“I don’t mind carrying a man, but I don’t want to drag him.”

Bill made them cry, but they got millions.

Best mentors do things.

Tom Hanks; toughen up, they’re not saints, if you want a saint, go to church.

You can’t look for perfection in mentors, feeling uncomfortable, feeling a little  burn… Mentors teaching you real- estate might have a nasty divorce, you don’t need to copy it all, there are not right or wrong mentors; if you move on you may not find another one.

“I don’t want to learn from someone who abandoned his daughter”- black and white thinking; he’s just a man, we all are. There are just some people that are worth betting on more.

The devil’s in the details.

People that had mentors: Einstein, Jay Z, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Martin Luther King Jr., Dalai lama (Gandhi), Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Plato- never ending pattern, you need some of them in person!

Karate kid- when he’s angry, he realizes that all the pieces fit together, even when you don’t see how, mentors see ahead, know in ways you can’t understand.

Even if you are not being taught and helped by him you can still learn how he talks and moves. Don’t expect they will use all their time teaching, I have to become an absorption machine. Be persistent- “nothing is impossible to those who try.”

Persistent widow: “I’m afraid you’ll do something, so I’ll do what you ask.”

“Half of the reason I succeed is by just showing up”– year in, year out (Woody Allen)

Dan Cook 17-37 years (20 years of doing comedy where no one came).

Set 18 month in person goals– they need some time, take it slow it’s not short, but in 18 years things would change too much (Drucker).

Back signing send a letter, don’t just ask after 10 seconds… maybe interview them for an article (little phone talk), they get some exposure.

Konti Infernos (send a gift)

Native Americans went to war with gifts, it’s not bribing in a negative way, be creative (not just a letter).

Be willing to give up on some people. If relationship is not in the best interest, move on.

Nothing is perfect, everything ends and end is not good or bad, it’s a natural process.

There are summer, winter… when’s the end and when the beginning?

A circle never ends, but you can only go around so many times, before you’re gone.

“I failed with this mentor”- black and white

You can’t make friends with the dead- use books. Get the best, reach for the top.

3 gives for 1 reward- answer their questions, don’t be clingy, desperate, be more interesting, read more, be the best to talk to. If relationship is not in best interest move on. Books are one ingredient, but you still need somebody you can talk to. You want to be a good investment for their time. Start now, even if you can only do it 5 minutes. Don’t try to figure everything out on your own, go outward.

My Poor Friends and Cameron Diaz’s Parrot

Rich dad, poor dad

Friendships with some of the fascinating people; I listen to those people more.

Beyond mentors; tune in on the awareness factor. Start to notice patterns in yourself.

Tune in the differences between people with great bodies and not so great bodies, people who are successful, and people who are broke.

You only have so many mentors, but you can have many poor and rich people in your life (friends, clients…)

Parrot makes noises all day, drives Tai insane, but it’s worth 50k so she kept it.

Joe Sulinder- excited jumping out of bed, says 10 quotes in 5 minutes, has predictable speech patterns (speech determines what’s inside you, they don’t need to cut you open. If the tree has oranges you know which tree it is).

Quotes take humility, poor friends express only their opinion (talking about politics, which is hard to get it right.)

Joe who has it all quotes others, doesn’t say “listen to me”, but 3 people in a hot tube who never did anything are full of opinions.

100 million before 30 guy said: “Turn service business in a marketplace.”- the girl on the Facebook never started a business, always going to something new; “How dare you embarrassing me?” (when Tai gave her an advice).

Coach Karl genuinely wants to know opinion about basketball, and he’s been coaching for 30 years and made more than 100 million (tonic blew up in Tai’s face).

Rich people ask questions, while that girl took a little advice as an attack on her pride, constantly get pattern in your head: rich friends, poor friends, 6 pack friends, fat friends, happy, unhappy…

Start drawing out patterns; write down, rich friends ask for criticism! We need to be self-learning machines, figure it out, ask…

It’s a new way of perceiving the environment you’re in- difference between people; at Laker’s player’s party he was eating salad, a little wine and water, he could get drunk and eat bad that one night, he’s in shape, but that’s the difference between him and other people without discipline there (they can bench press 300 pounds, run 10 miles, under 6% body fat, hearth rate under 60, can do a split (flexible), yet even on his birthday eating healthy.

Poor person’s perception is that rich should give me 50k to invest, but rich people split the check with Tai. They’re in between- are generous, but don’t throw their money away, they know the value, don’t give the nest away and die.

Half of the success is understanding (get’s easier), perception of most people is that we’re all equal (same intrinsic value), but the amount of valuable advice for you to achieve your goal is very different- on which people will you bet every moment?

How are my successful friends acting in every scenario (when they’re quiet, how they talk; “I’ve never met anybody who I didn’t learn anything from- often what not to do”)?

Not letting ego get in the way- 3 people have together trillion dollar companies- Gates, Charlie and Warren (Math is 2nd nature).

Math and being rich is not good or bad, you make the judgment call, but rich people are good at it. Friend had an 8 pack, so going to the movies Tai asked himself: “Tai, do you want to be the in shape or out of shape friend?” Notice what he eats.

If being rich is having a great family, he’s been poor, and he learned with Amish- they have the happiest good behaving kids (spanked 1-2 times in their lives), they’re rich in understanding how to grow good community, answer is always somewhere in the middle.

Other kids have all the toys and are spoiled, annoying and unhappy.

Be a machine of understanding lessons and differences. Tai instead of discriminating other races, discriminates dumb ideas and stupidity of some people– much worse!

Following the elite is better to bet on. Sometimes poor people are right, but still it’s not worth to bet on.

(alpha) For every increment of risk you take, you have to get more in return, or it’s not worth it.

Means- like genes, but passed on by friends, books, ideas… you don’t need to come up with an original idea, just accumulate knowledge of other people.

Selfish gene- mental genes, spreading ideas that move civilization toward what most people want.

Be observing machine that takes means from others like Sherlock Holmes- break them down, listen, add framework to 67 steps.

“Competence is relative.”- I don’t have any rich friends; they’re always richer in some area!

Who’s closest to the outcome I want?

Seek out truth no matter what– lessons will not be what I want, but embrace the truth. (with kindle killing his other business, but that’s what people moved towards)

It’s not the inspirational quotes people put on Facebook wall. Jesus said: “I didn’t come to bring piece, I come to bring sword, and if you’re not ready to leave your mother, husband… you’re not worthy of me.” He represented the truth.

Sculpture vs the Lottery and the Anthropic media bias

Fear of being bitten by the shark (Jaws), you have a greater chance of being killed by a falling piece of an airplane; media never covers it, because it’s not good enough story (not good ratings), not expressing the truth.

Will Durant – “we focus too much on the last 24 hours rather than on the last 6000 years!” Better to read the history.

We think something is true if we see it more often – homelessness, murders… (media bias)

More relevant problem is 10 ft. of soil being worked out through bad farming, never to be put back, 1000 years for 1 inch of soil, you never hear this, it’s not good for ratings and the world depends on it!

By watching the news you don’t realistically see the timeline of how the events will happen; you becoming successful.

Bill Gates never took a day off from 20-30, but media never covers that; the fact that he was in a cubicle, all we hear is an end story– cover of magazine don’t show pictures of people in progress, they don’t tell that Arnold started at age 14, there’s no story.

You think that you’ll be cutting something with a knife one day and figure out a new way to make a knife, patten it and make millions- it’s like the lottery, bad odds to bet on.

The story with no challenges is not likely to happen, same for girls (you’re living, then turn around and see a perfect girl that you marry), take this pill and you’ll be healthy… and the next thing you know, you look like the person on the cover of the magazine.

If you don’t understand the time frame, you will give up too early- wrong expectations, life is the grind, love the grind- you’ll never be perfect.

Instead choose sculpture approach- chip away daily, fix mistakes (instead of lottery mentality)

Pick the rock first- general industry and outcome.

Ectomorph- be a boxer, don’t lift heavy and try to bulk up, but pick the rock that suits you. You can build only on strengths. It will unfold the way you chip away.

Don’t be conventional- 4 hour work week.

When watching movies at the end and break down the myths, have a conversation with the group, don’t do popular things.  Go easy on magazines and news. An average American watches 3-4 hours/day.

Narrative bias- they did this and they did that and then they were wealthy- oversimplifying– ruining sculpture mentality, it’s a series of things, not just one easy 5-minute decision; lottery mentality, short story.

You never see the 18-month diet- you can’t change 20 years of wiring in 20 days- metabolism must change, your brain must rewire.

It takes 67 days to rewire, and quite some time to see results; the world will not reward Suzy with a great body after following the diet for 8 days.

If it took 10 years for Bill Gates and he was very smart, it will take you longer than 67 days.

Get enough doubling cycles – a 27-year-old will be wealthier if he starts with 100k than a 37-year old with 900k at 30% growth rate, most people waste their youth.

Most successful people took a lot of cycles, not quick rich stories.

“Go to bed a little bit wiser. Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts… slug it out one inch at a time, day by day. At the end of the day – if you live long enough – most people get what they deserve.”

Easy come, easy go- stolen bike, lottery.

The fence that goes up fast falls down fast, Best fruits take long to grow.

200- $1 tickets- won $15, not worth it, stop looking for supplements!

Chip away- 18 months health goal. Don’t go with an unrealistic time frame. Build a discipline. Go deeper, don’t learn just the surface 10-minute things.

Media tries to sell you something- if you don’t know who the sucker is, you’re the sucker!

Where am I trying lottery approach?

Martin Seligman’s Salary Slave and Learned Helplessness, learned optimism, authentic happiness

Positive psychology; “let’s study what makes us happy, not just why are we depressed.”

Number 1 obstacle toward success – dogs would not jump out. They eventually thought they can’t overcome the obstacle; we can rewire the brain towards helplessness– less happy, depressed (slave).

Same thing happens with monkeys in the zoo, they’re not happy, even if they are safe here and would die in the jungle, you would think you’re doing them a favor.

We’re being conditioned to be helpless– in school, they give you the goal (instead of you having the freedom to study and reach the goal your way) you have to follow the teacher and read this chapter today, like monkeys in the zoo.

We should all do a book a day (continual self-education)

Everything like that is moving us away from the true human experience- we’re in the zoo.

Most people are salary slaves, in some rear cases, it’s not preconditioned. Like in the cage getting the check once a month. Realize it doesn’t have to be that way.

When there is a layoff people fall apart, but in the modern world there are no jobs and salaries, there were for a short timewe see the 60’s and think those were the good old days; that was true for a small fraction of the history.

We didn’t do anything that we own – the division of labor. If you’re not careful you’ll get into a box of helplessness.

People are out of balance and waiting for a pill to get healthy; it’s all about lifestyle.

We are helplessly waiting until that next thing comes out, and only then can we be healthy.

In our countries there are so many support systems; loans, even if you fail you just declare bankruptcy. Trump- 9.2 billion of debt (got distracted, chasing women, thinking everything will turn to gold), basically little risk, you can walk out of the cage, the jungle is not scary anymore. You’ll never get there without risks.

In India people really die because of starvation, there’s nothing to support you, but that’s not in our countries.

Go to match.com, take some risks- if 50 women laugh at you, you’ll never see them again.

“Safe is dollar foolish. Be quick, but not in a hurry.”

People who are depressed are the ones who think they don’t have any choice, like the dog that gets shocked and lies down.

Think of areas deep in your brain where you feel out of control.

“We’re going to innovate out of our problems.” So the way out of helplessness is creativity.

You may find insight in a book, but you need to innovate. Everything is online, don’t ask stupid questions.

Use technology- taxi driver (buy a GPS, use the tools that are available to you)

You get paid to a proportion of the difficulty of the problems you solve.

I live in a modern world, what can’t I do?

There are people that get everything they want!

Arnold- everything is in reps and sets. I need the drive to get it, very few things are there to kill me, and in the jungle is all I want.

The 1000th person gave money for KFC, others said no, but he was never helpless.

Jonah Hill- “I wish I would be more relaxed in the past, it’s not a scary world.”

The only people that die of starvation are people that lie down like a dog.

Where was I helpless, what would I do differently? (be reliable, no matter how hard it is, watch until the end)

What is one specific instance you were helpless and in hindsight what would you have done differently?

The Integrated Good Life, the Four Pillars of Eudaimonia

We have been lied to – work 9/5, after that family time, Friday for happy hour, Sunday for church, we all hate Mondays, holidays are for this… those are parts and the linear reduction breaks down things into little parts and then puts them back together- when you break your life down into 10 parts, every part is not worth 1 point.

There are components, but they’re not separated. 4 Pillars of life are integrated, cannot be detached from each other, whatever your religious beliefs are, religion is not just for Sunday, it’s every day! Life cannot be reduced.

Almost no Amish is depressed (one fifth of the rate of depression and live without electricity)

Technology is great when it serves you, but if it turns around, it will attack you (like a dog).

There are no different days, rituals are OK (resting on Sunday)

Don’t be TGIF-  thank god it’s Friday! (hating your job and being miserable on Mondays.

When you’re experiencing low levels of “on Monday I have to go back to work” stress, your level of dopamine is low! I want to forget which day it is!

“To inherit a kingdom, be a child again.”– every day is a new day, be curious.

It depends on who you were if you like the 50’s- that’s very egocentric way to look at history.

Men trapped in corporate jobs, women trapped in bad marriages, all the same bad things happening, but no media to cover it.

Have everything in 2-mile range- 2-mile rule, bring everything together. You will be less happy if you need to deal with traffic every day, that’s how you’re wired.

People don’t sleep well because it’s too quiet; they used to sleep with their family, dog and heard wild animals in the forest at night.

One room classroom instead of separating people. Don’t compartmentalize your life. “

“My life is my work, and my work is my life.”

4 hour work week- why would you want to do something you only want to do 4 hours?

Don’t live for vacations! If you have vacation for 1 month, it means you hate the rest 11 months.

You need some contrast, you don’t want every day to be a 10? Great wouldn’t feel so great eventually. Be on 8 for a majority of life, experiment with everything.

Eudaimonia- good life, every leader has been moving forward to that. Instead of analyzing, we’ll measure how close we’re getting to the integration (all 4 working together).

Integrate gym with other things, everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.

Tom Hardy- 5 workouts/day, like farmers; strong.

You can’t separate life- even 2 hours in the gym will not solve health problems of sitting for 8 hours. Bounce ball while typing, walk while you work…

The most life is on the edge (forest next to grass and pond, not in the middle of the forest)

Read a book while you fall asleep- integrate.

The sum of the parts can be greater!

Happiness is about doing something bigger than yourself, even for mafia is good, how good must it be if you’re doing something good?

Great people commit to it and integrate it. People used to date people who grew with them (integrated), now you say; “this is my dating profile, and my life is completely different.”

Old childhood love- deepest, been through everything together- Hollywood tells a different story.

Don’t shy away from family, new friends are good, but the old friends are better.

Don’t do everything today, but make some decision! Start some momentum, but over 18 months you can begin changing some things. Do what you like. If you like tennis, integrate it everywhere.

“I don’t know how people sleep, there are so many opportunities in life.”

Coach Karl’s friend plays basketball, he’s like a child (still excited, loves it), he meets women playing basketball; integrate lifestyle.

The less you look at the calendar and planning time for specific things, the more integrated and happier you’ll be.

People save everything for Vegas, want to get all their happiness there- it’s an illusion.

Don’t sacrifice today (bad job), for tomorrow, so you can take your kids to Disneyland.

Rituals must be spread out (Christmas, Thanksgiving…), not every Friday, because you have 5 days/week.

How can I integrate a part of life while I work?

Warren Buffet’s book a day, diet and making war with multitude of counselors

“We’re in competition with ourselves.”

Tai Lopez and Oprah have the biggest book club in the world.

One superpower of Warren and Charlie that they would pick would be to be the fastest readers and learners. Most adoptable- observing, looking.

Rich man’s house always has a library.

I have some roadblocks when it comes to books. When most people reach a roadblock, they invent reasons why they can’t do it, or why it’s not important.

The reason that rich and poor in India stay at peace is that the poor people invent a reason why they’re poor – rich inherited the money, got lucky…that’s a coping mechanism to deal with inequality.

Not many people said that they wish the didn’t read as much, not download as much information from the greatest minds in the history, but many people say: “I wish I’d know that 20 years ago.”

When Tai asks me what’s holding me back from reading his best guess is that my mind will come up with some crazy reason, why I don’t- it’s not about being book smart, it’s not about reading, it’s about executing, if you read so much there won’t be any time left for other things…
Download wisdom of the most intelligent people in the world. The gene machine’s

“Survival machines that can simulate the future are one jump ahead of survival machines who can only learn on the basis of trial and error.”

The problem with overt trial is it takes a lot of energy, the problem of overt error is that it is fatal. Simulation is both safer and faster.

Average person will quit after 3 failed businesses (run out of energy- fatal for dreams, hopes, health and money). Because Evil Knievel didn’t simulate what would happen with gravel, he broke his knee and his health never recovered; what doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger.

(guy that had troubles with dating) “I need to learn from my mistakes.”- we all learn from mistakes, but it’s a lot easier to learn from other people’s mistakes; Warren Buffett.

Reading a book a day- made in America for $5 we can simulate his mistakes, lost money and hearth aches- that’s what makes us human.

It’s not about positive thinking and overcoming challenges, it’s all about simulating what could happen.

Only poor friends do it themselves, rich people have accountants, lawyers, board of advisers…

“Make war with a multitude of counselors.”

Subconscious arrogance- doing it alone. I wouldn’t fix broken arm alone, I go to someone, who’s done it hundreds of times.

There’s always risk- there’s reason fear it’s there.

99 false alarms is better than 1 death. When it’s used to progress to good life, there’s nothing wrong, when it’s paralyzing you, there is a problem.

25% of books should be on health, 50 secrets of the longest living people in the world (book)

In 18 months with increased diet of books and making it instinctual there will be results.

$10,000 if you read 30 books in 30 days (of Tai’s list) and look Tie in the eyes and say it’s not been worth it. Best experiment in your life, Tai’s goal is to die having read 10,000 books.

Read the best books first– do it for a year in Tai’s order (tomorrow is uncertain).

Publisher now has the best titles- don’t get sucked in. Don’t be advertised to, don’t judge it by the cover. Instead look at who the author is.

Instead of speed reading, be like a gold miner. Skim through a book a week, Tai reads different books at the same time; 1 classic (breakfast)- stud the test of time, 1 great thought in 5 minutes, then while taking a nap read a book 6 hours after you woke up- 20 minutes before you fall asleep, 15 minute power nap. There’s an opportunity cost if you want to read a book from cover to cover, and you can take it in your hands again if you want to; it’s a tool, a friend.

Together 35 minutes alarm clock.

At night read a biography (courage). Go to bed reading.

Be wise, don’t choose 50 shades of gray, embrace the chaos of missing.

5 minute on the first pass, 15 minutes on the second, on the third read a chapter, then you’re done.

Break the rules, not the law– the only rules you should follow are rules of physics.

Don’t get stuck and obligated to read it all. Avoid the tendency of feeling rude when you think book is like human talking to you.. Average books have 2 things that are good, but can’t sell 2 pages, just get to the point, be OK with less, there’s opportunity cost (the rest is anecdotes and stories that prove that).

“Leaders are readers.”

Warren: 8 hours/day, Bill Gates is a reading machine; but it’s not about who reads more, but who simulates the future better.

“We are too soon old and too late smart.”

If you break down a puzzle and shake it, it will take forever to put it back together; the odds are low. Books take away the randomness, give you the control.

9/10 people in biographies read, even rock stars; that’s why they’re at the top.

What’s holding me back from reading?

Rewire the brain; no one ever said to Tai his life is worse- not everyone is willing to read, it takes humility, persistence and a little money.

Physical for taking notes, but also Kindle, the point is to download level 3; instinctual!

As you listen to 67 steps, implement it already, read!

If it’s painful now, it gets easier.

Managing oneself

Am I a reader or a listener? How do I learn? Do I work with people or am I a loner? Mentor, team member…

Do I produce results as a decision maker or adviser?

The top spot requires a decision maker. Do I perform well under stress or structure environment? Don’t try to change, instead improve the way you perform. What are my values?

Business priority- short-term and long-term.

Where and how can I achieve results that will make a difference within the next year and a half?

Requires a stretch, but achievable. Take responsibility for relationships, accept and know how others manage themselves.

Manage the boss; make him effective.

Know what results they expect,  exactly what they want.

You need to read at least 1 book/week to get the good life, it’s too competitive world. Get a six pack of the mind!

This is what I’m good at, this is how I work, these are my values, this is the contribution I plan to concentrate on and the results I should be expected to deliver.

The same things you need to know about others. Doesn’t mean people like each other, but they understand each other.

Second career at 56- second part of life or non-profit organization.

50 years ago there was no success, only staying in your job, in knowledge society we expect it for everyone; that’s impossible!

Every worker needs to behave like a chief executive officer.

Stoic vs Epicurean, Arnold 1000 reps, Apache cold Showers and the Spartan Whipping post

“A nation is born stoic (forgo present pleasure to have something better, investors) and dies epicurean!” (humans should live for this moment, YOLO)

This is not black and white, both are true, but for every action, there is an equal reaction so what will happen if you live only for the moment?

Stoic life, thick skin will get you what you want, Arnold had small calves – he raised from 250 pounds up to a 1000 pounds.

We’ve grown up with all the technology and become slowly weaker, softer, sensitive.

Stoics believe in sacrificing now, instead of getting what you can now.

When is the last time I did 100 push-ups, walked to get groceries and slept on the floor?

Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.

How soft am I?

3 types of people; who make things happen, who watch things happen and who wonder what happened.

Toughen up – 12 hours days (not hard)

50% diabetic, 60% obesity, 20% on depression medication. Media selling Big Macs, cheap music, clothes with fancy labels; they want our money. People seek the easy way out, so big corporations make us frozen dinners and fill up their pockets at your expense! Stop being the sucker.

Wealthy prey on our basic instincts seeking the easy way out when you don’t know who the sucker is, you’re the sucker!

You have to want it to be hard, that’s what makes it great, the world doesn’t need 50,000 more Paris Hiltons and Kim Kardashians running for new heels.

300 Spartans embrace being stoic- filling their kids just the right amount never to be full, while we feed our kids with sugar, salt, fat, and soda. Ritualistic testing, surrendering was the ultimate disgrace.

Forget Lil’ Wayne and Drake, YOLO is for suckers. Find balance, but go more on the stoic side.

Take the stairs, cold showers, run, lift, read a hard book, do a hard math problem, take martial arts class, go a week without sugar (will make you happier and richer), taking a bath in the ice cold water (teaching 3 years old’s to be brave), don’t just scan the world for instant pleasures, imagine the rewiring, you don’t want to fight those children when they grow up, they were tough and courageous.

Sitting Bull: “Today’s a good day to die”- went in front of bullets, respect and power come when you’re tough.

Whether it’s putting more weight on, or 4-minute mile (just in your mind, who cares, I’ll be first).

Take a cold shower, gives you more testosterone, and has a psychological effect – it has a double benefit.

Water in their mouth; 10 miles, spit out.

Continually building bones – if you do not train, they are going to break, no enzymes, use it or lose it; that’s the penalty for not toughening up. Force genes to release enzymes; lift weights, jump- you need the stress.

Breaking ankles; you need a little stress, bouncing up and down.

Don’t go too far, but society’s message is to have everything soft and convenient; they can’t go without air conditioning, penalty for not doing things Arnold, Spartans, and Apaches did is we become weak-willed and don’t have strength when we need it; old through lack of use, not age.

Spartan whipping post; random boy was chosen and to toughen him up they would whip him; some would die.

2 people confront you, then a friend comes out of the restaurant; would you want that friend to have small sensitive hands or to be somebody who had whipping scars? Bring me the tough person.

Be mentally tough like Arnold.

It’s hard to recover from being constantly bullied.

3-6 months disabled; 30-40% by the age of 40

Are you so weak that this piece of technology now owns your brain? Go without a phone for a day; you feel like you’re missing on something, but you’re not, people went for generations without a phone. Put it away, toughen up, don’t rely on things too much, you’re the master, not the other way around.

You own your car, but when you drive 1 block instead of walking, not carrying things out of the supermarket, you’re losing physically, lower happiness, not able to push through.

72-hour workday or at least 24 hour day, not too often, but do it from time to time, your body can recover; people now have trouble working 8 hours.

Depression comes from feeling like a slave. The technology makes things different, work 24 hours (more self-reliant, I own the environment).

When you’re young you sleep on the floor, now you need this pillow with 52-degree angle… When you don’t want to do something, just do it to mess with your brain.

Burn mental fat, if you don’t feel the burn, the weight is not big enough.

Tearing down muscles and rebuilding, you need winters in your life in order to enjoy other seasons.

Your dreams will die, and go to someone tougher than you; start with a cold shower- first 2 seconds, then 5… in a month you’ll dive in the cold water.

In 18 months make yourself the master, don’t be your brain’s bitch.

Sleep on the floor for a day, do random push-ups, stable Ess (don’t traumatize yourself, so you won’t do it again, but slowly), go camping, sleep in the woods, go farming…

“I want to toughen up, need help?”

When something fails, it’s just a scar on my Spartan’s back. One day I’ll be a warrior, Tony says to be excited when you fail; “when we prosper we party, when we fail we ponder.”

Find the balance, face your fears, do it all!

The arrow in the eye and went to battle (Alexander’s father).

“I’m in the race to get what I want and I’m too slow.”

3 versus 100- he charged bodyguards died, he took an arrow to the shoulder and survived.

I’ll be without the reinforcement and have to face others. I must have the will to go forward, the world will be surprised and give me the rewards. When I get some money I won’t buy what I want, I’ll save it, mess with my brain, I’ll be stoic.

Don’t see scars as other people see them; negative, they are there if you make a mistake, but do them as a part of a training methodology to train yourself to be tougher.

“I hate math.”; that’s a good reason to learn it. Face your fears, break relationships to toughen up.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Don’t be with the masses, see scars as a badge of honor. Don’t traumatize yourself also like Evil Knievel.

Lifting weights; anti-aging, we don’t need more luxury people, give me 300 Spartans and I’ll take over the world.

When something’s easy, take the long route. When you push through toughness you’ll feel better. City kids should be happier (candy, games) and they’re dying!

Luxury will trap you. Ask yourself; “Will this give me the effect I want?”

Technology always starts as a slave, but then people are slaves. Turn off sugar, salt, and fat. Entrepreneurs will save the world; stoic.

“The world doesn’t respond to need, it responds to seed.”

Level 1 doesn’t do anything: “I heard that already.”

Who’s the better investor me or McDonald’s? It sells me negative value for $5.

Don’t think you know, first give it away for free.

The Whispers of 10,000 Generations, Dunbar’s 150, and Evolutionary Mismatch

Richard Dawkins, the author of The Selfish Gene talks about the concept of an evolutionary mismatch.

Your neural programming doesn’t have the genetic memory to understand the complexity of the modern world.

The end goal is understanding when to go with your gut, with what feels right – one of the myths is going with your gut. Remember that the devil is in the details and generalizations are never true in all circumstances.

The concept of evolutionary mismatch – the impulses that have served us at a certain point in history – certain instincts and impulses that have been passed on for so many generations, do not serve us anymore because the world has changed.

The old impulse would be – when you find sugar or fat which can be translated into extra energy, you should eat as much as you possibly can because you never know when you will eat again. In those times the average person was closer to starvation than they were to be fat.

Wiring changes very slowly, so I have the same brain, when I walk into Walmart there’s too much energy on the shelves, but the instincts are still “there may not be enough food tomorrow.” (dogs eat all like bears, they get fat then skinny).

Insomnia; we didn’t have light, instinct is being awake when it’s light, sleep when it’s dark. We have so many modern diseases (cancer, hypertension), even phones have light.

Sleeping in quiet bedrooms instead of hearing animals in the distance and natural sounds that tell us everything is OK is quite a difference.

Physically in search for good light the whispers of 10,000 generations seem to be on my side, and sometimes they are (walking across the street and the voice says jump out of the way), but most times it doesn’t serve me.

Understand when I can listen to my instincts, know it in detail! Wealth and health are very common areas. We are not hardwired to save money.

The mentality is to eat, drink and get married because tomorrow we die. I have to bypass that and save, it will take extraordinary effort, not to drink soda, because it tastes good (previously we only had honey once a month, that’s it!) We craved it, sugar feeds the brain.

Overcome eating so much sugar, salt, and fat. It hits you on the evolutionary level and overwrites what you know is good for you. More children are fat than skinny, from one food crisis to another.

The savings rate is 1% in America. Instead of “enjoying” the twenties, Bill Gates invested them. Robin Dunbar was studying that we lived in groups of 150 people. Because of modern technology you can live and communicate everywhere, sometimes the worst thing for their children are their parents.

The healthiest marriages are childhood friends, but now we move away (it used to be marrying someone you trust).

Sometimes the answers will be going back to old things (going to bed early sometimes). College is the last time when most people are able to make friends. Know the evolutionary mismatch to solve it (know why it is the way it is). “That’s because there’s something wrong with us, or we’re bad now”- we’re the same as we were, we’re just evolutionary the same, while the environment has changed. New friends are good, old friends are gold.

Prepare for a rainy day, save things. We are motivated and more happy with money. No man is an island. I need a certain volume of social interactions.

We’re highly susceptible to social wind. Revise old friendships, they’re the best!

Most people are too busy blaming their willpower, parents, country…they don’t realize what’s happening. Weekly, monthly review your life; to change what I can, accept what I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference.

You can’t for example change cravings for salt, fat, and sugar; keeping these things around the house and expecting your willpower to deal with it- there are too many whispers of 10,000 generations.

Restaurants want you to come back, that’s why they don’t serve the food that would be of your best interest, they serve tasty food.

The average person eats 4 times/week at Fast Food restaurants, that can’t be me! Not if I want the good life.

Get a noise machine, go to bed when the sun goes down, turn off the lights, and use candles, go to your roots from time to time. Don’t do it every day, but it’s good for you sometimes.

Set up automatic savings plan; we’re wired not wanting to save. Try it, reach out to people you haven’t talked to for a while, not the bad ones, but there will be some people that are “good” (same track as you).

We didn’t evolve to read, you may like audio books better. Make technology your slave, don’t be a slave yourself.

Even though we have this whispers, we still have some control, maybe more than ever.

Bend your knee to your evolution, you need to follow rules to do better than most people.

There’s not a horse that runs so fast, as the horse that’s competing another horse.

I need competition, but also rules. I will not overcome them with willpower (temptation; food, not going to sleep at right times, bad states, keeping TV on with consumer advertisement; not investing, wasting money and be less happy). Even if you live 10.000 years, you’ll still have the same brain as people before Christ.

Controlling 10 horses can be very powerful, they could get you a lot done, but if you can’t control them, they will destroy you (number 2 killer of people a few decades ago were horses and bulls). The same is with keeping evolutionary impulses in your control; you’ll have more power than the average person.

Watch people eat food, watch people control the money; they’re not the master, they’re slaves. (socially, romantically)

Be a part of a community, groups- a part of being healthy. Amish people set up their lives so they have to rely on their neighbors.

When people get depressed it’s your brain telling you that you need to connect with other people, and most people fight it, thinking it’s something wrong with them, NO! You have to be a part of something big!

What is a specific area of your life where the whispers of 10,000 generations are not working, and what could you do to change it?

Mike’s Stack of Resumes, My 96- Year-old Grandma, and Your Eulerian Destiny

In the past you didn’t need to know your destiny; your father makes shoes, you make shoes… The upside now is that you can choose.

19-year-old Tai had one of the wealthiest men in Europe (Are you worth a damn?). 30 people a day are pitching business ideas from him. He looked if people could tell him what they want to do in one sentence; even if it’s a good idea, he knows they’re not ready otherwise. 12-20 words maximum.

Spreading good ideas using mass media. Mine is teaching people to be awesome from scratch.

You don’t have so many choices as you think (I could do anything). The 5% rule; Hollywood is competitive, you’re obviously good since you made it to here. You made it 95% of the way, but to make you need those last 5% (only people who make it, who are heard of).

“Tai I’m good at lots of stuff.”- So, on a globally competitive scale (7 billion people) you would be somewhere from 95-100? I don’t think anybody can be good at a lot of things in the world that’s that competitive.

Jordan who’s the best in basketball also said that and went to play Baseball and couldn’t even get into the minor league; there were 1000s of players better than him, but when he came to his signature strength, he made it. But if Michael Jordan will all these abilities only had basketball, who are you to think you have all these options?

Bring yourself down to Earth, most people are delusional and think they have 10 choices, they have 10 choices to be average at something, but the goal is not to live the life of quiet desperation.

The mass doesn’t get it right and lives that way; did you pop out of bed because you were excited with your health your relationships and money?

“Give the world the gift of good food.”-8 words of destiny (Joel Salatin)

Jack Welch; GE Motors had 300 different businesses, he cut all that couldn’t be number 1 or 2 down!

One in 500 years there’s Leonardo da Vinci that’s good in all the different things; just be good at 1 thing that you’ll be remembered for. Pick one niche and defend that niche.

It starts by going “there’s not a lot of things”, don’t have American Idol syndrome (people that are horrible, but think they’re good. American idol attract people from 85-95, they’re probably the best singers from where they live, but the world is competitive, and they do not match against Justin Bieber. They’ll not make it in Hollywood, Tai enjoys to play piano for a hobby, but he doesn’t make it his profession.

The guy from American Idol (green sweater)- “what else do you like to do?” Maybe you should dance. Don’t torture yourself and the whole world, have big goals but don’t be delusional.

Think of where these 4 things overlap; what you grew up around (single mom, raised by two professors)- love map when very young; your map of how the world will unfold, that’s why people stay in the same socioeconomic background they grew up in (born poor, stay poor, growing middle class, stay middle class; subconscious mind mimics), stranger feedback (not his mom and friends, but what strangers complimented you on- you can only build around strength, most people are wrong about what they’re not good at and what they’re good at, and this world is built on the weakness; in college you don’t have any class every semester to complete it; to go into college you first should know exactly what you’re good at)

10,000 hours, Picasso, Bill Gates…all had 10 dark years (when you’re constantly refining your skill), so if you have 10 years in anything you can use it. So the third one is what did you do for the last 10 years (wanted to play tennis, so sell tennis shoes for now) and what can you talk about effortlessly on a Saturday night with your friends (ideas, books…)- Picasso; avoid the dichotomy- doing something you hate during the week, to make money for your spare time (don’t live for your weekends). Joe Sullivan said if you have to go on vacations from something, you should never come back.

Look at the last two weekends, what did you talk about?

Where do those 4 things meet? At the 67 days, you’ll know your Eulerian Destiny.

Robin Roberts; if you had a horrible thing, maybe you need to be like her, or Oprah (more about families, relationships…) She took that clues childhood and helped her become who she is, she passed the funeral test (a lot of people would be sad if she dies).

Do these destinies for all 4 pillars (health, wealth, love, and happiness), see yourself where you’re at (marathon or powerlifter, notice that…) Everybody has a different destiny (for you, it might be marriage, for somebody they don’t want to have a partner…)

Don’t live other people’s dreams, know yourself and match up your destiny.

(book) The Power of Introverts (like Bill Gates that just disappears from the group)

(book) Civilization and its Discontents – Freud (on what makes people fulfilled)

Media; you watch Rambo and you want to be a fighter, you watch Gandhi and you want to be a humanitarian, but you have to find something in which you’ll reach that 5 %!

Other people need to hear your message; Tai’s grandma sometimes didn’t understand what he was saying, nobody in the world will try to find out, SIMPLE is the secret password! Something your grandma and a 10-year-old kid will understand.

A mistake is an experiment ran too long. Run it quickly, adapt it.

What is your one sentence business plan?

The AMISH Vacation, Tap Dancing to Work, Avoiding What You Love

How to set up your life so that your work is a vacation.

Amish people don’t have a word for vacation. They have one-fifth of the depression.

We think there is an endgame to vacation, there is none! That’s integrated life. Sunday is downtime for them (it’s good to have a ritual of downtime.)

Tai also watches mindless movies, but that’s downtime, it’s good when they’re a part of your cycle, the problem is when they’re not integrated part of your life.

One of the things that Europeans brag over Americans that they have 1-2 months of vacations, while Americans have 1-2 weeks. That’s bragging for being a little less pathetic than pathetic; enjoying 2 months out of 12 is pathetic. 9-5 might be a necessary evil for now but move quickly.

“If you need a job that you need a vacation from, don’t ever come back.”

A life built around vacation is not life at all.

“Never do what you love, because when you’ll be paid to do it, you won’t love it as much- repetition; do what you like.”- inversion to get to the right answer

Salsa dancing- didn’t love it as much after having it as a job.

“Don’t marry who you love (lust) because that will go away and all that you’ll be left with is another human being you have to get along with.”

What can you talk about on a Saturday night (not lust after)?

Don’t generalize answers- “I can help you figure in 10 seconds”; it’s not that easy.

Hilary Clinton, Abdul and Richard Branson could sleep anywhere; when you’re on your life’s path, you probably won’t get 2 months of vacation.

If somebody has such long vacations, that tells Tai that they probably don’t have such a great life and impacting the world; very rarely interesting.

Get the flow into the daily cycle, not the yearly; do it every day, and you can have some rituals (one weekend per month, Christmas…)

Just avoid looking forward to enjoying vacations, and then hating the rest of your life.

Most people when we think about other people that are better than us we attribute it to luck. The only luck consistent luck pattern that he found in successful people was not “what” happened to them, but “who occurred in your life.” And not what people say, but what you see them do (tap dancing to work); many successful people don’t have the gleam in their eyes, they’re not as happy. You have to be genuinely excited when you wake up and jump out of bed, kids still have that, while adults fade away. That doesn’t have to be me.

“It might be tough, but you can innovate your way out”- 18 months, often people that have a job are salary slaves (not always, but almost always).

Most people that take advantage of an opportunity end up with a 9-5 job rat race, that’s not an entrepreneur.

What you thought it will be a year job, turns out to be a 40-year career, you get trapped into bills and lose the courage to get away.

What you really want is financial independence; not having it results in lower level of happiness; people who make 100 million versus 10 million are a little happier, but it’s not as much difference as having and not having independence.

“There is no tragedy in you missing out on the opportunity that made someone else rich.”

Missed opportunities are okay, but you don’t want to miss opportunities that you drive for (turning down the investment to Disneyland and not making millions is fine if you have other things going on for you).

The opportunistic mentality is almost as dangerous as vacation mentality and they go together; build on strength, I don’t care how much potential in money you think there is, even if you get it you won’t be happy- thinking money is important to happiness is correct, but don’t over-estimate what money does.

If you use it to separate you, the more money you make the less happy you are, but if you use it as a tool to get you connections, old friends, people flying in… like pitbull; working for you will save your life, turned around will kill you.

4 hour work week can be taken the right or wrong way; to optimize and do more in less time is fine, but don’t waste the rest of your time; you need downtime, but you don’t need anticipation of a vacation that won’t solve any problem. If you really need to get away from something, use vacation as moving away and changing your life, don’t come back.

Once you have non-vacation mentality, have tap dancing to work (use it literally); when you stop tap dancing, you’re not happy anymore, if you’re not happy move quicker and move away.

That’s what 1 in a million has, and you don’t need to be the statistic, you can be the one.

Look at how you feel when you wake up; sometimes right before you go to sleep you’re most stressed, wide awake and everything seems worse – life always seems worse when the stress comes up.

But once you put those two together realize that you shouldn’t do what you lust after. Lust is there for a reason, it’s good, it survived 10,000 generations, but it’s not something you want to build your life around.

Jordan had a lust for Baseball, Basketball was something he liked. Be practical, see what’s in front of you. Balance PASE system. Experiment with different destinies, but one will stay around.

The Shaolin Monk & Touching an Electric Fence- why everything is your fault

If someone assaults you at 30 years old, it’s your fault, because you should have started at 5 years old. Recession comes, somebody betrays you, somebody breaks up with you, destroys business deal; the first question to ask is “could I anticipate this?”

There are a lot of things that you could anticipate; a lot of people will have health problems in their lifespan (viruses have the same right to live as you, it’s your choice if you let them live inside you), physics is annoying (if you trip and fall hard enough you will break something- 40% chance until you’re 40 years old that something will happen physically that you will need to take a 6 month break from work), I can also anticipate something terrible happening to me socially; am I coming to life prepared for that? How many tools are there in my tool belt? Social skills, intangibles, persuasion and influence, charisma, hard work, removal of procrastination, sloth, and unreliability?

Have soft and hard skills.

Poor friends are good at one thing. The side with machine guns will win the side with horses, and the world will bring you the level of machine guns adversity. (47 days on the raft, Japanese shooting)

“No one wants to crash, but we had.”- before he crashed he was in top physical condition, he was prepared and he survived.

People are out there spreading information, consuming your brain telling you that you’re going to live and everything “supposed to be perfect” (where did they get that?- 11 years in human history were not in any war or had a physical illness), don’t be so egocentric and think you’re the center of the universe and everything is supposed to be great for you, it’s not.

“If you don’t have it in your head, you have to have it in your heel.”; If you forgot it, you will walk back and get it. (electric fence)

“Don’t say that those things had to happen for you to learn”; like Buffet says it’s a lot easier to learn from other people’s mistakes. So for 40% you have pain in your heel, stop with that kind of pain, prepare for the worst, not pessimistic or depressed, but happier for it.

“Don’t say we will crash, it’s going to jinx us”- as stating something we should realize and prepare is being negative.

“Never trust a man who hasn’t been punched in the face yet”- we need sometimes to get punched to prepare. Everything will be your fault, because who will you blame, corporate America, who’s that?

Most shares have ordinary people, Wall Street is us, it’s democracy, there are no dictators, everyone can be fired.

Don’t live your life like Mac in your boat, crying out and then dying.

“Prepare for when it’s difficult, prepare when it’s easy.”- When you’re not broke it’s not hard to save. Why didn’t you start saving when you were 5? We live in a world when the blind lead the blind (parents lead children); read the paper of life in front of you, everybody blames the blind man ahead of them for leading them there, blame you for being led by a blind man.

There will be more recessions. Thinking you should just invest in gold, or house is wrong, thinking that makes me know you don’t have a core idea about how money works. There is no asset class. There’s no one thing, we live in a world where assets move, every second you’re different. It’s a continual morphine of life, the only guaranteed thing is that you will be continually pushed through time, which inherently means change; time is irreversible. Prepare for change. Be happier for being prepared for tomorrow being the worst day.

Check yourself, you may believe in some weird dogma, that’s not giving you any benefit.

People who are optimists, who don’t blame themselves too much, seem to be happier. (it might seem it’s completely opposite of the previous idea, but Aristotle knows that the key is balance). The two extremes are incorrect.

Helen Keller could be pessimistic; she was blind, could hear…but she was still optimistic, she was alive. Know the right time to be optimistic, and the right time to be pessimistic.

As you define your end game goal, as you prepare, build skill for bad things that will happen, saving money before you need it, lifting weights before you need muscles (you need them when you’re old, but you should lift when you’re young, when you’re old it’s harder, that’s why people are zombies that chasing the wrong thing).

Be optimistic about your goal, but prepare daily for the next day. You’re already preparing for death; having children is your genes realizing you’re not going to be there forever.

What you don’t want to do is what Freud talks about; supplements, intoxication; you will always have a lot of pain going back and forth, being unprepared.

Ask yourself; “what am I missing?” double check everything.

When you wake up tomorrow ask; “what can I do for a guaranteed biological, social, financial interpersonal crisis that could arise over the next week.

Save up, then invest. Don’t rely on the kindness of strangers.

You have laws of physics that don’t care about you, there are other creatures that want to live too, natural degeneration and other humans socially (selfish gene, evolutionary psychology); we’re not being programmed to be happy, and people who are happy are able to embrace these things.

You should not get locked in and think “I’ll never do better.” We’re simulator machines, we can take previous information and learn from it.

Drive to an old people’s homes and talk to them while they’re still alive, nobody listens to them and they’re very interesting.

What is an example of a pain in your heel and what can you do to fix it (and move on)?

Pain in my heel is me not being financially independent, the way to fix it is by finding a temporary sales job where I will improve my communication while working on my coaching business.

Descartes & Solving Problems with a Calculator

3 books at a time; morning with a classic book, through the day how to book and biography at night.

Thought experiment (brings the brain to new places); remove everything I could possibly doubt, not 100% true- what would I be left? He removed politics (can’t believe any of those- that’s a scary place to be; 25 cognitive bias- we grasp after everything, so it’s hard to do that) if you’re a vegan are you absolutely sure you’re right? Is there any chance that could be wrong (some people die if they only eat fruit)?

I was left with only one thing- math.

People are sure that business is the right, that diet is the right, while the smarter people are less sure of many things. It’s hard to be remembered centuries later like Descartes.

A system that has no flexibility will fall (current educational system); being forced to do something. Many people like to do the math later when they realize how important numbers are; even Richard Branson who was dyslectic, learned numbers and overcame his situation. He seems happy, you could judge a tree by its fruit (married to the same wife, wealthy, healthy…)

Ability to qualify things into something tangible, in which you can make decisions about. Get to the essence of things, to the core, that is new math; putting life decisions into a calculator.

There is no one way to make people rich, but if you look at the top; it’s not the energy, gold, mining, TV, retail stores…77 of the first 400, are investors. Answer with a calculator.

Count in the regret factor, the chance of making it and money you’ll make.

Calculate your friendships, calculate what you’re eating. Don’t beat yourself for a good meal, it’s what you eat about 90% of the time.

You can have anything you want, but not everything; you can either say you’re not good at math and stay poor or get over it and get massive rewards.

There are many things I’m wrong about that I will change and see they are not correct, but I’m pretty sure that 1+1 will equal 2 until the day I die.

Go to bed a little bit wiser, a little bit better, compare calculation, if they’re clearly different that calculator can be the best adviser if it’s not clear use other tools (gut feeling, knowledge…)

Do that in major decisions, you don’t need to use it for every little detail and waste time.

Rousseau, The Renaissance Man, & Iron Sharpening Iron

There have been a few renaissance men; Rousseau, Leonardo da Vinci…

Spoke multiple languages, understood economics, politics, history… that’s a dead thing in the world, because of media, social norms (men only do things that women find attractive), we don’t look at Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian because of them being Renaissance people, they use social bias on you, if you see other people following them, you do as well.

Grandma is one of the few people alive from the time that people looked up to those people, and our mission is to bring that back. If I bring it back, people that are great (people running society; people that write checks to people that you think are rich) will notice. Most of these people are Renaissance people.

“You have to be interested in all”; war, sports, music, business… this means to read and learn in broad things, but learn and read from the best, not everyone.

92% of the time people are not going to war. Sleep is genetic, we do it 25% of the time. By trying to answer tough questions, you need a lot of material. You can be the best cook in the world, but with 1 ingredient (a carrot), you cannot do so many great things.

“I believe in the discipline of learning from the best, not sitting in the room trying to figure it out on your own.”- nobody’s that smart.

If you want to have an impact, do an inventory first; what do I know? (music, languages, history- have a sense of perspective, literature, poetry…)

You will have occasions when you will meet a person who holds the keys to what you want (promotion, partnership…) and when you know things, you stand out and they will look over and ask: “Who is that?”

Powerful people are powerful for a reason, don’t be the guy who stands out because he doesn’t know anything.

Watch things happen, make things happen or wonder what happened.

Leonardo left a lot of things undone, he did an amazing job, but he could finish more projects.

Just because my mom thinks I’m good at many stuff, doesn’t mean I am; have one driving end game. If it’s health, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t know where Miami is.

Most activity is not in the middle of the forest, ocean…most is where forest, pond, and grass come together, cities are important as well (meeting so many different people; out of that come new ideas.)

Don’t be like I’m an atheist, so I don’t study religion; don’t limit yourself, there’s gold in multiple places, make sure it’s broad.

What am I weak on? Work on it, stop saying no to that.

Math and physics- I will sign up for a course.

Some will result in a conflict; that is not me (“This is garbage, I won’t read this.”)

Iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend, but it’s a little painful in the beginning.

Elon Musk’s 14-Hour Workday vs. The 4-Hour Workweek (the myths of our time)

Not to pick on anyone, there is an idea that you can build something very efficiently, outsource the hard parts and just have the parts that you love all day and through the power of magic you will accomplish a lot. Tai calls BS on that.

Elon started 3 companies that are valued over a billion dollars. He made 100 million with Paypal when he sold and invested all in building spaceships and had to borrow rent money.

If you work a 100 hours /week while others work 40, you’ll accomplish in 3 months, whatever takes an average person a year.

The reason he is worth 7 billion dollars is that he created so much value; electric car, the potential solution to overpopulation (putting us on another planet) and create solar technology, which makes us less reliant on fuel.

This man outworked other people. You have to learn to love the grind (Grinding it out- book).

Thomas Edison; “I wonder what would happen to me if some persuasive talker talked me into the idea of 8 hour day and convinced me it was not fair to my workers, to put their best efforts. The world would have everything it has if 50 years ago young people had 8 hours/day.”

Don’t even put that in your brain, root out like cancer or it will grow (thinking you should work less).

Don’t be caught to be in the moment; learn to think 50 years ahead and see that when you get there, you would wish you could work that long every day, but can; but you can now!

The second you stop grinding, you’re not alive anymore.

The guy cutting the grass that won 20 million dollars in lottery winnings, but got bored.

If you got everything you wanted right now, you would be bored, once you love the grind you love life, if you hate the grind you will hate life.

The definition of a workaholic is being imbalanced (be a Renaissance man) and not liking what you do.

Nobody who makes money is outsourcing everything; most great efforts come from heroic efforts of an individual person.

There are some things you can leave to other people, but not like people think; I will come with a good idea and outsource everything and sit back and get rich, that doesn’t happen.

If it doesn’t even feel like work, you’ll put in more hours; you may be lazy because you’re doing the wrong thing. The third thing that could happen is you could be deceived that in the modern world it’s going to come easy, and you don’t need to work as much.

Love and work will make me happy.

“We are here to get things done.”

Make a list of anybody that I can show that had an impact that I want and worked very little hours.

There’s not a lot of happiness in the beach drinking, there is some, but not as much as people think, and everybody wants to sell you that idea.
Tim Ferris built an empire, ask him if he worked 4 hours/week.

Those successful people grinned it out; don’t even start with another mentality.

“I have the best news, I’ve met the best woman ever and I figured a way that I can only spend 4 hours/week with her.

Which of the four big areas of your life do you have the 4-hour workweek mentality and how do you plan on fixing it?

Business; I plan on learning at least 7 hours/day and working 7 hours/day to expand faster.

Man on the Moon Contrast, Keeping Easy Things Easy- framework to simplify anything

Cognitive biases will cause you to make mistakes in your life. Everything you didn’t get is probably because of biases.

Putting a man on the moon took 10,000 years of knowledge and a trillion dollars. Everything else is in contrast very easy compared to that. Losing weight is very easy, innovate out of the problem.

Making a million dollars is much easier as well; that’s $3000/day, if you work 10 hours, you need $300/hour.

$17,000/ year for working on a farm, then deciding to try something new; Starbucks and College. Then wrote a paperwork for $5000, shrink problem down and compare it to something big. Never be intimidated by the next best thing.

Amigdula controls fear; Alexander said that either you conquer fear or you die. Start messing with the contrast, they put the man on the moon, can I make $300/hour.

Weakest calves (Arnold); instead of lifting 250 pounds, do 1000 pounds; once you see someone else doing it, the contrast is set (4-minute mile) – the mind is pulling you back.

The decision to save a stranger from drowning is genetic.

I might not have the same testosterone level as Alexander (conquering big cities at 19), but by changing framework I can do big things overnight.

Most people contrast themselves with their friends (health, wealth).

Not everyone will be a billionaire or Arnold, but put these contrasts; if he could workout 6 hours/day, can I 15 minutes?

Evolutionary most people can’t save money because of the 130 rule, if they make 100 grand, they want the lifestyle of 130, when they figure that out they want an even better lifestyle.

If you make a million dollars you won’t be happy in Beverly Hills.

Warren controls his biases, lives in the same neighborhood. Pick someone big.

(book) Born to run; Indians would run 100 miles/day, on a marathon competition they thought that was just a warmup and they finished last.

When you do things, compare yourself not to your friends that do it twice as better, but to people who do it 10 times better you will ever do.

If it’s too small the switch and contrast will not be big enough, gap is too small.

Sam Walton is not 160,000,000 times smarter and luckier than me, it’s in my head.

If you can’t date anybody, see it as if DiCaprio can date 10 Victoria Secret models, I can talk to that girl at the coffee shop, that’s easy.

Ask anybody you know how busy they are; even if they have nothing going on; “I had a few things, had to pick up groceries…”; Why don’t you make it easier on yourself? Value time.

You only get 3 bursts of glycogen a day; most people complicate simple things, answer long email instead of one sentence.

Only give each thing the appropriate time; don’t use a lot of time on things that need 5 seconds.

People think about the things that are so simple they will be off the radar in a few weeks; “should I wear a red or blue shirt, will this girl call me back…”

Ask yourself; “How much time do I spend….getting ready”; what doesn’t give you a good life is not figuring out the big things.

Most people don’t think health 2 minutes/week and that’s life, keep simple things simple and then spend a couple hours on important things.

Friends think about which car to buy or which TV for days, how about thinking about how to not be broke, they oversimplify the hard things instead.

Oversimplifying how they will make money; it won’t just happen, how many books have you read on that topic?

It’s simple, but not easy ($300/hour); to get what you want, you have to deserve what you want, why would you have a million dollars if you read 1 book, while somebody else reads 10 and has a mentor.

Warren Buffett; sucking your thumb; you don’t need 20 years to figure out a diet, do it today.

Social skills are the hardest; practice persuasion, talking, speaking for 3 hours/day, that’s what you’ll remember in 20 years, not the color of your car.

What is something that should be simple that you made hard? Socializing.

What is something that is hard that you made too simple; making money, I have to deserve it.

Amazon & The $32,000 Brain Budget

Taking an accounting of your financial life.

Don’t major in minor issues, and minor in major issues!

Look at your income (take home money- discretionary income); look at the last 3 months and see what you’ve done with that money; most people spend it on something that’s consumer driven.

Use 30% of your money to invest in your brain- the ratio shouldn’t change when your income increases.
Repetitive theme of 67 steps is the brain and becoming a learning machine; most people don’t have enough raw ingredients (as a chef); same for building a great life, you need a lot of external ingredients to put together (involves reading, having mentors, traveling, seminars…)

A lot of people say either one of the extremes about money, whether it can bring you happiness or not, but the truth is in the middle.

People always go after scarce resources, now or 10 thousand years ago, even ants do it.

Figure out how to use the money to bring more good into your life (it can destroy you as well if used wrong); there’s nothing you can do that’s better than investing in skills.

Painter (that got bored) always invested in up-sells and spent a million dollars on seminars. It was worth it, most other things depreciate or rots.

Warren Buffett has Carnegie’s certificate higher than his school diplomas, says that one course was more important.

You can also get a library card- almost nobody has it. There’s no excuse, and everything is online also.

Donald Trump course and nobody came ($1000) – Claremont

Buying Poor Charlie’s Almanack for $80, instead of buying Jordan shoes that won’t be worth anything in a year, Charlie is a controlling partner of a 300 billion dollar firm- wear flip-flops instead.

It’s all about your ratio that you invest in education. Even if you only have $100, then invest $30.

Right now, what is the discretionary income that you have available to you?

How are you currently spending it? In other words, what minors are you majoring in?

What are you going to reinvest in?

Richard Branson’s Hurricane & The Imaginary World of Kanye West

An entrepreneur is a person who remakes the world in his own image.

Kanye West compared himself to multiple other people; “I am Walt Disney, I am Steve Jobs.”- he has the picture in his mind of how his life will look like.

Richard started Virgin Airlines, but before that, he was on an island, but there was a hurricane,  and nobody could get off (was stuck), but he innovated his way out of it (remaking the world).

He made something happen, he didn’t watch or wonder what happened; he got a plane and charged tickets to get on and made a profit, then he started airplane company.

When he wanted a $200,000 island he got it; Necker Island.

Don’t be in the wondering category; first, watch and then make.

If I was independently wealthy (not unlimited), what would I do? What would I change? (16 hours I’m awake; would I wake up in a different time, surrounded by family or business people…what moves me forward,  specifically define that world).

Richard moves around, even when he’s at one place he starts multiple things, Bill Gates does one thing- Richard took a hot air balloon to outer space.

The most money you’ll ever make is the thing that matches with your abilities, natural drives, and ambitions.

Even if it’s a little delusional; “I imagine my world where everyone listens to my music.”, What’s your thing? Match with eulerian destiny- that process of doing that is called life, so you don’t really want to get to the end, and it’s not easy (Richard almost went bankrupt).

The goal is not to have no more struggle, that will be when you die. You need to get rid of some of that stress, but not struggle to live; be prepared to die, but make your life so good you don’t want to, it will naturally come; be in love with re-imagining the world. The key is patience; it doesn’t matter if you move fast or slow, as long as you’re a little closer when you go to bed; turtles live the longest.

Be very specific in how you define it (4 things); how would your health look like? For Tai is basketball, he can play 8 hours and it feels timeless for him. He only needs a basketball court and a friend.

Also look for inverse; what are the things you want to get rid off?

Wealth; how are you making your money in that world (must match with my skill set), you can dream big and be realistic at the same time.

Socially; am I extrovert or introvert (Tai Lopez always has people around)
Don’t live a life where you’ll say at the end: “I wish I did something else.”, at least be like “I want to be an entrepreneur, but I won’t be able to do it this year, so I will work really hard to save up money.”; at least following a path, doing it with intention.

Happiness; some get it from beauty, being alone, friends, love, music…

Social is the most important; the brain is so socially geared, if you will spend your time with people that eat bad food, you’ll never fix it. Happiness is often related to social.

We evolved with brains, so we can live with 13 million other people together, while a group of 50 dogs would kill each other.

You can have anything you want, but not everything.

In the United States do most powerful word is “imagine.”

What does your world look like that you’d like to re-imagine around health?

I workout at the gym 5 days/week, while eating extremely healthy food at least the first 3 meals, so I get everything done, then I can reward myself with something else, but healthy most of the time (it’s about what you eat 90% of the time).

In your ideal world, where is your income going to come from? How are you going to reverse engineer?

My income will come from studying books and courses and then providing other people with solutions and value, so I get paid to study and then coach others.

Socially, what does it look like?

I have a party (not drinking) at least once a week, and once a week a mastermind group (only top 10 people I know brainstorm ideas and make everybody progress faster).

How are you going to be happy?

Surrounded with like-minded people, not worrying about money (being independent), rewarding myself with small things at the end of the working day.

Mastering The Four P.A.S.E. Energies & Casanovas Chameleon

Understand you live in the world of 7.3 billion people, the brain is hardwired to everything social. Majority of your thoughts will be directed toward something social, so the greatest skills must be understanding people, read people, adapt and work on your team, persuade people, take enemies and turn them into friends…

Tai worked in GE when they were the biggest company and created systems.

Be the first person to analyze, then realize people are different, but not as much as you think and you must be a master of taking your message from your head and place it into other people’s mind and have them work with you; that’s what wins wars, creates a revolution.

Some people have done it so effectively that these ideas are changing my life even today.

P- practical, A-action, S-social and E-emotional.

The second you can get a handle on this, you can get on the concept of Casanovas Chameleon; not just with women, he blended in society, he was friends with celebrities (Voltaire), great thinkers, kings… exercise strict self-control and play the chameleon.

Before you can change yourself or other people, you have to understand yourself and their type. The way to motivate me is by action. We all have our internal dialog, the stories we tell ourselves, the way to master myself I have to persuade myself; and bring other parts of personality to persuade other people.

See weakness in this system as Arnold’s calves; put on more weight.

Practical people are slower, they plan (Friday at 7 pm), good with numbers, not super flexible.

Action- like fire, they do things, starting a lot of things, but P energy finishes things, not patient

Social- hippie, light vibe, don’t like conflict, go with the flow

Emotional- intuitive, but sensitive, deep like the ocean, can be too easily driven by fear, affected by environment, not deep skinned.

A and S, P and E go together.

How adaptable are you? You must increase the ability to change, emotional people are afraid to change.

We think that every problem is a nail when we only have a hammer; it doesn’t work that way, different things for different people, keep things slow for practical people, keep things light for social people.

You meet people that always tell jokes, or are always shy even when it’s not good; you have a little bit of all of these, it’s just about bringing out these parts out.

There’s some truth not to judge, but sometimes it’s good to tie people into groups.

Avoid extreme ideologies; strike a balance. Start listening more; assessing a situation.

Once you’re good with yourself, friends, people around you do it on strangers.

For social, go to a friends party you would never go to, for emotional connect deeply to old people.

Which is your dominant and why do you think it’s that? Action, I start a lot of things but don’t necessarily finish them all.

Which is your weakest? Social

What are your mom and dad? Social and emotional.

How can you bring out each of these in a practiced way, one each day?

Action; make things happen, practical; once I start, make sure I finish the majority, Social; talk to more people every day (at least 5) and emotional (connect with at least 1 person, and experience more emotions; gratitude, excitement, curiosity…)

The Seven-fold Path to the Obvious Signs

500 years ago the world was understood in very black and white. Instead of getting an award for figuring out that the earth is not flat, they were threatened to die.

This won’t happen to you know, but basic black and white mentality is still there. If you’re not careful, this will undermine you at every turn toward success. Realize why things are the way they are, most people want to change things out of emotions (anger), but if you don’t know what you’re actually changing (seeing your body in the mirror and realizing what exactly you don’t like); accurately assess the situation and then seek solution that fits! (not eating more big macs, that’s what our solutions usually are unconscious); be a truth seeker.

When people talk about the truth, they feel like they’ve already done it. Saying “no child left behind in education program”, but then if you ask “What are you doing about that?” the answer is almost always nothing. Diagnose what’s holding you back, what’s a cognitive bias that served you 10,000 years ago, but not today.

It’s not that something bad is going on with me (black and white), it’s more about Newton’s third law; every action has an opposite and equal reaction. The proper way is to read the obvious signs right now

Changing what I can change, accepting what I can’t and having the wisdom to know the difference. You know it’s not the obvious signs when you make it complicated; just say “that’s not good” when you look at yourself, If you want to die at 40, then you should smoke, drink and eat processed food all the time, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Same thing when looking at your bank account, see if you like it. There are people who are poor on purpose, and there are people who are rich that are great. What’s the obvious sign; are constantly stressed about it?

Most of my life will be social, look at it, what do you want to change.

And happiness, are you jumping out of bed? Tap dancing to work?

You might not be getting the outcome you want, then follow the 7 obvious signs. Stop saying what’s good or bad. This efficiently moves me to my goal, and this doesn’t. Now anybody who smokes gets cancer, and some people that don’t smoke get it as well, but it’s about statistics, not black and white.

In geometry, the most efficient path is a straight line. As we replace the 500-year-old mind and move into new methodology we ask ourselves a question, research that question, from that research form a hypothesis, then test it for a while, observe while you’re doing the test, step back while the test is done running, ask other smart people to give you their opinion about your work (not everybody).

Edison made almost a million experiments in his life. 70% of people quit after the first, 80% after 2, and 90% of 3 experiments. Many billionaires were bankrupt a couple of times before they made it; didn’t give up. When you switch to this, everything becomes exciting.

“Every man’s argument sounds great until you hear the other side.”- you should never hold any belief until you can argue the other side better than the other side can argue them.

A mistake is an experiment run too long. Don’t be attached (cognitive bias- commitment consistency; friend only eating fruit and losing muscle, teeth getting worse…) People do it in their diet plans, in relationships, religion, politics…

Don’t commit to your new truth and follow it (black and white- being a vegan). Go through your inventory of your beliefs; “You are far from the truth.”, on an imaginary planet, full of delusion far from the truth.

People never finish the experiment; you have to stop and show results to other people.

Same with business, doing it over and over and over… The alternative path is NEVER getting it right. When you have something to do, jump right in.

You should be done after 10 years of experimenting, so don’t do something for 10 years, do 30 experiments to hit it right faster. When you don’t know what to do, just do something, with this methodology you won’t get stuck, don’t get stuck unless it’s time to do that.

Regarding your physical health, where have you been black and white and not experimented enough? What can you do to experiment more?

Try different diets, my diet is pretty much the same.

Regarding your business/career/wealth, where have you been black and white and not experimented enough? What can you do to experiment more?

Try different ways of traffic, doing YouTube videos, learning and teaching things I know nothing about yet to expand.

Regarding your social life, where have you been black and white and not experimented enough?

What can you do to experiment more?

Hanging around with more people, now I have just been hanging with the best I could find while leaving others.

Regarding your happiness, where have you been black and white and not experimented enough? What can you do to experiment more?

Try more music, art, movies to see what makes me happy.

Landing Your Plane on the Great Wall

The plane in the storm; you have to make the plane go, where you want to go.

The grind of life is life, 99,99% of species don’t exist anymore. Getting from point to point is what life is all about. Life will give you massive blows, but you have been prepared.

Faith is feeling success before you have it.

Unbroken; 47 days on the boat, tortured for another year (blind faith).

Spend time getting the perspective of life; not the last 24 hours (most people get bad emotions over a rain shower) instead of the last 2400 years. Go to some poor countries, you’ll see how well you’re doing. Realize that what you feel is a nightmare storm is just a little bump in the road.

We keep hitting the wall, in the same way, most people don’t like their lives, but they still do their routines and keep getting them the outcome they don’t want.

“Realize that you hit the wall and only innovation will get you through; where there’s a will, there’s a way.” There’s almost always 5 ways to get through.

There’s one landing that will make you happy and a lot more that will make you unhappy.

Having a tripod and 1 click on Amazon will get you almost anywhere.

Carpe diem- seize the day

Jonah Hill; “I wish I would keep things in perspective in the early 20ies, that was nothing.”

The first brick of the wall is hard to get rid of, the second and every next is much easier (momentum)- that’s how you reduce every problem. Need a thousand dollars? Divide into 30 days, 8 hours. Once you figure out how to do it for one day, you’ll do it for more.

The second you break down one wall, another one will be waiting, always. Learn to start loving these walls like parkour people, make it beautiful by perfecting your life, so it becomes your story. If there weren’t any obstacles, there would be no story, and he could not change lives.

Don’t wish you’d already make it when you will, you’d wish you were younger again.

Do you have a realistic plan that can generate faith?

On a 1-10 scale how strong is your ability to conjure up and generate the force of will?

What have you lost perspective in?

What books are you going to start reading to put life back into perspective?

Gandhi’s Funeral, Stephen Covey’s Wars, & Flurries of Activity

Your brain is an algorithm, the subconscious is constantly testing us. You’re continually doing the math, and it’s trying to figure out mathematically how good your life is.

Depression can be functional; making math about how healthy, wealthy you are, how many good and bad contacts….your subconscious goes; not doing so well, which gets manifested in your mind- depression.

Anything that’s in billions of people’s brain is there for a reason, don’t freak out; what you want to do is move towards something, so mind comes up with an optimistic formula.

Gandhi’s funeral; when I die, how many people will show up at my funeral? (when Hitler died there were celebrations; ultimate failure of that test); Mandela passed it, Gandhi, Mother Teresa….

Ask yourself quarterly; how am I moving that scale?

Win wars, most of us are rewarded for activities, one of the problems about wage system is the second you pay people for hours, you’re training them to stretch out the hours. If you get people 10 hours, they’ll figure out a way to do it in 10 hours (even if it’s 5-hour work), if you give them 5 hours, they’ll do it in 5.

If you’re paid for hours, there’s no need to rush.

Think of what warrior is trying to accomplish; think with the end in mind (Covey)- funeral test.

This is a war to win, some battles I’ll win, some not- it’s an experimentation phase, not that I have a proper endgame, to be there at 80, you have to know what your life has to look like at 70, and to be there at 70, how does life have to look like at 60…move all the way back to the present age.

You have two friends; one never shows up, has excuses, the second one shows up. If you commit to it, make sure you go. Pick an endgame goal, and get there on time. No matter what happens, you still show up at the party; you always have 4 wars in your life.

You are fighting 4 battles.

Layout 4 end goals, if you’re winning all of them, you’ll pass the funeral test.

The man who can manage themselves and money, manage all; personality test (human metrics)- you will need music, art, charity…all these things are a little ingredients in life that add up to an amazing soup.

First question is always keeping the end in mind, will this bring me closer to what I want. Define what winning means in every category. Then follow the straight line.

  • For you who is the epitome of someone who has passed the funeral test?
  • Do you have a clear end game war winning concept for your life?
  • What does your winning the war in the four pillars of life look like?
  • What is your weakest pillar that you create flurries of activity for?

Joel Salatin on Nature Laughing Last, the Respect of Seasons, and the Terrible Twos.

Don’t be so egocentric to think that your best-laid plans dictate various laws of life and nature; we will get old, forces of nature (laws of physics, biology) and other humans; these are the three sources of pain (Freud). We’re all naturally in this egocentric mindset and need to snap out of it; the decay of your body, laws of nature and things other people do to you.

The reason why we’re continually surprised and in pain is that we don’t accept these laws, we don’t realize that this game isn’t about us, it’s about the universe. You’re supposed to be in a world, supposed to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Bridges will wash out in your life.

We all want a million dollars, but we need other people for that, it’s not about us. If you’re thinking about a million people giving you a dollar you’re forgetting that everyone thinks that way.

Business is like having a child; keeps you awake the first year, you don’t feel good the second, third even fourth year, for the first 5 years it’s a nightmare. When that kid is 20, and you’re less able to take care of yourself, he will take care of you.

Some of the things that are holding you back are you thinking egocentrically, even the smartest people worked for over 10 years to achieve something; Bill, Warren…

Average growth in stocks, real-estate is 6%, it takes 12 years to double that. Who are you to say something against the laws of nature?

Alaska (the guy died, when he went across the river it was small when he wanted to go back the river grew), nature doesn’t care about you in the wilderness.

A lot of people want shortcuts, and 67 steps is a shortcut, and you wouldn’t want to raise a child from 2-20 in a year, he would be handicapped, it needs to go through certain steps.

1-year-old babies don’t take care of you, they cost you, they keep you awake.

Once you understand the natural cycle of the years in (10,000 hours), or 10 dark years (took Picasso 10 years become known), some people take a lot longer than that.

You can shorten the curve through simulation, osmosis, modeling, mentors…but you can only grow in a certain speed.

When we look at the media or even people around us when only notice people who are in the autumn, who went through the hard work, not the people who are in the spring, summer, winter.

There’s important to have all the seasons. Winter gives the soil time to rest, kills parasites…

Winter might be you being home, like Tai’s dad used to say;” often times the worst thing for kids are their parents.”

In your twenties, you’ll also be going to have these cycles (within the cycles).

It’s easy to forget that summer exists when there’s winter and it’s easy to lose faith, but this is the time to do the research, to answer the questions, so when spring comes you’re ready to test, to experiment. A mistake is an experiment that runs too long. You need to put in enough experimentation, one idea takes that long (Edison).

In summer you get rich, you’ve experimented with all the areas and now you’re putting in the hours, putting 100 hours, while others put 40. This is the season for action.

In winter you find the general industry you want to be in, in spring you’re trying products, in summer the product has already been picked and now you’re gaining knowledge, working on it, analyzing and acting on data, talking to smart people, and then the fall- profits.

We always want to move somewhere else; when we’re 5, we want to be 10, when we’re 25, we want to be 30, but after that, it’s reversed, when we’re 60, we want to be 20 again.

The cons of fall are not appreciating it when it comes (feeling bad, when you’re only getting 1% of interest now, you want to be in summer again, but that’s a good problem to have; now you have lots of money already).

That’s why you have to pick a good eulerian destiny, you never know if you’ll be alive after 5 years, so don’t be miserable for the next 5 years, do what you like to do.

If you try to do it too fast, taking steroids, rushing in business…there will be side effects; bad health, lawsuits…

Mother Nature is the meanest of the teachers, use it as a last resort, don’t push it.

Most people run just in front of the wheel, if they trip, they’re dead, go inside the wheel, the same speed (respecting its power).

While other people will be suckers expecting quick results, you’ll not be the sucker and know when to expect the results (raising a child).

There’s no free lunch (adopting a child; it might not have the skills you want), so everything is just a cause and effect.

What was a winter in your life, and knowing what you know now what would you have done differently? Spring? Summer, Winter?

What season are you in now and what are you going to do differently now?

Belts, Suspenders, Failing to Fail, the Six Sigma Hearth beat, How to Not Crash Your F-22

Usually, 2-3 things go wrong/day, Six Sigma is the approach to perfection; for a million times you do something, only 2-5 go wrong (motor on airplanes).

If you could lower a number of mistakes you do every week, life would be better; they’re costly for relationships, business…

The penalty for mistakes in Selfish Gene is many wasted years (trial and error) that we don’t have; we act like we have all the time in the world, but if you know when you’re going to die, how more thrifty would you be with your time? (shortness of life)

What can I do to increase efficiency, people think you have to make mistakes; you do learn only from mistakes, but they don’t have to be yours.

Belts and suspenders; Joel Salatin wears belts AND suspenders because sometimes the belt would fail you. Things go wrong at the exact worst time- what can go wrong will go wrong. The day you need it most is the day it will fail; no single point of failure.

If you set the expectation that you won’t fail, you will still fail every so often, but not nearly as much. The expectation of failure is the greatest reason of failure.

Seems impossible to not make mistakes, but set that expectations, airplanes made it. It’s safer to be on an airplane than it is to be in the car. Create redundancy in your life.

If you only have one babysitter, the stress level goes up, and the one time that you’ll need it most is the time that she’ll go on vacation.

Instead of relying on memory, which is only a belt, have also a suspender, or you’ll forget something at the worst possible moment. Memory is great, but not the only thing you should use.

In order to do that, create systems; energy is more important than time, set it up the correct way, do important things in the morning. You need to build forgiveness, you need to know things will go wrong.

Keep the finger on the pulse of things; in business, I might need to hire an accountant, but keep watching him, expect things to go wrong, and then they won’t. The things you worry about never happen, the very process of monitoring those things, keep them from going wrong.

The F-22 exercise- you should always plan 3 scenarios (most people don’t build forgiveness; “I have to succeed, there’s no other way”- there’s no belt and suspenders approach, don’t know how much energy it will take, what the reality is)- learned optimism is important, but don’t overdo it, plan the best scenario and build a plan around it, another one you should plan is the worst scenario- your life partner leaves you, you leave your job and then business fails (make a plan for that, how would you re-build?) Don’t be reacting then, we don’t live because our mind is not prepared; do what’s difficult, when it’s easy. Military pilots are trained to plan for the worst case.

We won’t be less happy if we plan for the worst, when we plan for things going wrong which they will, we will actually be happier because of that.

What is the worst thing that can happen to my body? Build immune system now, strengthen relationships now, don’t have delusional optimism (thinking things won’t go wrong).The last plan you should think of is the most likely scenario.

The last plan you should think of is the most likely scenario.

Six Sigma level 1 is 690,000 mistakes/1 million- a lot of people are like that, everything they touch goes wrong.

Level two is 30%, level three is 6%, four is less than 1%, the sixth level is 3,4/million.

Build redundancy is most important, the second tool is planning.

Life is just planning and executing, also ideas.

The idea is easy, planning is harder (10 times), and executing is challenging.

We have big brains to simulate other people’s experience, so just up the game, if you read a book/week, try two books.

Make historians, philosophers your friends.

On which levels of sigmas are you? Level 3

What is the primary reason you think you’re at the level you are at now in six sigma perfection?

Of the things talked about in the video which of these do you need to work on most?

Building redundancy.

To get from point A to point B (your goals) what is your F-22 plan to get there? Your most likely, least likely, and the perfect plan?

What is a practical thing you can do to have a better backup plan?